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Maasai Camel Safari in Tanzania

camel Safari in Tanzania
The Maasai of Mkuru (West Kilimanjaro) provide Camel Ride safaris in northern Tanzania. There are tours from 1 to 7 days duration, for which you, accompanied by Maasai, camel ride through the savannah, surrounded by wild animals such as antelopes, zebras, giraffes and ostriches and unique natural beauties like Ngorongoro, Longido, Oldoinyo Lengai and Natron. You sleep in tents, made by the Maasai for you. The Maasai cook for you.
The 1-3 day programs are held in the West Kilimanjaro region. The 5-day program runs through the Ngorongoro Conservation Area to Oldonyo Lengai, the legendary volcano Lengai of the God of the Maasai. The 7-day program goes further to Lake Natron, colored by millions of pink flamingos.
The initiative was launched by an international development program as an alternative source of income through community tourism and is now operated solely by the Maasai of Mkuru.

Camel Safari

A Tanzanian Somali descendent brought about 20 camels from Somalia to Tanzania in the early 90s, to offer camel rides to tourists there. However, he reported the activity as a business and when the Tanzanian authorities subsequently demanded taxes from him, he fled and left the camels on the spot.
The tax authority integrated the camels into a poverty reduction program, which has been conducted in Tanzania for several years. In each case, a goat or a cow was given to a needy family, which had to pass this animal to another family, after the first offspring. The camels were used in this program and thereby, along with the local breeds like asses, are now used as transport animals. They tolerate the climate in Tanzania very well, grow healthy and multiply. Approximately 400 camels live in Tanzania, all descended from the 1990 years - from the 20 camels brought from Somalia.
An Italian NGO started camel riding as a tourist offer in 2005, with the Maasai in the area "Mkuru"; it is now completely run by the Maasai alone, supported by the "Tanzania Cultural Tourism Programme" of the Tanzania Tourist Board.
The Mkuru Camel Group (MCG) today consists of 16 Maasai, who own about 20 camels, including pups and dams, which are not used for riding. You can take a camel safari in northern Tanzania on different routes for between half a day and 7 days. The main objective of the Community project is to improve the living standards of the local Maasai through sustainable, culturally appropriate tourism. Through a "Community fee", which is included in the price, schools are financed to provide scholarships, as well as other improvements made in the living conditions in Mkuru.
Starting point of the Mkuru Safari, is a hard-to-reach place right in the Maasai land north of Mount Meru and the Arusha National Park. There, the group also operates a tent camp where overnight stays are possible.
During the multi-day camel safaris, you sleep in tents, which are brought and constructed by Maasai. All meals are cooked for the participants.
A visit to the Maasai-Bomas is a part of every camel safari.
The following camel safaris are available:
One-Day Camel Safari Ride
From Mkuru, you ride a camel through the savannah, to a cave that is visited every night by over 300 baboons. The cave is also a place of worship for the Maasai, where they hold regular "Orpuls", a tradition in which a lot of meat is eaten in order to become stronger. On the way there, we see a dam from the German colonial era.
2-Days-1-Night Camel Safari Ride
In the same area as in the one day tour, we will ride a longer way whilst spending a night on the savannah.
3-Days-2-Nights Camel Safari Ride/strong>
Here are two alternative routes: Either one rides on the north side of Mt Meru after Ngare Nairobi, a Maasai village with spectacular views of Mount Kilimanjaro, or follow the Longido Mountain to Longido Village. Here, you can sleep in both cases, in mobile tents which the Maasai make for you. On the way, you can see wild African animals such as antelopes, zebras, giraffes, ostriches and many birds.
5-Days-4-Nights Camel Safari Ride
From Kitumbaine, you ride a camel through the vast plains of the Maasai lands between Gelai and Ketumbainei mountains to Ngorongoro Conservation Area. The area is full of African wildlife. You sleep in a mobile tent and hear in the middle of the savannah at night, the laughter of hyenas; during the day, you will encounter curious gazelles, zebras and antelopes. In the evening, you sit around the campfire and hear the sounds of the savannah under the endless starry sky. On the 5th day, we reach Oldonyo Lengai, the legendary volcano Lengai of Maasai Gods, near the Lake Natron.
7-Days-6-Nights Camel Safari Ride
Lose your sense of time and experience a world of beauty! For the 7-day camel safari, you ride through the plains below the mountains and Ketumbainei Lengai, always towards Lake Natron, colored by millions of pink flamingos. In the last three days, the Oldoinyo Lengai volcano guides us, the holy mountain of the Maasai, that rises imposingly over the steppe.
The minimum number of participants for all multi-day camel safaris is 2, maximum 6 people.
Camel Riding in Tanzania

Camel Safari in Tanzania with Maasai

Duration: 1 Day to 1 Week
Language Requirements: English
Location: The program starts from Moshi or Arusha; we will get you there from your accommodation. We can also organize your accommodation before and after the safari
Accommodation at Safari: Camping

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Price (All prices per Person):

