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Feedback by Participants:



Anna, Dissertation in Tanzania

I just wanted to briefly say "THANK YOU FOR EVERYTHING!!!!!" :)
My time in Tanzania was perfect. It was possible for me to carry out my research and I had a lot of fun with it. I liked Tanzania very much; I learned so much and I'm very happy having had the opportunity and to have done this project with you guys! Accommodation at Adelina's was perfect as it made permament exchange possible with her, which helped me a lot when reflecting upon my experiences. Ema, my interpreter was worth a million, thanks for finding her!
I am now writing down the results of my research results and wanted to ask whether I can mention you in my dissertation. There is also the possibility not to mention World Unite! as the organization sending me to Tanzania. But honestly you don't need to be afraid that I mention the slightest negative thing about you!
Best regards, a beautiful day and a nice weekend,

Vibe (Denmark), Elective at Mawenzi Hospital Moshi

I was a medical elective at Mawenzi Hospital in Moshi for 4 weeks in the summer of 2014. I was amazed to learn how the hospital staff is able to manage their patients with so little equipment and so few resources.  Visiting Tanzania has been an eye opener, both professionally and culturally. To sum up; with appropriate consideration, patience and independence, you will definitely find yourself embracing the warmth of the Tanzanian people and enjoying the African way of life. And memories will stay with you all the way back to Europe. World Unite! helped me set the perfect frame for combining volunteering and travel, thank you very much, I will surely recommend your organization to other students in the area of healthcare, Vibe


Amy, Medical volunteering in Tanzania

Sorry it took me a while to get back to you. I have been traveling around and unfortunately not very focused!
Staying with Miriam was really great. I had my own room and could retreat there anytime.  Her family was very relaxed and welcoming. And it felt like a huge bonus that she is a one-woman combination of German and Tanzanian! In her, I had a resource for my questions from a Westerner's perspective ,but she is also very knowledgeable about Tanzanian culture and language. Loved staying with her! I got to experience a new place and learn about a different culture!
Thank you for all of your help and support. I think WorldUnite is a great organization with a very supportive staff that does a good job of supporting its volunteers. Thank you!

Marianne and Markus, Voluntourism in Tanzania

Marianne & Markus
Hi Nicole! We were placed in Rau Vet in Upendo Home orphanage and had a good week. Initially, we helped with all sorts of everyday tasks such as washing and chopping wood. But soon, we realized about the Upendo Artists Association who painted pictures just for a children's book project by a Swedish author. We strung and primed canvases and painted backgrounds and animals from Tanzania corresponding to image descriptions by the author. In addition, we also taught English here, which was a really great experience. The children were so dear to us within one week that we found it difficult to separate. It was also very easy to live with a family in Moshi and so to really get to know life in Africa. We thank you for the perfect organization. You have prepared us a nice time, in which besides the activity in the orphanage, we had day trips to waterfalls and coffee estates, in the Monkey Forest and the rice fields, an extended safari, a walk on the Shira plateau of Mount Kilimanjaro and a visit to a Maasai village. It was an intense and very educational journey. Love, Marianne and Mark

Madeleine, Voluntourism in Tanzania

The Safari was one of the most beautiful things I've done in my life. It was amazing and I do not regret it!!! Not a cent. We camped every night, it was an adventure. We saw the Big Five; the rhino can be seen, although from very far away, but at least with binoculars. An indescribable feeling. We were lucky to see a cheetah while hunting. My highlight was the Serengeti National Park. For me this was "Africa" ​​as one of documentary films showed. Safari in Tanzania - a MUST. For me personally, it was the most exciting and beautiful of 5 days. Our guide was always trying to show us and explain as much as possible in a short time and the chef conjured up delicious dishes every day from just a few ingredients.

Nora, Mawenzi Hospital Moshi

I'm Nora and worked as a doctor for 3 months in Mawenzi Hospital in Moshi, Tanzania. World Unite! is an excellent organization and everything worked out great. The impressions when working are versatile, very interesting and partly shocking. For the preparation, I would recommend learning basic Swahili. You can meet new people very quickly on the work site, through World Unite! or when going out, with whom one can share experiences. Overall, I can only recommend it to gain experience. Best wishes, Nora

Julia, Good Hope Moshi

Dear Nicole, I just wanted to tell you that I liked my time in Moshi very much and it passed much too quickly. I found the organization, the project, the accommodation superb and was totally satisfied with everything. Therefore, a huge thank you to you who put it all together and always stood by us with all organizational support! All the best, Julia

Corinna, Lutheran BCC Project Moshi/Tansania

My time in Moshi was memorable, I really enjoyed every single day, experienced many great situations for which I am very, very grateful. The ten weeks in Moshi were much, much too short and I found it really hard to say goodbye. I met great people who are very dear to my heart. I was accepted and appreciated in my project from start to feel as "colleague". The work of the Center Rau has given me a lot of fun and has also changed a lot of my work here in Germany. Students were impressive personalities and I was happy to be able to spend every day with them. I have made many friends among the other volunteers and also among the people on site, with whom you could talk about impressive experiences or situations that have overwhelmed you and they were always there for you. For which I am eternally grateful. But you, dear World Unite! team, I would like to say THANK YOU! Thank you for the perfect organization of my assignment. One feels every minute in good hands with you. Whether with you or Chris, if I wrote an e -mail to you, each time a reply came very quickly. And then the team from Moshi: Adelina, Themi, Miriam and George. I felt from the first day to the last, great care. If someone had a problem and has turned to one of the coordinators, there was immediate response and help. And I think it's very important that you give that feeling of always being there for us volunteers. So again, many, many thanks to you! I have no regrets to go with you to Tanzania.

Elke, Kilimanjaro Orphanage

When I told my friends and family about my plans, they were skeptical. You, as a white woman alone to Tanzania? And then also work? For me, it was obvious from the start. I felt great care by Chris and Adelina! Adelina was always there for me, even when she was sick. She has been very responsive to my wishes! For the trips, she has accompanied me and made ​​such a memorable event! I've always wanted to Africa. For me, this is not a country to which you go to lay out on the beach. I wanted to know the country and citizens and experience the culture. All this and much more I could do in 3 weeks! I would have loved to have stayed longer! The hospitality, the friendliness and helpfulness just made me impressed. I also have experienced the not so bright side of the country (poor medical care, poverty, etc.). But for me, it was just an unforgettable experience that cannot be bought with money. The stay and work with the children and Dr. Greg has enriched me very personally! My view of the world has changed! I can recommend it to anyone who wants to experience Africa and has little time or resources. Thanks again for your help and the great time in Tanzania!

