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Hospitals in Tangier

We can arrange elective placements and nursing internships at private hospitals of good standards in Tangier, Morocco. At Clinique Assalam, this is even possible without knowledge of French. Furthermore, internships are possible in physiotherapy, occupational therapy and osteopathy at the Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation of Dr. Sekkat. A dental clinic is also available.

Clinique Assalam

Clinique Assalam is a private hospital of the highest standards in Tangier. It was founded in 2007 by 6 doctors of Moroccan origin who had all studied in Belgium and whose vision it was to establish a hospital of European standard in Tangier: Dr. Takkal and Dr. Shergi who are general surgeons, Dr. Mansur and Dr. Akalay who are traumatologists, Dr. Zaidi who is a cardiologist, and Dr. Ktari who is an anesthetist. They are offering permanent service of their specialties at the hospital. There are further doctors employed that offer permanent services in neurosurgery, urology, ENT, pediatrics, gynecology, general medicine and emergencies. All of these services have patients at all times.
Some other specialists are attending the hospital on certain hours per week, offering the services of orthopedics, nephrology and dialysis, and ophthalmology.
There are three surgery theatres. Around 400 children are born every year at the clinic.
The hospital has a total of 30 beds for inward patients on three floors, all of them being single or double rooms. There is also a food supply service.
Students will be under the supervision of one of the doctors who can assign them small tasks depending on the interns’ knowledge. The hospital is not an accredited teaching hospital of any university, but they have a few Moroccan medical students for electives.
Most of the doctors can speak English; all of them speak French, some speak Spanish. Most of the nurses can speak French, but not English, some speak Spanish. Language skills of the patients are like in Moroccan society (native language Darija/Arabic, people of better education speak French and in Tangiers many speak Spanish). French language skills are an advantage, but not a requirement.
Students and volunteers will interact with the staff and patients alike.
Students and volunteers usually work from 9-12 am and from 2-6 pm, but it is also possible to start earlier. You should bring your own medical coat and trousers; special surgery clothes will be provided and washed by the hospital. The clinic is open 365 days per year, internships/volunteering is possible throughout the year.
The following conditions apply:
* Assistants/Interns need a health insurance that is valid for internships abroad
* Department and working hours are decided by the clinic
* It is forbidden to take pictures inside the clinic and of patients; Equipment with which photos are possible (even mobile phones, tablet PCs, etc.) may not be kept in the hospital, but must be left at the reception
* Students must bring trousers, tunic and closed shoes

Clinique du Detroit

Clinique du Detroit is a private hospital of the highest standards near the airport of Tangier (about 25 minutes by bus from the city center).
The following specialtie are offered: internal medicine, diabetology, gastroenterology, nephrology, infectiology, cardiology, rheumatology, paediatrics, pneumology and surgery. There is also a 24-hour emergency room and a radiology center. The hospital also has an surgical ward with 4 theaters that are well equipped to cover a variety of surgical specialties.
There is a free shuttle bus for staff and patients who commutes several times a day between the city center and the hospital. Also you can reach the Clinique du Detroit cost-effective with the city bus without changing.
At the Clinique du Detroit you can do elective placements and nursing internships. The minimum duration is 4 weeks. In order to be able to communicate with the staff and patients, basic French knowledge is of advantage. If you do not have any knowledge of French, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with basic medical terminology in French prior to your internship.
Clinique du Detroit has about 40 beds for in-patient care. The air-conditioned patient rooms are equipped with en-suite bathrooms, flat screen TV and internet connection.
A typical day at your facility:
You observe and support the staff in their daily work. After a period of familiarization and orientation, you may also (depending on your previous knowledge) carry out minor treatments and activities under the supervision of the attending physicians or nurses, e.g. providing medication, wound care, taking vital signs, giving vaccinations. You can rotate through several departments.
You should bring your own work clothes (white, green or blue scrubs and closed shoes of any color). It is also advisable to bring your own hand sanitizer as well as your own stethoscope. If you work in the operating theater, please bring green or blue surgical clothing, surgical mask and surgical cap.

