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Tribal Villages in Maharashtra - The Hidden India

Community Tourism in Maharashtra
In the three villages of Walvanda, Prushwadi and Henna in Maharashtra, you can spend time according to your convenience, while experiencing the traditional rural life of Maharashtra!
Learn about the culture of tribes such as the Warli and enjoy the exuberant nature in central India. Two of the three villages are so-called "Tribal Villages", as villages where members of tribes live. Besides the maintained and practised daily traditions and knowledge systems, you will find one thing: people who welcome you wholeheartedly!
The villages are part of a community tourism program to promote culture and socio-economic development of the villages. It was planned by experts as to exactly how the village as a whole benefits from the Community Tourism - so you spend time with different families. People of the village were trained to be Guides and speak English. Exciting activities have been developed. Today, the community runs the deals themselves and also manages the placement in Community campgrounds.
Choose the village where you will spend your holidays in India or combine villages - we provide you advice.

Tribal Villages


Warli-Village Walvanda

The Warli is the largest tribe in the Thane district north of Mumbai. The word "Warli" comes from "warla", meaning "piece of land". Some historians believe that the Warli can be traced back to to 2500 BC (Neolithic age). Evidence are artifacts from the 10th century. Originally, the Warli were hunters, based on paintings of the past, that have depictions of hunting. Today, most members of the tribe work in agriculture and maintains an annual income through it, depending on the monsoons.
For the Warli, death is not the end, but a new beginning in an eternal cycle. For this reason, the circle is the symbol of the Warli Goddess and it is often found in the Warli art. Among a variety of Warli paintings today, you see many representations of complex scenes with people in a natural context with animals, trees and landscape.
In the village Walvanda, about 95 km outside Mumbai, you can interact with members of the tribe, eating with them and taking part in their daily activities, playing games and hear stories about their faith, learn their rituals and their world view. You can understand a lot about the Warli art through your interactions. With a craftsman in the village, you can then make yourself Warli art.
Activities in the Village:
  • Rice cultivation - Rice is a staple food in India. You work in the rice fields and plant seedlings, learn how to harvest the ripe rice and winnow the grains to separate the husk by vigorous shaking. You will learn about the history of rice and understand what hard physical work is needed to get the rice.
  • Interactions with the Warli, to understand their traditions and culture
  • Inspect a Warli-House
  • Warli Art lessons from an artist. Understand Warli painting, that represents the various aspects of their life and the environment of the Warli. You can also make yourself a Warli painting, inspired by experiences from your own life.
  • Tour of the Village
  • Watch the quick and energetic Warli Dance, to the sounds of Tarpa, a traditional wind instrument of the Warli, which is made ​​from a dried gourd.
  • Competition in rice pounding
  • Cooking class with the local women
  • Chopping wood
  • Traditional agricultural activities: Pounding and Winnowing Rice, Chopping wood, Grinding spices, etc.
  • Sowing rice (June), Weeding (July), Rice transplanting (July-August), Harvesting (October)

Forest Village Dehna

Are you fascinated by the idea of life in the forest? Are you a nature lover? The forest village, Henna is located 130 km from Mumbai, Maharashtra, in the region with the highest rainfall of the state. The endless green of the forest is full of life. There are some creatures like the green praying mantis, colorful butterflies and beetles, many birds like hiking Dendrocitta (Rufus Treepie) and wild orchids. Near the village, there is also a natural river with oodles of large flat rocks and stones, ideal for swimming. Breathing clean air that are produced by the trees of the forest is known to provide energy and clarity of thought.
Activities in the Village:
  • Traditional agricultural activities: Pounding and Winnowing of rice, Chopping wood, Grinding spices, etc.
  • Plowing fields (in May), Sowing rice (June), Weeding (July), Rice transplantation (July/August),Harvest (October)
  • Harvesting Mangoes from the trees, as well as other fruit
  • Learn about various Trees and Fruit
  • Hike through the mountain forest
  • Visit the shrine Samadhi Sthal of the sage Valmiki
  • Nature trail through the forest
  • Tree Climbing Competition with the locals
  • Swim in the river
  • Bird watching
  • Scavenger hunt in the forest
  • Sample traditional natural food in the village
  • Bake Bhakri flatbreads with housewives
  • Tour of the village
  • Hike to the mountain Ajobagad (4-5 hours)
  • Corn Barbecue at campfire
  • Playing cricket with people in the village

Tribal Village Purushwadi

Purushwasi is located about 220 km from the Mumbai Nasik direction. In the village, live the members of the tribe "Mahadeo Koli Hindu", who are known as rice growers and cattle herders. They are warm-hearted, simple people who are full of surprises. The village is situated at 1000 m above sea level, between the rivers Mula and Kurkundi. Local folklore says that the goddess Zakobhai threw five Hanuman statues from different villages of the region into the Mula river. Every year, this is repeated ceremoniously by the people from the five villages.
Activities in the Village:
  • Traditional agricultural activities: Pounding and Winnowing of rice, Chopping wood, Grinding spices, etc.
  • Crab catching (June-September), Plowing field (May and December), Rice sowing (June), Weeding (July), Rice transplantation (July and August), Harvest (October, January, February)
  • Tour of the Village
  • Corn Barbecue at campfire
  • Cooking with the women
  • Chopping wood
  • Play traditional games of the tribe
  • Hiking

About Tribes in India

About 60 million people in India are tribals (approximately 8.6% of the population), of which 94% live in rural areas. These are the indigenous people of India. About 40% of the members of tribes have tribal languages as their mother tongue, which are not among the 22 official languages ​​of India.
In the past, members of tribes were disadvantaged by caste system and legislation. Even today, the members of the tribes have a low socio-economic and participatory status in India, and much poorer living conditions when it comes to access to health care, drinking water, electricity, etc. 645 different tribes, however, were recognized in 1976 by ​​the Indian government as "Scheduled Tribes" and have today, political representation and affirmative action programs for access to higher education and promotion to the labor market.
Community Tourism initiatives promote socio-economic development of the members of tribes. Through community tourism activities, more than 50% of the households in the 3 participating villages was able to achieve a growth rate of 25-35% of their household income. The migration from the villages was reduced by 25%, as well as their culture, traditions and environmental awareness promoted.
Community Tourism in Maharashtra

Tribal Village in Maharasthra - The Hidden India

Minimum Duration: 3 Days
Maximum Duration: 6 Months
Language Requirements: English
Location: 3 villages in Maharashtra, India. You get to Mumbai and then, we provide transportation to the villages
Accommodation: Recently built camp site. You can see pictures of the accommodation in the photo galleries of each village on this page.

Price: In Tab "Rate" on this page

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