Luisa, Nursing Internship, St. Joseph Hospital

Dear Chris, I'm back from Moshi and arrived safely in Germany. First, I would like Adelina, Themi and Miriam - they were very commendable and have all contributed to my wonderful time in Moshi! I had learned a lot at both Angela Mwashi (Hosiana Clinic) and St. Joseph Hospital and had a great time. I have enjoyed World Unite! and will continue to recommend it. Luisa

Annie (New Zealand), Mawenzi Hospital

Hi Chris, A few words about our time in Moshi: We volunteered at Mawenzi Hospital through World Unite!. From the moment we landed in Kilimanjaro we felt looked after by the wonderful WorldUnite family. They helped us out with accommodation, hospital visas, city centre tour, important safety advice as well as organising amazing once in a life time safaris and treks up Mt Kilimanjaro. A special thanks to Adelina and George for being so lovely and making our time in Moshi so memorable. If you ever get the opportunity to volunteer in Moshi then I high recommend going through WorldUnite. Thanks for everything. We had such an amazing time. Annie

Janina, Swahili Learning in Moshi/Tanzania

Hey Chris, the accommodation in Moshi was great. The apartment is very centrally located, has a beautiful living room, safe rooms and well equipped kitchen. Sometimes, there were problems with the water supply, but then water was placed in canisters. The language course was also very good. The teacher Alice kept the tuition interesting. She is a nice person and always has a story in stock ;) I have now have a basic understanding of Swahili. A big compliment I would like to pay your supervisor Themi! With him, you have a good man in the right place. He was always very friendly, always very helpful and always on hand. Best regards, Janina

Fabian, Media Production Internship, Compass Group Dar-es-Salaam

Hey Chris, I'm already over a month here and have not even reported to you. I'm really thrilled with how everything has gone smoothly so far. Starting with the arrival from the hostel to Madaha and Compass Communication. Where I was initially really unsure if I would do the right thing, I have to say now that I'm damn glad to have taken this step. Also kudos to World Unite! for the smooth preparation and delivery, for me it has clearly paid off. I had at one point read that one should tell you if they blogged about their stay in Africa: I want to be hearing from you just once :) See you later and if you should be here sometime, we should meet. Would like to go drinking with you some coffee or something. Regards, Fabian

Tanja, Tuleeni/Akili

For me, the experience in Moshi was one of the best of my life. World Unite! has put me very well. My room was actually a luxury. And with Adelina, I not only had a coordinator that has shown me Moshi, but also a very good and reliable tutor that I could reach to and a great sport. I've felt very comfortable and safe .

Anna (New Zealand), Mawenzi Hospital Moshi

Hi Chris, I have filled out the survey. I had a truly wonderful experience in Tanzania and cannot thank World Unite enough for all your help and support. Adelina in particular was brilliant to have around. Adelina was approachable, trustworthy, caring and capable. She helped us with any plans we had and was always available to talk. She is an asset to your company and to Tanzania! I would recommend World Unite to anyone, Cheers, Anna

Natascha, Julia and Tanja, Orphanage in Kilimanjaro

Hi Chris! Our stay in Moshi was just awesome. We have seen a lot of great things, it was a great time and everything was right, as we have planned. Thank you again for your many responses and emails and that you have organized everything so well. The on-site support, especially by Adelina was outstanding! With many kind regards, Natascha

Monica, Volunteer Midwife in Moshi

Hi Chris, the support provided by Adelina was great! She has an open ear for all and solves any problem immediately. So I know Pia in good hands. For my project, my age and my experience was a great help - I've been working with full responsibility. For me, some experiences were shocking but also a great learning. Surely, I will go again sometime with world-unite! Thank you and wish you success in your work and love, Monica
[Note: Pia is Monica's daughter, who also took part.]

Annika, Kilimanjaro Orphanage

From the beginning, I loved to be in the center - along with the wonderful children and the staff. It was a wonderful time, I would not want to miss. Now I am still in contact with "Teacher" and Dr. Greg and I hope that time and money allows me to come back soon to Moshi.

Julia, Internship in Safari Camp

I really enjoyed my time in Ikoma very much. The first two weeks, I took time to get used to being surrounded by nothing but breathtaking nature; then, I was able to enjoy my stay very much. The absolute deceleration of space and time is very important to experience in a fabulously beautiful and wildlife-rich environment. The all-male team is incredibly nice and helpful and if you want to, you will be quickly integrated into the team. Due to its remoteness from other volunteers, one is "forced" to socialize with the locals and can quickly form such deep friendships and gain insight into the life away from the normal tourist track. So I would recommend Ikoma to all who want to learn about the country and people. My experience during the few days in Moshi was that many volunteers meet with other volunteers there. This is certainly quite normal, as they come from the same culture and one feels a kinship. However, the contact with the locals is after all why this trip felt (mostly) complete. For me, the time was there very rewarding because I could learn a lot about culture, a new country, its people and probably the most about myself.

Elli, Tuleeni Centre

Hi Chris, my stay was the best yet half a year of my life ; ) in Tanzania .. yeah if you're interested or want, I can send you my final report. Regards, Elli

Sabina, Longuo Centre Special Education

Thanks, had a very nice stay. Adelina did a very good job, was really great. Regards, Sabina

Rebecca, Special Education Moshi

Adelina was fantastic. Very supportive, understanding, approachable, kind and dedicated to her job. Overall was very happy with World Unite and will recommend it to others - just a bit more feedback - there seems to be an over representation of Germans who volunteer through world unite - if you could somehow advertise more in Australia and New Zealand I think you'd get a lot of business from us! Rebecca

Katinka, Kindergarten Moshi

Adelina was always available and open to all our problems. With her, ​​World Unite has a real find!!!

Olaf, NAFGEM & Football Tuleeni

World Unite placed me for a period of eight weeks at NAFGEM, the "Network Against Female Genital Mutilation", which is opposed to the still widespread practice of female genital mutilation and women in Tanzania. As a trained journalist/editor, I have been working with the press and public relations. This "internship" (embedded time in between my two jobs) was an incredibly valuable and enriching experience. I could expand my horizons not only geographically, but also personally and professionally. I am sure that I will benefit a lot from this stay in Tanzania. During the entire time, I was in the excellent care of World Unite. I would recommend anyone to combine in this way, to be useful (in my case the work for an NGO with a very important mission) with pleasure (Africa).
Blog by Olaf

Lena, Voluntourism in Tanzania

A wonderful time I will never forget and which unfortunately was too short. Thoughts of Tanzania, the people and the laughing eyes of children still bring a smile to your face. 3 weeks could not have been more varied and beautiful. Even after initial concerns as a woman traveling alone, I can recommend it to everyone. Everything worked out fine. If you have questions, I always had a local contact, transfer from and to the airport and the trips were always well-organized. My accommodation with the host family of Yasmin was extremely luxurious with very good food. I can only report positive news.

Stephanie, Kindergarten Zanzibar and Special Needs Children Moshi

Adelina is perfect for the job! She cares incredibly well for all volunteers and is a wonderful person. Keep it up! My host family was a great family, I felt very well through the open and warm personality =) Also, the food is delicious. Although you can only reach just outside the location and in the evening by taxi, it is still recommended to everyone!

Kerstin, Internship in Safari Camp

My internship at the Safari Camp has given me a lot of fun and I met really nice people there and some friends for life. It has brought me a lot personally and I can only recommend this experience to anyone.

