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Country Life and Nature of the Rif Mountains

Rif Mountains HikingThe Rif Mountains in northern Morocco is a scenic and culturally rich area, easy and inexpensive to reach from Europe. We offer an 8-day program where we walk in the nature of Talassemtane National Park and participate in various Activities of the Berbers in the villages.
The people in this area call themselves Jbala, which means "mountain people". Most of them are Berber, members of the original inhabitants of North Africa, who adopted the Arabic language from the 10th century, but which is influenced by the Berber Amazigh language and Spanish.
They are engaged in agriculture, which is operated in a traditional way and on a small scale. In the program, we learn about Jbala families and get to know their daily lives and their handicrafts.
We also hike to natural sites such as the summit Jbel Lakkra and through the canyon of crystal clear river, Farda with the D'Akchour Falls and the Pont de Dieu rock formation.

Rif Mountains

Day 1
Pick up from Tangier or Fes airport and transfer to Chefchaouen. Accommodation with half boarding at Hotel Casa Hassan (or similar) in Chefchaouen.
Day 2
Early in the morning, we start our hike in the Talassemtane National Park for about 4 hours. Along the rocky path on Tissouka mountain, we have a wide view over the city of Chefchaouen and the foothills of the Oued Laou valley with its agriculturally cultivated areas. On the way, we see traditional mountain villages of the Rif. In Zaouiya Habtenne, our walk ends at Talassemtane Guesthouse, where we will have lunch. In the afternoon, the guide will take us through the village and we observe the daily life in the village. All meals and accommodation overnight at Talassemtane Guesthouse.
Day 3
After breakfast, we attend cooking classes in the village, where we learn traditional bread baking and Tagine-style Jbala cooking. After lunch, we see a demonstration of how the traditional aromatic and medicinal herbs are distilled and we learn about the medicinal effects of these traditional healing products. Dinner and overnight at Talassemtane Guesthouse.
Day 4
After breakfast, we will walk through the park to Jbel Lakrra, the highest peak in the area with an altitude of 2159 m. The route takes us through unique geological formations, such as the caves Barod and el Mae. In this area, there are also many macaque monkeys. We have a picnic on the way. After about 7 hours we will be picked up by a vehicle and returned to the village of Zaouiya Habtenne where we eat and stay again at the Talassemtane Guesthouse.
Day 5
After breakfast, we drive about an hour in a village that is known for the pottery by Berber women. Aicha, an old woman who is keen to explain about their traditional pottery to visitors, demonstrates how she makes handicrafts made ​​of clay. We have lunch with her family. In the afternoon, we return to Zaouiya Habtenne. Dinner and overnight accommodation here.
Day 6
We check out after breakfast from the Talassemtane Guesthouse, and walk for about 6 hours, deeper into the Rif Mountains, until we reach the farmhouse of a Berber family. We have a picnic on the way. At the Berber house, we are greeted with tea and get insights about the agricultural activities of the Berbers. We eat at the farmhouse, and spend the night there.
Day 7
Morning walk to "Cascade D'Akchour". The scenery is breathtaking and the river water, crystal clear. On the Pont de Dieu, a canyon formation, through which the river Farda has flown, we take a picnic lunch and then continue through agricultural areas towards Douar Ouslaf and finally Akchour. There, we will be picked up and driven back to Chefchaouen, where we spend the night with half boarding at Hotel Casa Hassan (or similar).
Day 8
After breakfast, transfer to the airport at Tangier or Fes.

Country Life and Nature of the Rif Mountains

Duration: 8 Days
Language Requirements: German or English or French or Spanish
Location: Start at Airport of Tangier or Fes
Accommodation: See description
Price: In Tab "Rate"


Convert to USD, GBP, CAD, AUD and other currencies
1 Person: 1460 EUR
2 Persons: 890 EUR per person
3 Persons: 760 EUR per person
4 Persons: 660 EUR per person
5 Persons: 640 EUR per person
Price includes:
* Transfers Tangier-Chefchaouen-Tangier or Fes-Chefchaouen-Fes
* Accommodation with half boarding in Chefchaouen on the first and last night as described.
* Accommodation with full board in villas as described
* Guide (speaks German, English, French and Spanish)
* Participation in activities and sightseeing as described
* Transports as described
You can start at any time during the year. Please note that in certain weather situations, it may be necessary to alter the flow of events.



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Chefchaouen (auch: Chaouen oder Xauen) liegt in wunderschön malerischer Lage in einem Tal, eingerahmt von hohen Bergen des Rif-Gebirge, etwa zweieinhalb Autostunden von Tanger entfernt.
Die Stadt wurde 1492 gegründet, als eine größere Zahl Muslime und Juden von den katholischen Königen aus Andalusien vertrieben wurde und die neue Stadt errichteten. Aus diesem Grund erinnert die mittelalterlische Altstadt, die bis heute nahezu unverändert blieb mit ihren kleinen Gassen und Plätzen an andalusische Bergdörfer. Nahezu alle Häuser sind im Erdgeschoss blau getüncht, was gegen Böses schützen soll. Die „heilige Stadt“ war allen Ausländern versperrt, erst 1932 betrat der erste Christ die Stadt.
Heute ist Chefchaouen ein Zentrum des alternativen Tourismus. Während in den vergangenen Jahren die Stadt vorallem kiffende Hippies aus Spanien und Frankreich anzog, bemüht sich die Region Chefchaouen heute, ländlichen und kulturellen Tourismus zu etablieren.
Die Altstadt von Chefchaouen hat einen ganz besonderen Flair, dem man sich kaum entziehen kann. Eine Vielzahl von Restaurants, Cafés und Souvenirläden mit günstigen Preisen laden zum Spazieren und Verweilen ein. Die gewebten Stoffe aus Chefchaouen sind einzigartig und auch landesweit kaum zu günstigeren Preisen zu erwerben. Diese werden von örtlichen Kooperativen mit manuellen Webstühlen angefertigt. Hinter jeder Ecke entdeckt man neue, faszinierende Fotomotive.
Freizeitaktivitäten in Chefchaouen
Das Rif-Gebirge um Chefchaouen glänzt mit dramatischen Landschaften und abgelegenen Bergdörfern der Jibli-Bauern. Hier gibt es viele Möglichkeiten zum Wandern, Mountainbiken, Tiere beobachten etc. In den Dörfern kann man in Landhäusern übernachten und bei traditionellen Tätigkeiten mitwirken, wie Korkschnitzen, Kochen, Töpfern, Weben, Henna-Malen, Brotbacken, Käse herstellen etc.
Die Strände der Mittelmeerküste sind innerhalb von einer Stunde erreicht; die Städte Tanger und Tetouane kann man als Tagesausflug besuchen, bis zur Königsstadt Fès sind es 4 Stunden Fahrzeit.
Mehrtägige Ausflüge beinhalten Meknès, Rabat und Marrakesch, sowie einen Trip in die Sahara im Süden des Landes.

Getting There


Getting To Tangier

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Book your flights to Tangier (TNG). Several budget airlines such as Ryanair, Easyjet, Jet4you, Air Berlin, German Wings and TUIfly fly there. Tip: You sometimes get cheaper flights from nearby Airports in neighboring European countries such as Brussels, Paris and Milan. Often the combination of train ticket from there is the cheapest option. You can also fly to Casablanca or Fez, from where you can go by bus or train to Tangier. Those who want to tour Andalusia can also fly to Malaga, Seville and Jerez and from there, take a bus to Algeciras and then, the ferry to Tangier. We can give you details of all these forms of arrival. In Tangier, we will pick you up at the airport, seaport (Tanger Ville) or train/bus station and take you to your accommodation.

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