Dental Clinic

The dental clinic is directed by Dr. Nabil Friekh who has studied dental surgery and oral medicine (stomatology) in Poland. His wife, who is an orthodontic surgeon, is also working at the clinic.
The clinic's equipment is modern and various dental consultations and treatments are offered, including prevention treatments, general odontology, orthodontic surgery, and implant and prothesis surgery. Children and adults are being treated.
The clinic is open on Mondays and Thursdays from 9am to 5pm; on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 8:30am to 12:30pm and from 3-7pm; and on Saturdays from 9am to 1pm.
Internships/Electives are possible at all mentioned specialities. The internship is targeting medical students, nursing students, and students with a dental specialisation. Students observe and assist with the consultations and treatments.
The doctors speak French, Arabic and Polish, as well as basic English. The nurses speak some French and Spanish. Interns should bring their own clothes (shirt/blouse, pants, shoes).

Clinic for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

We organise internships with one of Tangier's largest and most popular clinics for Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, the one of Dr. Sekkat. Dr. Sekkat is a physiatrist having completed his studies in various universities in France and Belgium. Besides his specialisation in physiatry, the doctor has a diploma in osteopathy, cardiac rehabilitation and musculoskeletal ultrasound among others, and is a pioneer in introducing physiatry in Morocco. His clinic, which was started in 2009 is the first of its kind in Northern Morocco. Dr. Sekkat has also started a school in physiotherapy where volunteers are welcome to work.
The clinic makes use of the following facilities:
* Physiatry Consultation Room
* Functional Exploration Room (with EMG and Ultrasound)
* Electrotherapy and Massage Room
* Occupational and Orthopedic Equipment Room
* Reeducation and Functional Rehabilitation Equipment Room

The most common conditions of patients who come to the clinic are: hemiplegia, paraplegia, lumbago, low back pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, osteoarthritis, hip pain, fibromyalgia and other degenerative diseases.
In the case of patients with disability, the doctor’s team visits them at their homes with the necessary equipment. In such cases, a student intern may accompany the doctor or physiotherapist for consultations outside the clinic.
You also work with patients with weight problems.
Possible exposure for interns include Physiotherapy, Occupational Therapy, Osteopatia and Diet Consultation. You will be supervised and tutored by Dr. Sekkat.
Since September 2015, Dr. Sekkat is also running his own private school for Pysiotherapy where volunteers with relevant qualification can teach. Volunteers can also train the staff of the clinic. The possibility for permanent employment as a tutor/lecturer at the school exists.
Interns should be students of medicine, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, physical education, osteopathy or dietetics, and they should be able to communicate in French.
The clinic is open full day on six days per week.
The maximum duration of the internship is 2 months; however, once you have started it is extendable, should Dr. Sekkat consideres it appropriate.
Info Box
Location: Tangier, Morocco
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Maximum Duration: Clinics and dental clinic: 9 months; Dr. Sekkat: 2 months (extendable, see text)
Language Requirements: See text
Further Languages Of Advantage: Arabic, Spanish
Accommodation: Shared Accommodation in Tangier
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: Doctors, Nurses
Minimum Qualification Of Intern:
see text
Further Contribution To Project: None
Volunteering Possible: Yes
Required Qualification For Volunteer: Suitable professional qualification
Further Contribution To Project: -

Accommodation in Tangier



Shared Accommodation in Tangier:

In Tangier, we can make use of two appartments which are shared by our participants. The apartments are located in modern buildings in the city centre of Tangier. All popular sites of the city, the medina, the kasbah, shops, restaurants and the locations of many volunteering/internship organizations are easily reachable by foot or using inexpensive small taxis.
The buildings are located in areas of upper income levels. We have choosen these locations, as they are the only parts of Tangier where even at night it is relatively safe to be on the streets, and also as the people staying in these areas are the only ones understanding the concept of "shared apartments", where several young people, even of mixed gender, are staying together in one apartment. In other, more traditional and conservative areas of the city, we would face serious problems with the neighbours, if unmarried young people share one apartment.
Each of the two apartment has 4 rooms; some rooms have two beds if you want to share. Kitchen, bathroom and living room have to be shared. The apartments are of high construction quality, have modern bathrooms, and functional furniture. Both apartments have wireless internet.

