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Online Course: Rehabilitation of wildlife in the amazon rainforest

online rehabilitation course

10 video modules + live Skype communication with biologists

In this 10-module online course, you will learn everything about the rehabilitation of rainforest wildlife such as birds, primates and reptiles that are not kept in an appropriate manner or rescued from illegal trade.
  • The course includes 10 videos, each lasting 1-3 hours. Exclusively for this course, the project biologists have recorded their knowledge and made accessible to you. The videos include a lot of relevant specialist knowledge and show examples from the rehabilitation project in Ecuador
  • After each video module you will communicate one-to-one with one of the biologists via Skype and you can ask your questions. The project biologist will also give you individual tasks after each video, which you must solve correctly in order to be able to unlock the next video.
  • At the end you will get a diploma that confirms that you have successfully completed the course.
  • You can do the course in English, French or Spanish.

About the provider of the course

The course was developed by the Spanish and French biologists of the biopark in the Amazon rainforest near the small town of Puyo, which has been committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of wild animals from illegal trade and improper husbandry since 2006.
The project works with the Ecuadorian Environmental Protection Agency and the Ministry of the Environment in the fight against illegal animal trade and ownership, cruelty to animals and illegal hunting of wild animals.
On more than 100 hectares, wild animals such as Titi and Capuchin monkeys, peccaries, coati and wrap bears, tayras, margays/tree ocelots, turtles, parrots and macaws that are intended for release are temporarily held and provided rehabilitation programs including veterinary care and animal psychology.
The tutor of the course, Raul Cuatrecasas Abad, holds a BA degree in Biology from the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona and has completed various additional diploma courses specializing in wildlife rehabilitation. He is now a lecturer of operant conditioning at the UPMA (Universidad de protección de medio ambiente) in Quito as well as teaching handling of wild animals at the Military and Fire Brigade Academy in Pastaza in Ecuador. Since 2010 he has been active in wildlife rehabilitation in the rainforest of Ecuador.

Course Contents

The course includes the following modules that you can study at your own pace:
Module 1: Introduction to the rehabilitation of forest wildlife
Module 2: Rehabilitation of diurnal birds of prey
Module 3: Rehabilitation of nocturnal birds of prey
Module 4: Rehabilitation of primates
Module 5: Rehabilitation of mammals
Module 6: Rehabilitation of Psittacidae (Parrots)
Module 7: Rehabilitation of reptiles
Modules 2 to 7 each cover the following subject areas:
  • Dealing with the respective species
  • Different rehabilitation techniques
  • Recognizing and dealing with various clinical cases
Module 8: Introduction to operant conditioning
  • Classic and operant conditioning
  • Modality of operant conditioning
  • Examples and exercises for operant conditioning
Module 9: Design and enrichment of habitats
  • The importance of the species-appropriate habitats and enrichment
  • Different types of enrichment
  • Evaluation of the enrichment of the habitats
Module 10: Care of newborns and dealing with clinical cases
  • Dealing with newborns
  • Nutrition
  • Dealing with clinical cases
Parrot RehabilitationOnline-Course
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