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World Adventure - 14 Days in the Bolivian Altiplano

Voluntourism in Bolivia
The 14 day World Adventure program in the Andean communities Mallasa and Jupapina, besides volunteering, includes a 2-day tours to the deep blue Lake Titicaca, a trekking tour to Muela del Diablo, a visit to the bizarre Valle de la Luna and Bolivian cooking lessons.
Just 15 km from the center of the Bolivian capital La Paz, the boroughs of Mallasa and Jupapina are impressively embedded in the elevations of the Andes. Because of its natural beauty and tranquility, the region is a popular destination for international travellers, as well as for the Paceños (residents of La Paz), who want to escape the hustle and bustle. In Mallasa and Jupapina you mainly find Aymara indigenous people; their culture and language is part of the plurinationality of Bolivia.
As placements for your volunteering, you can choose between:
  • Valley of the Moon Kindergarten and After-School meeting
  • Zoo of Mallasa

World Adventure Altiplano Itinerary

Tipi AccommodationDay 1
Pick up from the airport in La Paz/El Alto and transfer to Jupapina to your accommodation (tipi or camping Cabaña) with full boarding. Local introduction and induction.
Day 2
Work at your volunteering site. You will be picked up from your hotel in the morning and taken to the site.
voluntourism bolivia01Day 3 
Morning work at the voluntary site. In the afternoon, Bolivian cooking classes in the village!
Day 4
You visit the Valle de la Luna (Valley of the Moon) which takes its name from its bizarre rock formations, in the morning. In the afternoon, volunteering at your work site.
voluntourism bolivia02Days 5 & 6
Volunteering in the mornings; the afternoons are available for free.
TiticacaseeDays 7 & 8
Two-day tour to the Lake Titicaca , including overnight stay in a hotel on the Isla del Sol with full boarding. Lake Titicaca is located at an altitude of 3810 m on the Altiplano between the countries of Bolivia and Peru. There are a variety of large and small islands, which house some relics of the Inca culture, for example, the Isla del Sol. According to legend, the first Inca, Manco Capac, descended down to the earth on a rock on this sunny island.
Day 9
In the morning (for participants who are volunteering at the kindergarten), tour of the Zoo Mallasa .  
Days 10, 11 & 12
Volunteering at the site.
voluntourism bolivia03Day 13
Full day trekking tour to Muela del Diablo ("Devil's Tooth"); duration of hiking is about 5 hours. The Muela del Diablo is a rock formation that seen from the north and is resemblant of a tooth. The hike takes you through the elevations of the Andes, surrounding the communities of Jupapina and Mallasa. You have a picnic at the summit. Then, you head back to your accommodation, and in the evening enjoy a campfire and barbecue.
Day 14
Transfer to the airport at La Paz/El Alto for your return.

Photo Gallery of Work Site


Photo Gallery of Accommodation in a "Tipi"

Photo Gallery of Accommodation in a "Camping Cabana"



1 Person:
Accommodation in Tipi: 1060 EUR
Accommodation in Cabaña: 1190 EUR
2 Persons:
Accommodation in a Tipi: 750 EUR per head
Accommodation in a Cabaña: 880 EUR per head
3 Persons:
Accommodation in a Tipi: 650 EUR per head
Accommodation in a Cabaña: 780 EUR per head
4 or more Persons:
Accommodation in a Tipi: 590 EUR per head
Accommodation in a Cabaña: 720 EUR per head
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Price includes:
* Accommodation
* Full boarding (Breakfast, lunch, dinner, non-industrial bottle drinks)
* Tours and and activities described in the itinerary
* Transfer from/to El Alto Airport
* Coordination for volunteering activities
* Local contact
* Extensive information document
* We plant 10 trees for you on the slopes of Mt. Kilimanjaro in Tanzania!
Prices DO NOT include:
* International flights to Bolivia
* Food, activities, services, etc., which are not mentioned in the program
* Personal expenditure, Souvenirs, etc.
* Travel Health Insurance
* Gratuities, other donations, etc.
* Visa Costs (if any)
You can start at any time during the year. However, please note that the itinerary might change if your start date would cause the volunteering assignment to fall on weekends or holidays.

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