I. World Unite! Service Package

Mobile/Cell Phone Users: If you don't see the rates for your desired duration of stay, hide other (shorter) durations of stay.
  up to 90 Days
91-180 Days   
 wu servicepackage en
1 Person
500 EUR 800 EUR      
2-4 Persons
(Rate per Person)
450 EUR 650 EUR      
Convert rates to USD, GBP, CAD, AUD and other currencies

The World Unite! Service Package includes:

  • Individual Consultation and Preparation prior to your arrival
  • Access to the World Unite! Online Resource Centre which has Preparation Materials including Intercultural Preparation, compiled particularly for your destination (PDFs, Videos)
  • Preparation Session via Skype, together with further participants
  • In case of duration of stay of more than 90 days, costs for extension of entrance stamp/visa
  • Pick-up and Transfers from/to Tangier (TNG) Airport, Sea Port (Tanger Ville), bus or train station, on arrival and departure
  • Personal support staff at your location and at our international office
  • Orientation and Introduction in Tangier
  • Accompanying you to your placement on your first day
  • 24 Hours emergency support by local support team
  • Local SIM Card with 20 Dh. air time
  • Issuance of Confirmations/Certificates for your university, scholarship, insurance, etc. and filling out/signing Internship Contracts for your university
  • Costs for 10 seedlings of indigenous trees that we plant on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

The Rates do NOT include:

  • Accommodation and Meals (see below)
  • Travel to/from Tangier (you book it on your own; we can assist you)
  • Insurance (Travel Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, Travel Cancellation insurance; you book it on your own, we can assist you)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Vaccinations
  • Local Transport (Estimated amounts see below)
  • Please note that for supervised/mentored internships, some organizations charge further contributions. You find this information in the "Info Box" below the respective internship description.

II. Accommodation Costs


  • Per night in a twin room (sharing): 16 EUR (per person)
  • Pro night in a single room*: 25 EUR
*Single room subject to availability
In case of 3-4 persons: Rate as 2 persons. 5 or more persons: Contact us for group rates.

Overview of other costs:

  • Visa no cost for most nationalities; in case of duration of stay of more than 90 days extension is included
  • Self-catering around 150-200 EUR (180-240 USD)/Month (Estimate)
  • Small local expenses (Local transport): around 20-50 EUR (30-60 USD)/Month (Estimate)
  • Insurance around 20-40 EUR (30-50 USD)/Month


How do I pay?

Once all your questions have been answered and you confirm that you want to participate, we will email you an invoice. You can pay it via bank transfer, credit card or via Paypal. You will pay a deposit of 200 EUR / 250 USD when the invoice is issued. One months prior to your arrival you will pay the remainder for your Service Package.
The payment modalities for rent and possible further costs (e.g. internship supervision fees, as stated in info box of the respective project description) depend on your host country and placement. We will inform you beforehand. In many cases these costs are paid on site, but for some countries and placements they need to be paid partially or fully in advance.

Other Projects That Might Interest You:

These projects are suggestions for alternatives that may interest you or those that could be chosen as COMBINATIONS. The combination of projects in different organizations is often possible and usually cheaper than two individual bookings. Please contact us to know more! Check out our other listings in the areas of "World Learner" and "Active Travel" at your travel destination to make your stay even more interesting.

French and Arabic/Darija Lessons in Tangier!

ZhorIt is always helpful to know the languages ​​of a country. We offer language classes in Tangier with a teacher who can address your specific knowledge. You can determine the intensity of teaching; we recommend a maximum of 10 hours per week. 2-3 participants who have the same level of knowledge can also take lessons together; the price per person does not change according to number of participants.
See the price and options in: French | Arabic/Darija
In the registration form, check "Language Training Required" and specify the required number of hours (minimum 20 hours).

Travel Health Insurance

We recommend the following travel insurance that is meant specifically for participants of internships, volunteering, language study, working holiday, and courses abroad. It is available for travelers of all nationalities and usable for all countries, except your home country. You can also add a journey liability insurance.
Just click on the link, fill in the form and you will get a confirmation email.

See our video about Tangier!

The volunteers Muriel and Wiebke show some aspects of Tangier in this video; please notice also a short feature on La Creche and Dragon Tangier youth club. The language teachers Zhor and Khadija are also featured and we see an apartment in the city center of Tangier, for participants to share.