Sarah, Teacher in Maasai Village

I was integrated from the start in the super team, always - even if Lazoki was not present - multiple contacts worked toward my concerns and I became in a very short time, a part of the team. My activities were estimated; they were not even closely recognized after nine and a half months stay in Western Tanzania. (Note: Sarah's previous stay in Tanzania was not organized by the World Unite!). I would have liked if it had not become as great, since it made it even more difficult to leave! Since my health failed me initially, my previous work (which I did in my previous months) did not follow the usual pattern. I was really very spoiled! I have already scheduled materials, including balls, pumps, etc. to be sent to the children of Ngoile Primary School, because our children, as opposed to those of the School Olbalbal, neither have a ball to train or football outfits. Likewise, I am looking for sponsors for learning materials and any other needs they have.

Vera, Kindergarten Zanzibar and Special Needs School Moshi

Dear Chris, I hope you are doing well. Got back to cold Germany yesterday and just wanted to sign in briefly and say that everything went well. I had a really great time in Tanzania, thank you for all that you have enabled me to do. You've really found very extraordinary people who do a great job and made my stay very comfortable from the start. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that you reach out to more people, so that many more people have the opportunity to unite with the world. Regards,Vera

Christina, Teacher, Maasai Village

The people here are very special. I came to Ngorongoro and felt good from the start.

Neus from Spain, children's home in Moshi

The best in Moshi is Adelina, all the people love her & she always tries to help the volunteers. All the volunteers love her.

Katharina and Alina, Kindergarten Moshi

The communication with Chris, pick up, tour on site and the information in advance were excellent, as was the settlement of the Residence Permit. The information package you put together was very helpful. Everything was great with Yasmin. Nice house, and clean and you could always be entertained with Yasmin. You only end to take one look at Yasmin's house and you know why we have marked everything with top marks in the questionnaire.

Kathie, Andrea and Verena, Orphanage and Women's group Moshi

Kathi, Andrea and Verena
Hi Chris, we are back home ... The time in Tanzania has greatly influenced us and we were able to take so many positives with us. The time was too short and I really wish I could come right back! Especially the last week in Zanzibar, we have (despite the bad weather) enjoyed totally. I very much hope to be able to stay in contact with you and get an occasional news update from Tanzania. If I can help through my experiences, to give other volunteers information about our work, I am very willing to do that! In your questionnaire we have entered "excellent" everywhere, because we always had the feeling of being well taken care of and of having someone who is familiar being there for us to advise us in an emergency. We felt very safe with the support of the World Unite! staff. In the future, we want to support the children in the orphanage financially by collecting donations. Bye for now, Kathi, Andrea and Verena

Ángel and Elena from Spain, Orphanage in Moshi

testi angelelena
Hola, Chris: Muchas gracias por tu apoyo, y el de todas las personas (Rhoda, Adelina, Sula...) que habéis convertido nuestro viaje a Tanzania en una experiencia única. Nos sentimos muy orgullosos de haber participado en este proyecto con World Unite, de haberos conocido a todos, de haber convivido con una familia en Moshi y con otra en Stone Town, de haber podido compartir nuestro tiempo con las personas de Kiwakkuki y de haber aportado nuestra ilusión al Orfanato.Para cualquier cosa que necesites, cualquier recomendación al público español o para tomarte una cerveza si vienes a Madrid, ya sabes dónde estamos. Un abrazo fuerte y muchas gracias. Ángel
Hi Chris, Thank you and also to all other persons (Rhoda, Adelina, Sula..) for your support. You made our trip to Tanzania a unique experience. We feel very proud to have participated with World Unite! in this project, to have known all of you, having lived with a family in Moshi and another in Stone Town, to have had the opportunity to share our time with the people of Kiwakkuki and worked at the orphanage. We would be glad to provide recommendations for Spanish prospects or get a beer when you come to Madrid; you know that you can contact us. A big hug and thank you, Ángel and Elena, Madrid

Annika, Volunteer with coffee farmers and the orphanage

My volunteering in Moshi, Tanzania was very diverse. I first worked in a project of the environmental and human rights organization "Envirocare". There, I had the unique opportunity to work with coffee farmers in picking the beans for our German coffee such as "Dalmayr" or the "Tchibo" and observe the production of coffee. Since these farmers are downright exploited by many overseas companies (especially German) due to the lack of marketing management knowledge, they received from my organization, specialized training in the hope of changing this state of affairs. I was able to assist in this training, which gave me the feeling of making amends for the errors of my country. My second stop was the "Kilimanjaro Orphanage Centre" in Moshi, Pasua. This relatively small, but directed by a Tanzanian orphanage receives volunteers from time to time; their mission is to support the "Mamas" who work, in carrying out daily activities like cooking, laundry, bathing the children etc., and of course, help to take care of the children and teach them something. Overall, the experiences that I had in Tanzania, are some of the most valuable of my life. The insights into the world of the Tanzanians are priceless and have completely changed my world view. This is a daring step I would do again and again and recommend to anyone immediately, because it is an unforgettable and unique way to learn about the world, their country, and of course, about themselves.

Anna, School of Agriculture

I remember my experiences in Tanzania very often now that I am back, especially in everyday things such as turning on the tap, or quickly warming up the food in the micro. The internship has shaped me and it was very exciting to get to know a different culture. During my project, I lived with Lenare pastor and his wife Martha in Mwangaria, who were very caring to me and had me completely integrated into the community. The work in the Mwangaria Farm School was a little different than we had hoped, because unfortunately, no students were there, but I helped other teachers in preparing for the school opening, plus we created, for example, beds. To pursue my actually proposed activity, Pastor Lenare suggested that I teach in the Ghona Secondary School. There, I taught biology in a class. This provided me with a great challenge, because the language barrier is very high and the resources are scarce. Also, I had no experience in teaching, certainly not with a class of 50 students ;-). But I still found a way to get to the students. The gratitude of my students, I will never forget; I think it was also fun for them to have a "white" teacher. In addition, it filled me with joy when I realized that the students understood something and were interested. It was a great time made possible just by your all-round care. Everything worked fine, both before the trip, as well as locally. I always had a contact person, either you, Adelina or Msumanje. You have supported me in all things. I am very grateful for that! As I see you have more services that are extended, I'll browse again to learn about more in another part of the world;-)

Stefanie, Medical Internship in Moshi

Hi Chris, I arrived back in Germany after my time in Moshi and my vacation and would like to sincerely thank you for the organization and everything around it. You've got really good people on the ground. I really enjoyed the 3 weeks in Moshi. Rhoda and Adelina have particularly helped make me feel good with introducing me to Moshi and the managerial tasks around the Health Center. But in addition to the "organizational duty tasks", they were very helpful with advice and assistance. With Rhoda and her family, I had a very good time. They treated me like part of the family, was interested in my work and taught me a few terms in Kiswahili and a little about Tanzanian culture. The time in the Pasua Health Center was good and enriching for me. The nurses and medical practitioners there seemed knowledgeable and took a lot of trouble to explain everything or to translate them into English. Sometimes language barriers posed restrictions, but by my education and previous experience, I could understand many things anyway. The "common people" in Tanzania speak little English, so it was good that there was always a sister in the vicinity who could translate. You do not learn much Kiswahili in 3 weeks after all. I got an insight into all areas of obstetrics there, which was very interesting. However, in order to work there for longer, it is essential to speak the language a little.
In Zanzibar, I had the opportunity to meet Sula and was impressed by her. We had a good guided tour by her because she is used to having new interns.;-) Thanks and best regards, Steffi

Lisa, Teaching Special Needs Children

The time in Tanzania was very good for me. With World Unite!, I always had good and quick communication. The contact persons were always there on the spot when I needed them. All necessary organizational things were fine. Respect:-). Regarding accommodation, everything was easy and suitable. But the high standard is not absolutely necessary. 4 weeks, I spent in Moshi in Longuo Center. My internship was at the Special Education for physical and mental disabilities. I really liked it and it initially gave me a basic introduction to special education locally.

