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Information about novel Corona-Virus (COVID 19)

[As of May 26, 2020]
The following information is for everyone interested in our programs. Participants who have already booked will be contacted individually by us should their travel plans be affected in any way. Likewise, participants of our programs who are currently in our host countries will also receive all necessary information directly from our team members.

You can of course book your stay with World Unite! abroad - with bonuses and risk-free reservations!

Of course you can still book all of our programs. However, please keep in mind that there are still entry restrictions into some of our host countries and difficulties to reach some of our host countries due to flight cancellations. Please see up-to-date information on the situation for our host countries in continuation.
In case travelling is not possible for your desired dates, we can offer the following to everyone booking one of our programs abroad (not online/remote programs) from now on: (valid for bookings from April 20, 2020)
  • POSTPONE + BONUS: You can postpone your trip indefinitely. If you choose this option, we will give you a 10% bonus voucher for the value of your booked program (so you pay 100% and get 110%), which you can redeem for instance for accommodation costs at our accommodation abroad, for our language classes, excursions on site (where available) or any other programs you might book with us.  
  • CHANGE + BONUS: You can change your booking and join another program at another destination where travel is possible at no additional cost. In this case, too, we will give you a 10% bonus voucher for the value of your booked program.
  • CANCEL: You can cancel the trip up to 14 days prior to your planned arrival date and we will refund all paid fees (minus any bank / credit card costs that may have been incurred).

What other options are there?

If you cannot travel, but you still want to gain international work experience or you want to learn something new, please consider our online internships and online courses (e.g. language classes). You can join these options remotely from home without traveling.
We currently have online/remote internships and online courses with partners in Japan, Tanzania, India, South Africa, Myanmar, Bolivia and Ecuador. New offers are constantly being added. If you are not yet able to find your online internship or online course on our website, we'd appreciate if you tell us what you are looking for.

What is the situation like in the various host countries?

Tanzania and Zanzibar - updated 26-05-2020
It is possible to enter Tanzania and Zanzibar! The previously mandatory 14-days of quarantine on arrival has been lifted on 19th of May. Various airlines including Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines und KLM have announced to serve Tanzania again from end of May or beginning of June (KLM from Juliy). 
The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Tanzania is low. We have implemented coronavirus safety measures for our programs in Tanzania and Zanzibar. Our offices in Zanzibar and Moshi have been open at any time during the corona crisis and our teams available. There are no travel restrictions within the country.
Without any travelling, you can also join a range of online/remote internships, online Swahili classes out of Tanzania and Herbal Medicine online lessons out of Zanzibar.
Japan - updated 26-05-2020
Until June 30, 2020, Japan has suspended the validity of all visas issued abroad (including Working Holiday Visas) and the visa exemption (Temporary Visitor Status) for all new arrivals into Japan. This duration might be extended.
According to media reports, Japan is currently working on a plan to gradually allow international arrivals into Japan, giving priority to visas that allow foreigners to work in industries that have a labor shortage in Japan. Student visas were explicitly mentioned as an example, since students often work in jobs for which there is a shortage of labor, such as jobs in convenience stores. The same type of jobs are usually done by Working Holiday Visa holders, who however were not explicitly mentioned.
As soon as the entry restrictions are lifted, you can enter on Working Holiday Visas that have already been issued, provided the visa is still valid. It is possible to re-apply for the visa if entry is not possible within the validity of the visa and you are not yet 31 years old.
No new visas are currently being issued. As soon as the entry restrictions are lifted, it is possible to apply for Working Holiday Visa again, but processing times of 3-4 weeks must be expected.

The "state of emergency" is now lifted for all prefectures. There are no more major corona-related restrictions in everyday life.
The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in Japan has been low at all times compared to Europe and the US, presumably due to the consistent wearing of respiratory masks in public by most citizens since the outbreak of the first cases. The number of cases have declined sharply, so it can be assumed that the remaining restrictions will soon be relieved.
During the whole corona crisis we had a large number of participants in Japan who have entered Japan before the travel restrictions became effective. At our sharehouse in Tokyo we are taking extensive measures to prevent infections. Our Tokyo office is still open and our team in Japan is fully available.
Kenya - updated 18-05-2020
It is possible to enter Kenya and there are international flights, but travelers must quarantine on arrival for 14 days after entering at a hotel assigned at their own expense (hotels of various price levels are available to choose from).
India - updated 24-05-2020
The validity of all issued visas and all international flights are currently suspended for new arrivals into India. The Minister of Civil Aviation, Hardeep Singh Puri, announced on May 22 that international flights to India might be possible again from any time between mid-June and late July. Indian airports, airlines and tourism operators are currently preparing for corona-safe travel (social distancing, reducing passenger numbers, etc.).
The curfew within the country that has been in effect since March 24 is currently being phased out. Domestic flights are resuming from 25th of May.
We have a small number of participants who have decided to continue their stay in India. Our teams are still available and the placement organisations are actively continuing their work. You can read the report of our participant Carin, who is currently in India.
Due to the tense situation in India, regardless of any legal restrictions, we have suspended arrival into our programs in India until June 14, 2020.
Without any travelling, you can also join online/remote internships and Hindi language classes out of India.
South Africa - updated 30-04-2020
South Africa is reducing the very strict curfew on May 1, 2020, but there are still extensive restrictions of everday life in place (from highest level 5 to level 4). All national borders remain closed and air traffic is suspended.
Due to the tense situation in South Africa, regardless of any legal restrictions, we have suspended our programs in South Africa for arrivals until June 14, 2020.
Without any travelling, you can also join online/remote internships out of South Africa.
Ecuador - updated 23-04-2020
Flights to Ecuador are currently suspended, however it is planned that flights are resumed from beginning of May 2020. Most likely, on arrival it will be necessary to stay in quarantine for 14 days at location assigned by the authorities - usually at a hotel.
Without any travelling, our wildlife rehabilitation project in the Amazon rainforest also offers an online internship and an online course with 10 modules (details very soon on our website!)
Bolivia - updated 23-04-2020
Flights to Bolivia are currently suspended until April 30, 2020. Bolivia currently only allows between 7 am and 12 noon one person per household to leave the house to buy food.
Without any travelling, you can also join online/remote internships and online Spanish classes.
Morocco - updated 24-05-2020
Morocco currently has a curfew until June 10th. Leaving your own home is only allowed during the daytime to shop for food, go to and return from work, and see a doctor. Trains, buses and local public transport are stopped. All flights to Morocco are suspended without an end date. International flights are stopped until May 31st, 2020.
Myanmar - updated 24-05-2020
International flights to Myanmar are currently stopped until May 31st.
We have a small number of participants who have stayed in Myanmar. You can read the report of our participant Carina here.
Ghana - updated 23-04-2020
International air traffic to Ghana is suspended until May 3, 2020. Travel within the country is not restricted, but there are restrictions on public gatherings, events, bars, etc. All schools are closed.
China - updated 23-04-2020
Most nationalities are currently unable to enter China. Irrespective of any legal restrictions, we have stopped our programs in China for all arrivals until May 30, 2020.

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