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Ski Resort jobs in Hokkaido (summer and winter)

Ski Resort Working Holiday Jobs in Japan
In Hokkaido, on a Working Holiday visa, you can get a job at a large ski resort during the winter and summer seasons, either as a sports instructor (in the wintertime: skiing and snowboarding; in the summertime: mountain biking, tennis, pilates, yoga and archery), as a hotel and hospitality service staff, as a guest entertainer, or at childcare.
The resort jobs don't require any Japanese language skills! You should however be able to communicate in English. If you do know some Japanese however, it is of course of advantage!
We will arrange your ski resort job in Japan prior to your travel to Japan, so that you can start it right after your arrival to Japan (or also later if you prefer).

Which jobs can I do at the ski resort?

The luxurious resort in the mountains of Hokkaido is part of an international chain. It has about 40% foreign, English speaking guests, particularly from Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, China and Europe.
The winter season lasts from mid-November to mid-April. The summer season is from June to October. You should work at the resort for at least 1 month, but 3 months or more is preferred. You can also combine the ski resort job with our other Working Holiday programs in Japan.
The weekly working time for all jobs is 40 hours (5 days per week x 8 hours)
  • Hotel and hospitality jobs
Receptionist/Front Desk, Waiter/Waitress, Kitchen Assistant, Baggage Handler, Dishwasher, Room Service, Bedmaker, Laundry personell. No previous experience is required for these activities. The hourly wage is 950 yen, of which no further taxes will be deducted. Thus, the monthly wage in case of a 40-hour week is about 160,000 yen = about 1280 EUR/1130 GBP/1990 AUD.
  • Sports instructor
In winter: snowboarding and skiing, in summer: tennis, archery, mountain biking, yoga, pilates. You should have respective previous knowledge and experience as an instructor. For the ski and snowboard instructur jobs it is a requirement to have a relevant license. The hourly wage depends on your experience level and will be discussed during the Skype interview. It is higher than for the hotel and catering jobs.
  • Guest entertainer
You'll entertain guests during the day, you participate in the evening entertainment program, and you do activities with children at the resort's Kids Club. You will also dine with the guests at the restaurant and will do your best to make them feel comfortable. You should have previous experiences for these jobs. The hourly pay will be discussed during the Skype job interview.

How am I accommodated?

The resort provides a bed in a twin room (sharing) of high standard at the resort for only 5000 yen (about 32 EUR/35 USD) per month! One bathroom is shared by two neighbouring twin rooms for staff members. You also get subsidized meals at the employee canteen for only 500 yen (about 3.20 EUR/3.50 USD) per meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner).

Who can join the program "Ski resort jobs in Japan"?

The requirements are:
  • You need to be able to get a Working Holiday visa. This is only possible for citizens of the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Taiwan and Hong Kong aged 18-30 years (at the time of applying for the visa).
  • You have to be able to communicate clearly in English
  • It is expected that you are serious about and motivated to do the work. After the job has been confirmed to you and you have accepted it, you should not cancel the assignment for minor reasons. Being on time and the meticulous performance of your tasks is expected!
  • For the jobs as a sports instructor, guest entertainer and in child care appropriate experience is needed

Can I do the ski resort job in Japan as part of my longer Working Holiday stay in Japan?

Of course! You will only get the Working Holiday visa once in a lifetime, so you should make use of it to the fullest! With the Working Holiday Visa you can stay for up to one year in Japan and accept fully remunerated jobs. If you book our Working Holiday package "Ski resort jobs in Japan", it includes all the support services of the Working Holiday Package Tokyo. Prior to or after your ski resort job you can come to us in Tokyo and make use of our support services at no further cost.
You can also combine the ski resort job with our ryokan and farm work programs (for just 50 EUR surcharge for each additional program).

What do we offer you as a participant of our program "Ski resort job in Japan"?

ski resort jobs are funWorking Holiday Package SKI RESORT JOB in JAPAN:
1 Participant 1100 EUR, 2 Participants 850 EUR p.p.

Inquire/Book now!
The Working Holiday Package "Ski resort job in Japan" includes:
  • Personal Preparation/Consultation for the job interview
  • Assistance with travel arrangement to reach the ski resort
  • All services which are part of our Working Holiday Service Package Tokyo:
    • Preparation documents (PDF) – including all kinds of practical information for your life in Tokyo
    • Intercultural Training via Skype with an intercultural trainer
    • Arrangement of accommodation
    • On arrival, pick up from Haneda or Narita Airport or Tokyo Station by public transport and drop to accommodation
    • On-site assistance including:
      • Immigration Department (Residence Card)
      • Residents’ Registration Office
      • Tax number
      • Opening a bank account and mobile phone contract
      • Japanese Language Course
      • Local orientation
    • Assistance with finding a job
      • Help with job application in Japanese (preparing your CV/resume in Japanese)
      • Tips and Preparation for job interview
      • Registration at the employment office
      • Providing job offers from other sources
    • Bilingual Contact persons on site (English and Japanese) for any assistance
    • Use of PC and printer for researching job offers and creating application documents
    • Membership Terms for cheap foods on wholesale
    • We are your contact partners throughout your year in Japan!
    • For the CO2 compensation of your long distance flights, we plant 10 indigenous trees per participant on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania


What is the process now?

The necessary steps are:
  1. You email us your CV/resume in English and let us know your Skype username. This is not binding for you and there are no costs.
  2. We will arrange a Skype interview with the ski resort for you
  3. The ski resort will let you know after the Skype interview whether you have been chosen. If you want to accept the job, you book our Working Holiday Ski Resort Package. You pay 200 EUR and the remainder one month prior to your arrival.
ski resort jobs are funWorking Holiday Package SKI RESORT JOBS IN JAPAN:
1 Participant 1100 EUR, 2 Participants 850 EUR p.p.

Inquire/Book now!

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