Katja, Orphanage

In the eight weeks that I spent in Tanzania, I was able to learn a lot about myself and also about the local culture. The most intense for me was probably the contact with the Islamic religion. Not only that my caregivers were all of Islamic faith in Moshi, I was able to experience the fascinating festival of Ramadan, the religious traditions and festivities. It was a very formative, while impressive month for me. From the individual preparations for Lent, to the lush joint dinner with the family, to Eid al-Fitr, I was able to participate in all processes and emotions and could thus, gain a whole new perspective on the religion and also lots of things could be explained first hand. For me it was always difficult not to offend, I spent the day in thirst and hunger, but could not mindlessly reach for a water bottle or eat an orange on the road or buy something at a local restaurant before sunset. This time was personally very intense and rewarding and my memories of Tanzania have remained long after my return to Germany. It's been a while until I really felt at home in my town and even today, I think those eight weeks greatly influence my thinking and actions.

Simone, Yesu Anaweza

The family was a dream and I felt like part of it!!! Food was excellent and they have made my experience a highlight. If I had not been with them, I would have felt lost. Everything was perfect!!!!!!!!

Kristina, Street Children in Karatu

My conclusion? Originally, I wanted to go to Africa to do something useful and good for the people there. But in the end, they have done more for me - through the street children who do not lead an easy life, but live with what little they have and are satisfied. I learned to rethink my prejudices and western value settings and to be satisfied with myself and my environment. Asante Tanzania ("Thank Tanzania")


Nicole, Teaching in Zanzibar

Hi Nicole! I like it here very much. I had not previously expected to feel so comfortable here. My host family is very very nice and in my office, I have every bit of freedom. So I can try out everything that comes to my mind. That's great. I need to compliment all of you. We are looked after very well here. No matter what, you can address Abdi, Josh and now Sarah at any time and they are always willing to listen. I think you should say this on your homepage! This makes it attractive to people who are afraid to travel abroad alone. A heartfelt thank you to all! Best wishes, Nicole

Inger, Elective in Zanzibar

Dear Nicole, as promised, a little report from Zanzibar. We were picked up with a nice name sign from the airport. On the way back, just 20 minutes before we were supposed to go, there was a taxi outside the door. Abdi and Josh were always there for us. Whether a power failure, a broken water pipe, a broken toilet flushing or even a sick cat - the two have taken care of everything quickly. Overall, we really had a great time, which we will probably remember always! Once again, thank you so much for your hard work before the trip! Best regards,Inger

Laetitia, Water Sports Internship

Dear Nicole, four days ago, after five unforgettable, wonderful weeks in Zanzibar, I got back. I had a great time, I met many nice people, had interesting experiences and a big part of me has grown. This was a really nice time I spent there. Greetings, Laetitia

Ulrike, Marine Turtle Conservation Station, Nungwi

Hi Nicole, I arrived safely back in Germany. It was really a very nice time in Zanzibar. I've enjoyed every second, working with the turtles was a lot of fun and the people there are insanely great. Thank you for the support and quick responses to all my mails! I will never forget the four weeks there, it was absolutely beautiful! Thank you for everything. Best regards, Ulrike

David, Football Training in Zanzibar

Hi Nicole, World Unite! has done in my eyes, fantastic work and I'm glad that I decided to go for you. Accessibility, assistance and the wealth of information and advice helped me a lot. I never felt alone and could always count on your help during my stay. I cannot wait to return to Zanzibar sometime. I would like to thank you, and the whole team of World Unite!, very warmly !!! Best regards, David

Verena, Physiotherapy, Mnazi Mmoja Hospital

These 5 weeks have passed far too quickly and just like I got to know a foreign country better, I also got to know myself better. Through the mountains of experiences, in such a short time, I have grown incredibly. I have left a little piece of my heart there, and there isn't a day that I do not long for the pulsating life from there. Something powerful seems to fascinate me there, despite the almost unbearable living conditions for us Europeans. I'm still trying to make a note of certain experiences and new knowledge about the specific wishes, dreams and circumstances of the people there. My view of the world, and also of its complexity, has sharpened in any case.

Beatrice, Cultural Art Centre Zanzibar

An escape from everyday life, away from the familiar structures, I wanted to develop new ideas for my future career after many years of work. I traveled back with great ideas, after a creative time, joy and fun at work and many many exciting experiences. I have fulfilled a long-cherished dream.

Christine, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Station, Nungwi

Dear Nicole, dear Chris, we do not know how to thank you. You found a very beautiful place here for us. The people are very, very helpful; we can join various tours, and we get to know the local life and culture. The rooms are very clean, everything is perfect. We will be happy to write to you later in more detail. All you have to know now, is that we are in good hands and that Suma and Josh take very, very good care of us. The cheerful nature and commitment of Suma is simply unique. What I also want to tell you is that we appreciate all your work here and the quick and helpful responses from both of you very much. We are Word Unite! warmest friends. More later. Best regards, Christine

Dario, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Station, Nungwi

Hi Josh and Nicole, it was a great experience, a great time and I felt very comfortable in the aquarium on Zanzibar. I would like to thank you, the organization and all stakeholders very much. I think that we may be in touch with you next year. It was a good experience, to start my 15th year with this tour. However, the 4 weeks was also sufficient "for the first time". Also a big thank you from my mother to you. The fast answers to our questions gave her a good and safe feeling. Therefore, they had no fear about me. Thank you, good luck and love, Dario and Christiane

Julia, Sober House and Mental Hospital Zanzibar

Hey Chris, many thanks to you and all the team of the World Unite!. It was absolutely great and I felt very well cared for. Suma and Josh were always available, no matter what concern I had.
My partner in the sober house and mental hospital was also very nice and helpful. The work in the sober house was fun and I was able to take a lot back for me and my work in Germany. The mental hospital was ok with very nice and helpful people. Only the cultural difference was very noticeable, I took over the responsibility for the female ward and found it very frightening as to how to deal with the mentally ill. I am, however, very happy about the time I spent in Zanzibar and would go back anytime ;)
Best Regards, Julia

Sabine, 14 Days Voluntourism and World Learner Herbal Healer Madawa

Dear Chris, on Monday I came back from my 1-month stay in Zanzibar. I thank you, Josh and Suma, for the professional and cordial service!!!!!!!!!! It was an exciting, relaxing, humorous, varied and intense time. What you do with your packages is just great! Much obliged! Best regards, Sabine

Carlotta and Julia, Zala Park Zanzibar

We both really had a really great time in Zanzibar. I'm really glad that we got to know Zala Park, Muhammad and all the others ... I think I can speak for Julia that we have grown really fond of the place. Thanks for the great time that you give us with World Unite! I can say now that I was extremely satisfied with the entire organization and will diligently recommend you :) Best wishes, Carlotta

Viktoria, Water Sports Intern in Zanzibar

Josh is very professional and incredibly cute! A single SMS and he was always ready to help! Since I have worked in Nungwi, I did not have much contact with Josh and Suma, but I could tell by Josh's coordination that he was very good; Suma I cannot comment as I have only seen him once.