Tangier, an attractive location on the Mediterranean coast with views of southern Spain, until 1956 was an "international city" that belonged to no country, but was managed by the French, the Spanish, the British and the Italians. Due to the special legal and tax status for those settled here, the city is not only home to numerous millionaires from around the world who built opulent mansions and buildings on the 7 hills of the city which still stand today, but was also a center of international espionage - two James Bond films are playing in Tangier. The international flair also attracted well-known international writers who helped the city become a cultural melting pot.
The English word "Tangerine" by the way is derived from the name of this city.
Tangier offers an interesting combination of the Arab-Islamic world - which you will get to see in the old town, in the everyday life of the conservative the Islamic middle class and of course, during your volunteer and internship activities - and European life, because many Europeans (mainly Spanish and French) live in Tangier.
Social problems, in the areas where volunteers and interns may work, include lack of care for marginalized groups of society, the problem of unmarried mothers and their illegitimate children, which is denounced by the traditional Islamic society, immigration from Africa to Europe and, increasingly, street children through the decline of family structures.

Coordinator in Tangier

Our coordinators in Morocco are Souad and her daughter Yasmine.

Activities in Tangier

Around Tangier there are numerous sandy beaches, both in the Mediterranean and the Atlantic Ocean. Here you can not only swim, but also enjoy beautiful sunsets and eat fresh fish.
On the breezy hills around Tangier, there are numerous scenic spots. A day trip can include the picturesque town of Chefchaoen in the Rif Mountains, the historic town of Asilah and the "Caves of Hercules".
Multi-day trips include visits to the imperial cities of Fez, Meknes, Rabat and Marrakech, centers of Islamic art and culture, as well as a trip to the Sahara to the south of the country.
Tangier has a lively nightlife. Along the beach promenade and in the city, there are many restaurants with live music and discos that are filled until the wee hours on weekends. In addition, there are regular cultural events such as the Tanjazz Festival in June each year, the Tanja Latina Festival of Latin American music or Mediterranée Music Festival in July.

Getting To Tangier

marokko map
Book your flights to Tangier (TNG). Several budget airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet4you, Air Berlin, German Wings and TUIfly fly there. Tip: You sometimes get cheaper flights from nearby Airports in neighboring European countries such as Brussels, Paris and Milan. Often the combination of train ticket from there is the cheapest option. You can also fly to Casablanca or Fez, from where you can go by bus or train to Tangier. Those who want to tour Andalusia can also fly to Malaga, Seville and Jerez and from there, take a bus to Algeciras and then, the ferry to Tangier. We can give you details of all these forms of arrival. In Tangier, we will pick you up at the airport, seaport (Tanger Ville) or train/bus station and take you to your accommodation.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are there fixed start dates for the project, which I must adhere to?
No, you can arrive at any date and you can hence, plan your trip according to your availability and the prices of flights. We can pick you up from the airport even at night.
Can I stay longer at my accommodation after my volunteering/internship or arrive earlier?
Yes, this is possible and we will give you our best rates. Just let us know when you arrive and leave and we will let you know the costs.
During my stay, can I travel around the country?
Of course you can travel around, almost all of our participants do so. When it comes to traveling to more distant locations (e.g. the Sahara), you can not do that over one weekend; we recommend you do this before or after your internship/volunteer work or during holiday periods (e.g. Eid-Al-Fitr) so that you do not miss days in your project.
Is it safe to travel in Morocco alone as a single female traveller?
No problem, if you follow some simple precautions, such as in relation to clothing style, dealing with local men or places that should be avoided at night, all of which we will advise you.
Will I be the only volunteer/intern in the project or in Tangier?
The total number of participants that participate simultaneously with an organization depends on the size and activity of the organization and responsibilities of volunteers/interns. We try to avoid too many volunteers/interns in an organization at the same time. It may be that you are alone in your work site, but usually there are, throughout the year, other participants in Tangier, who you can meet in your spare time, if you desire so.
What vaccinations do I need?
Our Info - PDF that you get as a participant, gives detailed information on health care. Also refer to Recommended Vaccinations
Where will I live?
In Tangier, you live in an apartment with other participants. The apartments are of good standards. You can find details in the tab "Accommodation".
Does my accommodation have internet facilities?
Yes, there is wifi internet at no extra cost .
How can I do my laundry?
There are washing machines in the apartments.
Can I cook in the accommodation?
Yes, there is a kitchen in the apartments.
I am a vegetarian. Can I get vegetarian food?
Yes, this is possible.
What language skills do I need?
For most projects, basic French is expected. Good knowledge of French is required for some projects, while for some others, knowledge of English is sufficient. In the north of Morocco, many people have knowledge of Spanish. The demands on your language skills are given in the info-boxes of the respective projects. You can use language teaching to improve your language skills on site. Helpful in any case, is a basic knowledge of Darija, the Moroccan dialect of Arabic.

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