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Charitable Medical Centre and Nursing Centre in Tangier

Run by Spanish Franciscan friars, the medical facility "Escuela Capilla del Niño Jesús" inside a former church provides free treatment to the needy. Qualified volunteers from the fields of medicine and care can help the salaried nurse Meriem and the friars.

Project Details

Every afternoon, the medical clinic "Escuela Capilla del Niño Jesús" opens in the "Calle Seville", which is available to people who cannot afford other medical care. The treatments are free and are funded by donations.
The clinic is managed by nurse Meriem, who from time to time has voluntary helpers. There are around 15-60 patients per day, from babies to senior citizens. There is no physician, so prescription-only medicines cannot be issued; but there is not such a strict system about prescriptions in Morocco as in most Western countries, and in most cases the available medicines, which are completely financed by donations collected by the Spanish monks, are sufficient.
The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 4-6 pm, or as long as all persons have received their treatment. Basic treatments include wound care, burns (mostly toddlers), injuries, general infections, infections of the skin, and abscesses.
Besides medical first care, there are also patients getting follow-up treatments of surgery, if they cannot afford hospital inpatient treatment.
Medicines are given for free as far as they are available.
The majority of the patients speak Arabic; depending on their level of education some can also speak some Spanish or French.
This option is open to volunteers who have professional skills in medicine and/or nursing. They should be able to work independently and result-oriented, and they should be able to cope with suffering and poverty.
Possible roles of the volunteers are pre and post-processing of the material that is used for the treatment like sterilization of equipment, wound care, documentation of treatments and conversations, assistance and support for the nurse Meriem, as well as cleaning up after the end of the day.
Info Box
Location: Tangier, Morocco
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 1 week
Maximum Duration: 6 months
Language Requirements: French or Spanish or Arabic
Further Languages Of Advantage: -
Accommodation: Shared Accommodation in Tangier
Supervision Possible: No
Qualification Of Supervisor: -
Minimum Qualification Of Intern: -
Further Contribution To Project: -
Volunteering Possible: Yes
Required Qualification For Volunteer: Relevant qualification in medicine or nursing
Further Contribution To Project: None
Professional Conduct, Do you have the "right" attitude?

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