Nicole, Hotel Internship in Zanzibar

Hello Kristina,
The project in Zanzibar was a lot of fun and I just could gather only great experiences. I have also learned a lot from the culture. I can only recommend this experience to others. Thank you again for the great organization, I would love to do this again any time with you.
Kind Regards, Nicole

Mechel from Holland, Hotel Internship, Zanzibar

Dear Chris,
My stay in Zanzibar was a great experience. Everybody in the hotel took good care of me. Freddy was there in case there were any questions. To be honest I wish I could have stayed there a little bit longer. During the internship I learned a lot about working in a different country with people from a different culture. I did some research about the hotel and the good things it does for the Nungwi community. I am very interested in sustainable tourism so I was pleasantly surprised to find out about all the things Mnarani does for its people. Working together with the other trainee, Donata, was nice too. She became a good friend. The only thing is that because it was not always busy in the hotel the little work that needed to be done had to be shared. This was not a problem though because this way I had enough time to work on the paper for school.
In conclusion I could say that I am very positive about World Unite. Especially the trouble free package is convenient. You get exactly what you pay for and the experience of living abroad makes you richer.
Kind regards,

Marlene, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Station, Nungwi

Hi Chris,
I am (unfortunately) back from Zanzibar. It was fantastic. Wanted to thank you for everything. Can only recommend the organization and Zanzibar. It was really perfect. Thank You.
Best regards,

Michael, Voluntourism Zanzibar, Turtle Station and St. Monica Kindergarten

The service during preparation was very good, I always had a good time with all the necessary information and questions were openly received, dealt with quickly. Info pdf was really helpful, albeit partially, as some points were almost in a negative light (e.g. hygiene, Street food, money from ATMs). So I was, in the beginning, a little cautious; but better so than the other way around. The many small tips - for example, Beaches in Stone Town, the reference to departure taxes, not to mention possible activities that you are working on in Zanzibar, etc. have been extremely valuable!
The airport pickup worked perfectly, Ali was waiting for us and brought us to the Zenith taxi. The first night in the accommodation was ok - although for a longer stay, the room was not well equipped - but this was already addresses during my stay, so far as I've noticed.
The transport to Nungwi again was easy, everything was very well organised and the people were very helpful. The rooms were clean and in good condition, power there was as good as ever and there was water. The food was really good and the employees in the aquarium made ​​us feel very welcome. The work there has also been really fun, and it was of course, very dependent on each individual how far he wanted to get involved with that.
As my "entry" into the Zanzibar adventure, Nungwi was definitely perfect as it is comparatively a very "Western" setting and you can get by with English.
The transport to Stone Town was organized by Freddy and Zenith perfectly again, the stopover in Mombasa house was good; it was nice to meet some other volunteers. The arrival in my Host Family was also very good. With Mama Rahma, I spent the remaining 3 weeks of my stay, and had very much to learn from "everyday" life in Stone Town (of course, only a small portion of people live like she does) and I also felt very welcome. Of course, it would be a big advantage to at least have basics in Swahili speaking to participate actively in all conversations with a host family, but still, I can take back a lot of experience.
The work in the St. Monica School was definitely one of the highlights of my stay; the teachers take extremely good care of all volunteers and it makes it so very easy for one to make work meaningful and not to be totally overwhelmed. Even the director and all other colleagues welcomed me and all the other volunteers well and were always there for us when there were questions. Through the "mentor teacher" Mary, the volunteers were already in place, I think no one really had problems teaching here.
The Safari Blue was one of the best days in Zanzibar - it was a real day to enjoy, to see dolphins, the reef was really nice for snorkeling - very exciting and above all, it was once a day when you everything without thinking. The food was perfect and you never felt that the tour organizers want to make as much profit as possible with us.
In the day tour in the Jozani National Forest, it was very exciting to see the local monkeys and the Butterfly Farm; the time at the craft market was however, too long. Some of the activities were quite interesting, but to show approximately how strings are wound, how loom t-shirts can be printed with melted wax, at least, was not in my view, particularly interesting and rather addressed towards "classical tourism".
The Spice tour was also a thing that you should do in Zanzibar in any case, but in which no distinction is made between the classical hotel tourists and volunteers. They have different interests and claims. Here we simply had to be part of the program, and as volunteers, above all our money was important. I realize that it is very difficult for World Unite!, to control this directly.
I also have to say that people with pre-booked excursions pay exorbitant prices which we were spared.
Otherwise, a general point that was still very important to me, the on-site supervision by Freddy was just a incredible, everything worked perfectly, you could come to him with absolutely any problem and he tried to build a personal relationship with all the volunteers. Due to the large number of volunteers, some of whom had very short stays, I would have assumed that this would not be possible, but Freddy did not miss a single one!
I hope I could give you a rough idea of what happened to me in Zanzibar during my 4 weeks and also give an idea of those points where there is still room for improvement. In any case, I still thank you for organizing the trip, it was a truly extraordinary experience!

Bianca and Tamara, Hospital Internship, Zanzibar

Bibi Tamy
Hello Chris,
Thank you for everything, it was really super super nice and everything worked out fine. We are very grateful for the time and have already recommended you to other students. The experience in the hospital was irreplaceable and very valuable. I'm just thinking that I will again fly down next year for 4 weeks, but not for work, only to learn. Would it possible to live in one of the houses with my girlfriend? Best wishes and thanks again for everything,

Rose, Volunteer Nurse


Jessica, Stone Town Heritage Society, Zanzibar

I loved the stay in Zanzibar and the internship and would definitely recommend World Unite! I would like to say that World Unite! is fortunate to have such a good employee as Freddy in Zanzibar. No matter what question you have, you can call him and he just helps one on. The introduction tour in the city was very informative and helped me a lot to find my way around the city. During my time in Zanzibar, Freddy and the other volunteers have become good friends and saying goodbye was difficult.
Freddy has always taken the time to answer questions and resolve problems. I felt very well cared for! In Freddy, World Unite! not only has a competent coordinator, but also a good friend who always has an open ear for all volunteers.
Also Themi in Moshi really helped Thomas and I when we were there. He picked us up from the bus and put us on the bus to Arusha, and we were very grateful to him. (The bus station in Moshi is pure hell with all the people who want to sell bus tickets and others.)
All in all, the three months in Zanzibar was a wonderful time in which I have gained many new and interesting experiences and met many new people from all over the world. I forge any plans to go back:-)
P.S.: The appendix is a photo of the Heritage Society team and me ;-)

