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About World Unite!



Internships, Volunteering, Active Travel, Working Holidays, Cultural Learning Opportunities Worldwide

World Unite! is an organization that provides Intercultural Exchange and Global Learning opportunities. Since 2007, we have been organising Internships, Volunteering Assignments, Active Travel and Cultural Experiences in various countries. Many programs are available online and you can join remotely without travelling!
Our goal is to be the world's most innovative provider of educational and exciting programs, both online and on-site, that are designed to promote understanding between cultures and impart global competences.
Intercultural Understanding in a globalized world, is a key skill that you can gain through a program participation with World Unite!. This needs not be just in "theory", but through fun experiences. Discover the world with our various programs!
Our aim is to provide high standard of service to our participants and sustainable benefits at the destinations, in which we are active, especially in the case of the so-called developing countries.
About World Unite!What sets us apart from many other providers is that we are not just an agent, but at most of our program locations we are on the ground with our own teams. We are in daily contact with our participants, the placement organisations and all other local partners and thus have the best possible insights into the work on site.
This setup made it also possible for us to become partners of some of the largest international providers of volunteering, internships abroad, educational travel, online education, youth travel and other activities abroad, for whose participants we are providing the support and coordination in our host countries. We also cooperate with universities, organizations and companies from around the world, welcoming their students and team members, who are doing all kind of activities in the countries in which we operate.
Our local teams have many years of experience with travellers from Europe, America and Oceania, and offer personal and warm-hearted service while being conscious about the need of their home country. Almost all of the money you pay will remain in your host country and help generate employment at your host country. At some locations, we work with charitable NGOs as service providers for our participants. In this case, the revenues generated through World Unite! almost completely go to the NGO's projects.
Environmental, social and cultural sustainability has always been of high concern to us and we are constantly trying to further optimize our programs in this regard. To compensate the CO2 emissions of long-haul flights, we are for instance planting 10 indigenous trees at Kilimanjaro in Tanzania for each participant of our programs (and also for the flights of our staff).

about2World Unite! Development Projects

Since 2010, we have been increasingly involved into running our own development projects. The aim of these projects is to develop communities through innovative ways of income generation for the local population and to fund social and environmental programs. As our participant, you can also be a part of this. We are registered as non-profit organization "The World Unite for Environment and Social Sustainability (NGO)". 

Academic Integration

Our "Academix" program is the connection to the academic world. For "Dissertations/Theses abroad", we cooperate worldwide with research institutes and universities; for Intercultural Training, we have a partnership with itim International, the consulting firm of Hofstede Center, Helsinki. We develop Study Tours and bespoke online educational content for schools and universities involving diverse partners. Our psychological Vocational Guidance Test helps in choosing an appropriate professional path and is the most comprehensive and scientifically valid test in the market.

Who is World Unite!?

Personalised connections make us who we are! Many of our our former participants are still in touch with us, with their volunteering/internship project and with other participants, even after many years of their first travel with World Unite! Many participants have chosen World Unite! several times to travel to various countries.
Here you can get to know our multi-national team! Click on each team member to learn more!

Where is World Unite!?

The staff of the World Unite! is distributed over the entire world. A lot of our work is organized in a decentralized way via our team members, directly from the target countries where we operate, and where we run local offices. In addition, we have an office in the United Arab Emirates, due to its good accessibility between Europe, Africa and Asia and thus, reduced travel expenses, and contact offices in Graz/Austria, Essen/Germany and Dresden/Germany.
Office Zanzibar
Picture: Our office in Zanzibar is located in the historic building "The Old Dispensary" in the middle of Stone Town. See more pictures.
World Unite! in Moshi
Picture: Our office in Moshi, Tanzania
World Unite Tokyo office
Picture: Oizumi Mansion in Tokyo/Japan. Our office is on the 2nd floor and the accommodation for our participants is on the 3rd and 4th floor.

Our Partners

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