1-Day Camel Safari

1 Person 190 €
2 Persons 125 €
3 Persons 96 €
4 Persons 80 €
5 Persons 75 €
6+ Persons 65 €

2-Days Camel Safari

2 Persons 330 €
3 Persons 295 €
4 Persons 255 €
5 Persons 245 €
6 Persons 230 €

3-Days Camel Safari

2 Persons 520 €
3 Persons 480 €
4 Persons 420 €
5 Persons 405 €
6 Persons 390 €

5-Days Camel Safari

2 Persons 960 €
3 Persons 890 €
4 Persons 690 €
5 Persons 670 €
6 Persons 660 €

7-Days Camel Safari

2 Persons 1230 €
3 Persons 1120 €
4 Persons 890 €
5 Persons 820 €
6 Persons 790 €


Price includes:

* Transfer from and to Moshi or Arusha for the start and at the end of the Camel Safari
* Leader (Maasai and Meru)
* Camels for riding and for the attendants and baggage
* Activities described in the itinerary
* For multi-day safaris: accommodation in mobile tents, full boarding with mineral water, tea and coffee
* Community Development Contribution
* Taxes

The food is a mix Tanzanian and western food. Upon request, a goat is slaughtered and grilled.

NOT included:

* Getting to Arusha or Moshi
* Insurance
* Soft drinks and Beer
* Gratuities

Children of 0-5 years: Free, 6-12 years: 50% of the adult rate, 12+ years full price



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Learning Swahili in Moshi!

Swahili TeacherIt is always helpful to know Swahili while doing your project here. Swahili is a relatively easy language for participants and some start to follow it within the first few lessons. You can choose the intensity of the lesson. We would, however, recommend a maximum of ten hours per week. The lessons are conducted individually; in some cases, 2-3 participants with similar levels of knowledge may be given combined lessons. The number of participants does not affect the cost of the lessons.
The cost for Swahili lessons: 1 Student: 6 EUR
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Check out our video on Moshi!

In this video, tourism intern Iris and our supervisor Adelina show us around Moshi Town and the surrounding areas. Adelina and Themi, our coordinators, introduce themselves (please note that Miriam and George are now also part of our team in Moshi!). We also meet the volunteers Pia, who collaborates with the Social Reality Tour, and Laura in their host family. Coffee Farmer Dennis talks about coffee and we see a few shots from a Maasai Village.

Moshi at Kilimanjaro

Moshi is a town in the north of Tanzania, at the foot of Kilimanjaro. Here, you are in the middle of Africa and deal with people like the Chagga and Maasai. The city has about 150,000 inhabitants; however, it appears - like many African cities - much smaller, owing to the fact that many unplanned settlements are spread over long distances outside the city. Furthermore, the majority of the population do not have the purchasing power that would make transactions comparable to for instance a European city of this size. Nevertheless, Moshi is a relatively well-developed city and all necessities may be found here - from ATMs to specialty stores, restaurants to a large grocery store by Kenyan "Nakumat” chain.
Moshi is the starting point of all Kilimanjaro climbs and many safaris to the Northern National Parks of Tanzania start from here. Kilimanjaro International Airport is about 40 km from Moshi. Tourism and trade of coffee and bananas have contributed to the flourishing of the city.
The city lies at an altitude of 813 m and has a year-round climate that people from moderate climates consider to be very comfortable (compared to wet – heat that often prevails on the coast or on the islands).
HIV and AIDS are the biggest problem - it is estimated that up to 16 % of the population are HIV-positive. The resulting problems are the countless orphans and street children, neglected people of retirement age and sick people, about whom no one cares because of lack of money. The other problems are poverty-related - lack of access to education, health care, infrastructure, and destruction of environmental resources such as deforestation.

Our coordinators in Moshi

Our coordinators in Moshi are Adelina and Themi from Tanzania, and Miriam, a nurse from Berlin.

Things to do in Moshi

Moshi is conveniently situated for safaris in all the Northern National Parks of Tanzania; you can travel over a weekend (Tarangire, Arusha National Park, Lake Manyara) or a multi-day tour (incl. Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Conservation Area, Lake Eyasi, Lake Victoria, Lake Natron). The Kilimanjaro rises directly in front of your door - for a climb you need physical fitness and 5-7 days’ time.
As a day trip, you can visit the Marangu Waterfall and the village of Marangu with coffee plantations, the even higher Materuni waterfall, the Arusha National Park, a Maasai village, Lake Chala, swim in volcanic hot springs and hike on the slopes of Kilimanjaro. In Moshi, there are several cafes, restaurants, internet cafes, bars, discos, swimming pool and even an open- air cinema with karaoke.

Getting There


Getting To Moshi

tanzania map
You book your flight to Kilimanjaro International Airport (JRO). If the flights to Dar-es-Salaam (DAR) are much cheaper, you can also fly there and then book a separate connecting flight from DAR to JRO with FastJet. From JRO airport, we pick you and take you to your accommodation in Moshi.

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