Sascha and Matthias, Elective in Zanzibar

Hello Chris,
I would like to thank you for the great support you and your team gave us in Zanzibar. Everything worked perfectly and this month was for me the most impressive so far in my life journey. Freddy took very good care of us. I miss Africa very much. I not only learnt an incredible amount of medicine, but the people have especially greatly enriched me in Zanzibar.
Thank you for your efforts.
We will always recommend you and strongly advertise for you! Thank you very much, it was great!
Regards, Matthias
The commitment and flexibility from Freddy is incredible. Unfortunately, the communication was rather poor within the hospital, but got better in the course of the project. Big problem is the "student tourism", but less from World Unite!; it was more from the elective coordinator in debt ... For me, yet everything was in short, absolutely well organised. An incredible life experience.

Severa, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Station Nungwi, Zanzibar

I can truly say only positive things about my stay in Nungwi. It was really a great time and I would do it again at any time.

Joke from Belgium, Turtle Station, Nungwi, Sailboat Building, Herbal Medicine, Zanzibar

I have no other comments than very excellent ones about my experience with World Unite! This regards its people, the philosophy behind this project, its set-up and functioning. There were no unpleasant encounters nor surprises that spoiled my own views, travel or program. I am actually very much lined up with its "spirit". I will surely recommend your organisation as a or the! very true one to adhere to as such.
I did a 4 weeks voluntourism hopper program in Zanzibar.
Week 1: Dhow building in Nungwi. I liked the fact that I could walk in the village at night (and day), see the local people go about their local lives (eg nice peaceful setting at the Turtle Sanctuary to observe), make genuine and unforced contacts and be rather "undisturbed" too myself as compared to when we go out in touristic places in Africa, (I guess these places were not so far away, which may be nice to other World Unite! participants but I could not be bothered less with this type of Africa).
And that goes together with the team there of the turtle sanctuary. Really each one of them was gentle and kind and always ready to accompany, help, assist or share and also respect the way of someone else, which was a great good feeling. So they handled with me and so I saw them with all others. Especially many thanks to Pondo who recommended me his old teacher for initial Kiswahili lessons and was always ready to organise lessons and accompany me at the evening hours.  
Dhow construction is kind of a difficult project as construction is done entirely from the people's mind and no big plans or theories can be explained but they showed me all their tools employed and I could contribute by assisting daily drilling holes, sawing or axing or watching. I tried to share more environmental awareness by cleaning up the site of plastic and trash. I am so surprised there are no (more) ecological projects/ NGO/ or company set up in ZNZ.. handling their huge problems of waste as I believed it was one of these few places on earth where ecological responsibility was the primary condition for permits towards construction of hotels/resorts, but sure this will be a personal comment beyond World Unite!
Week 2: Madawa herbal medicine lessons, Swahili lessons. I enjoyed the rides by daladala to Bububu and Madawa and his home! They always welcomed me so warmly with laughther and too fast Kiswahili! There was always food and drink presented at arrival and departures in which they shared generously their healthy way of living. When the 'Madawa' was busy, I was in the kitchen with the girls watching and learning Kiswahili and he just made time free for me later to go in his study and talk about all the spice and natural products of Zanzibar, share his receipes for living healthy and cure, the lifestyle, communicate and discuss the problems and highlights of his country and the world. We made a tour to his land of spice and showed me all the trees and plants that bring forth these very natural products.
Thanks to Freddy, I had good Kiswahili lessons daily in the afternoon. Well done, good teacher, smooth ways.
Weeks 3-4: Turtle/Nursery/Kiswahili Uzi Island. I have not one bad word to say! The turtle Sancuuary is a huge and brave project. Our help consisted in carrying sandbags on our bag to advance one step in the project. I have done this with great enthusiasm and force.  
Aliy was the axe of all. Without him nothing would have been the same as it has been to us, and all as to get going everything: for the Nursery, the Turtle Reserve, the Seaweed, the host families, support of the village children, our free time.
Chris, I have gone to Zanzibar with greatest of my intentions and contributions and willpower to do. I know, it can never be enough, progress in projects and issues want to be helped out and so is every African "Subject" or Program to be supported with an easy smile, a severer guiding word or other adequate reply of greater means...  
I shall send pictures and goods as I have promised to Uzi.  
My "Love for Uzi" does not end there but may this be read and understood with respect from, and for the people of Uzi. I hope so much they may meet lots of new World Unite! people who engage as much with them.  
I also wanted to tell you too that you are very welcome to Leipzig. I would be very pleased to meet you and talk to you. Whenever this can be possible!

Timo, Thesis in Uzi-Island, Zanzibar

As for your work, I have all the time followed with joy how things develop. The turtle project is really a great thing. What particularly pleased me is that you have implemented my idea with the Soccer Club supported by German students and it is apparently still going well. Very nice!
I must honestly admit that it constantly tempts me to visit Zanzibar again. The family situation makes it not easy at the moment. But let's see, I am occasionally in touch with Salim, maybe someday...
Thank you for the great time I had in Zanzibar and hope to see you sometime soon.
Best wishes to all (including Iz-Haka!)
Love, Timo

Cara, Hotel Internship in Zanzibar

My time in Zanzibar was really nice. It was for me the first time in Africa and I did not expect that I would be so thrilled. After the first few days I've felt at home. I was warmly welcomed by all, everyone was very friendly and helpful. In my hotel internship, I was able to learn a lot, mainly dealing with the guests. I can only recommend this experience. Zanzibar is a beautiful place, I would have liked to stay longer, but it certainly is not the last time there.

Robin, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Project in Uzi, Zanzibar

The stay was a great experience. By living with a host family, I learned a lot about the culture and everyday life in Zanzibar. During the entire time, I have met without exception very helpful, friendly people and even supervisors who were always available to answer questions and contribute.

Amelia, Kindergarten Zanzibar

testimonials amelia
Freddy was absolutely great at his job. He made every effort to welcome me to Zanzibar and listed to all my silly worries. Despite a heavy workload with so many demanding volunteers he always did his best to help and advise. Freddy made my experience in Zanzibar really great and became a really good friend. The apartment in Kigwajuni is a great, functional volunteer apartment.
I want to raise some money for my project and perhaps some other ones by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro and want to stay in contact with everyone I met. Thinking of possibly climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro next summer to raise some money for a couple of Zanzibar charities.
Thank you again so much for organising my trip to Zanzibar, I loved every minute, it really was a wonderful experience and I have completely fallen in love with Africa.
Many thanks, Amelia

Anna-Lynn, Kindergarten in Zanzibar

Freddy was always available, very helpful and always there for one. I thought that was very nice. I also personally connected very well with him, so I found the on-site support excellent.

Stefanie - Voluntourism in Zanzibar

The families really cared for me and were honestly happy about me. Also, everything was always clean and the decor was super nice.

Soroush and Bahareh, Medical Elective, Zanzibar

We very much appreciate the opportunity, everything was organized and your team were absolute professional, friendly and committed. My medical elective at Mnazi Mmoja hospital in Zanzibar was uncompilable to anything that I've ever done. The hospital was just an amazing place to be, it will open up your eyes to a whole new world. The locals were amongst the friendliest and sincerest people, not forgetting the mesmerizing beauty of the Island. Out there our worlds were united, all thanks to World-Unite. Chris, i had the most unique experience in Zanzibar and loved every minute of it all. Thanks to you for making it happen. If in the future I could be of any help in your endeavors, please let me know. I already am looking forward to organizing my next adventure with World Unite.
Once again many many thanks and all the best chris    

Zuleika, Course on herbal medicine in Zanzibar

I really appreciated to study with Madawa. He has been really generous with me, as well with his teaching, as he invited me to lunch almost everyday at his house.
And I have been totally satisfied with Freddy, he was there when I had any question. And the same with Chris, who has been very nice with me. I appreciated the he was the one who introduced me to Madawa.
I also wanted to tell you, Chris, more personally, thank you for having created World United, because this permitted me to live a very beautiful experience in a different way, staying with locals and see how people really live, in addition to learn about traditional herbal medicine with Madawa.
I really like it. Again, thank you for everything. All the best for you and your projects!

Maren, Internship at Psychiatric Clinic, Zanzibar

Hello Chris,
Where are you right now? Back in Zanzibar or discovering the wide world?
I wanted to thank you once again. I had an incredibly beautiful and exciting time in Zanzibar. The work in the Mental Hospital has pleased me very much. The culture and religion have fascinated me. The apartment was great and Sula took excellent care. Especially in the period in which I was sick, you've both been a great help.
Thank you so much!! Zanzibar has captured my heart and it will not be long before I visit again. It would be nice to hear from you from time to time. I wish you all the best.
Greetings from rainy and cold Germany,

Juliane, Internship at Psychiatric Clinic, Zanzibar

You could call Sula anytime in the day and also night, and she was always trying to help! Arrival and departure went smoothly! The Shared Accommodation was super clean, our landlady was very nice, the interior was surprisingly great, and my roommate was perfect!

Saskia, Marine Sea Turtle Conservation Station, Zanzibar

In January 2013, I fulfilled my dream and started my trip to Zanzibar in the northernmost village of "Nungwi". When I arrived in the evening, I was very kindly received by Omar and Machano. The next morning, as I left my room I could not believe it - an absolutely gorgeous beach was right outside my bungalow door.

I quickly got to know the team and was immediately integrated into the work. My duties were to change the water and clean the tank, rid the turtles of algae and seaweed and the guiding of tourists. The guys welcomed me very well and showed me everything. I quickly made ​​contact also with other volunteers from other projects. Lydia of Umoja - Network for Africa has established a training center for the people in the village. The offering ranges from kindergarten tuition for pupils to language courses for adults. To practice my English, I also participated in the course. When she and her volunteers told me to write a book about Nungwi and your project, I was immediately convinced. As a trained media designer, it was a matter of the heart to use my skills for the village. And so I designed the book "Come, I'll tell you a story"; everything is going well and the book could be released in August.
On the whole, I had a fabulous time and me a lot of great people. I will always long to return to this beautiful island and will try as often as possible to visit again. Thanks to World Unite! and the Mnarani Marine Turtles Conservation Pond for this great opportunity.

Vera, Kindergarten Zanzibar and Special Needs School, Moshi

Dear Chris,
I hope you are well. I got back to cold Germany yesterday and just wanted to sign in briefly and say that everything went well. I had a really great time in Tanzania, thank you for all that you have enabled me to experience. You've really found very extraordinary people who do a great job and made my stay very comfortable from the start. I wish you all the best for the future and hope that you can promote more, so that many more people will have the opportunity to travel with world unite!.
Warm regards, Vera

Asli, Kindergarten in Zanzibar

My internship in Zanzibar was something very special to me. I have had my ups and a few downs, bad times and great moods. But what I took away for life are the noblest virtues: friendship, humanity and Hakuna Matata :). Thank you World Unite! for the perfect care and the generous helpfulness on site. You always had a contact to which one could turn to with questions or problems.

Tsira, Elective in Zanzibar

Even though I cannot describe in words or pictures my impressions and experiences gained from the country, I would highly recommend it for sure!

Bente and Nille, Voluntary Nurses, Zanzibar

Freddy was our lifeline and always worked his best to make our stay as good as possible. What would we have done without him? He has been an excellent coordinator for us in Stone Town. Always ready to help, even in the evenings and weekends. Very friendly and has always time to talk. We appreciated his work very much. The location was perfect, near to centre and Darajani, but still in a quiet, non-mzungu neighborhood.
I had a very good experience with World Unite. My stay was well arranged and I had a great contact to the organisation throughout the whole process, and felt confident and well taken care of. I have no doubts recommending World Unite to anyone going abroad.
All the best to you too, and thank you for your assistance with our stay in Zanzbar!
Best regards, Bente

Annalena, Hotel Internship in Zanzibar

I was accommodated by World Unite! for 2 months in a small hotel on the beautiful east coast of Zanzibar. To get started in this field, the rather relaxed atmosphere was very good, I think to work where others vacation was just a dream. Because I lived in a house in the village and had almost only local colleagues, I've noticed a lot of the local culture and gained many valuable experiences and friends that I do not want to miss. I would want to take a few months off to see the different corners of the earth. I'll make sure to visit again and my summer in Zanzibar, I will always cherish with fond memories.
Thank you very much and warm regards,

Amelie - Elective in Zanzibar

hey chris, now back at home in good old Berlin, with an incredible diarrhoea. Spending my time at home, so I can again relive all the experiences from the last six weeks. I had a very great time and you and the whole world unite! team have helped a lot. A lot of things would probably have never been so easy to organize. So many thanks for that! With Freddy and Adelina, you have two great people in Tanzania, I had a lot of fun with both.
I wish to know what is in India and who knows, maybe we'll meet at some point on the way ....... greetings, Amelie

Nicole, Occupational Therapy in Zanzibar

Nicole from Denmark spent a month in occupational therapy of Mnazi Mmoja hospital. She will be happy to answer questions from interested parties.

Stephanie, Kindergarten, Zanzibar and Special Needs Children Moshi, Tanzania

Adelina is perfect for the job! She cares incredibly well for all volunteers and is a wonderful person. Keep it up!
My host family is a great family, I felt very well through the open and warm personalities =) Also, the food is delicious. Although you can only reach the location just outside and in the evening by taxi, it is still recommended to all.

Emanuel, Water sports Internship

The internship was definitely great, it was a really good time in Zanzibar.

Art, Football Training in Zanzibar


Art of Belarus, London taught football in Zanzibar Town and Uzi Iceland for 3 weeks. He wrote a detailed report, which you can read in the project "Football Coach in Zanzibar".

See photos of "Zanzibarian Urafiki Cup" on Facebook, with Art doing his work.


Dominik, Hotel Internship

Hi Chris - Thank you again for your effort for the internship and that it has worked out so quickly. It was a good experience and I am glad to have been there. Too bad we could not meet personally. The communication with Sula in Zanzibar was great, I knew that I could always reach out when I needed it.

Marlen, Internship, Psychiatric Clinic, Zanzibar

Hello dear Sula,
I sit peacefully now after a more than turbulent return (ammunition exploded near Dar Es Salaam airport, no ATM worked 24 hours at the airport); in Germany it is minus 15 degrees near Frankfurt and a great time to feel sad. But I do not write to whine, but to thank you for your great organization and your always open ear and the nice open discussions.

Susanne, 2 week Voluntourism Zanzibar

I liked the Voluntourism program above all so very much; the north and the south of Zanzibar in my view, are very different and I was able to get to know both. Each of the two weeks was very different and at the end, I had the opportunity to go on an evening stroll through Stone Town and learn something. It taught me a lot.
The pick ups and drops were very good. Everything went hand in hand, I felt taken care of, which was very pleasant.
The chef at the turtles station in Nungwi (Machano) cooked incredibly well and the staff went out of their way to help me. The location was wonderful. When friends of mine learned that diving is very good in Zanzibar, and they saw my photos, they opted for a summer diving vacation there, and they will, as per my suggestion, visit the turtles station.
If I publish my photos and videos on the internet, I'll let you know, because I was also very pleased with the photos, I was able to see it with a participant at Uzi kindergarten.
I'm still very happy that I spent my two weeks vacation in this interesting fashion.
Wish you Happy Easter days,

Florian, Elective in Zanzibar

Florian will be happy to answer questions about his elective in the pediatric department of the Mnazi Mmoja hospital.

Cäcilia, Internship, Psychiatric Clinic, Zanzibar

Cecilia from Dresden did ​​a 4-month internship at the psychiatric hospital of Zanzibar. Even today she is still in contact with them and keeps them informed of current issues in drug therapy, their specialty.

Nilsa, Acupuncture in Zanzibar

You have a wonderful team in Zanzibar. Sula is extremely helpful and kind, and so is Salim who was always bringing water to our house when there was no electricity in Zanzibar. If you want me to help you in any way, I'll be happy to do so!

Nicola, Kindergarten auf Uzi Island, Sansibar

From August 07 until August 25, 2010, I was teaching children in a school in Uzi Island, an island in the south of Zanzibar. You can only reach the island when there is low-tide which made my stay quite exciting. In Uzi, I was welcomed very friendly from the Uzians and everybody was happy to see me. After my lessons with the children I also had to teach the teachers. We often played some games and at the end of each lesson, I also taught some words in German. After being a teacher I went to the sea with the fishermen, played some games with the children who kept staying in my garden or had the chance to see the dispensary from Uzi. Although Uzi was a totally different world from all the countries I have seen, I was totally overwhelmed. In Uzi people are very poor, they had no water, most of the houses have no electricity, but all the Uzians I met were very friendly and welcoming and I appreciate that very much.
They were so thankful that I volunteered in Uzi and on my last day they also styled my hair in traditional African way and painted my legs and arms with henna.
My stay was one of the most unbelievable experiences ever and I will never ever forget Uzi and the Uzians. I was, and still am, so grateful and appreciative that the village choose to honor me in such a way.
As already announced before, I would like to once again come in January, this time 10 days in Moshi and then I would go visit the Uzianer ...

Stephanie, Nursing Internship at SOS Children's Village

I want to say thank you again that everything worked out so well. The internship was really nice.

Anousha, Mangrove Protection in Zanzibar

Prior to my arrival in Tanzania, Chris has very quickly answered all my questions and concerns! I was really felt well taken care of!
P.S. During her stay in Zanzibar, Anousha was discovered as a model for a Japanese designer. Read more here.



Laura, Kakum Nationalpark

Through my internship in Kakum National Park, I was able to experience the natural beauty of Ghana firsthand. I have met many nice people and got great insight into a foreign culture. Since I was working on a separate research project, my work days were all very varied and I received many interesting insights into the activities of the National Park. I really enjoyed the eight weeks and am looking forward to visit my host family again soon.

Svenja, Magdalena and Helen, Elective Cape Coast

After our arrival at the airport in Accra, we were met by Samuel, a Ghanaian employees of Word Unite! at the reception and taken to our host family at Cape Coast. During our trip, we had a drink of our first fresh coconuts and sampled local pastries and did the first important errands such as withdrawing money or exchanging money.
In our host family (7 people with 4 children between 11 and 19), we were given a very nice reception. We were housed together in 2 rooms in a separate part of the house, where they had a private bathroom. In addition to the common time with the family, we had plenty of opportunities to withdraw if we wanted to.
In the orientation program we had a few days after our arrival, we were given impressions of Cape Coast and closer contact with the locals. The friendliness and relaxed mentality described, we got to know directly in our first few days in Ghana.
We were allowed to make suggestions and ask questions during the visit and observe. Many doctors who work there have recently finished studying and therefore also very young; and on weekends we would have a drink or learn to cook Ghanaian dinners. All in all, the internship really was a lot of fun and we have learned and seen a lot.



Susanne & Kathi, Teaching Internship in Tamra

A bit of adventure, coupled with a pinch of wanderlust and a good portion of Motivation - these were our motives for a two-month deployment in an elementary school in the Arab village of Tamra Dal in Israel. We, that is Susanne (21, student) and Kathi (19, high school graduate). With the World Unite "Team Israel", we got to the the airport in Istanbul at end of April. Together, we experienced a great 10 weeks, shared discussions with Israeli security officials at the airport in Tel Aviv, had countless invitations to Arabic coffee (which Susi unfortunately did not like ...), the motivating enthusiasm of the children during the visit and memorable moments while traveling through this exciting country - a plethora of vivid impressions that we will not soon forget. Tamra, influenced by Arab culture, is an incredibly hospitable place, so that we received a lot of warmth from the people. At school, we always felt integrated despite the language barriers of all teachers due to this openness in culture. Also Israel is, despite its difficult political situation, a fascinating country: in everyday life, you hardly notice the tensions; but above all, the great landscapes (from beaches to green lakes and mountains, to deserts - on camels, in 6 hours, you can reach everything) and the friendliness of the people, are for us enough reasons to come back again!

Nathalie, Teaching in Tamra

During the six weeks in Tamra, I stayed in the lovely house of Khaled and Aisha Khatib. They treated us like we were their own childeren. Thanks to their special care, I had an awesome and very interesting internship in Tamra. Khaled and Aisha openend our eyes in many ways. They encouraged us to talk to the people in Tamra, to go the beach, to Jerusalem… They really wanted for us to have a meaningful internship and they wanted us to see all the sides of Israël.
The people in Tamra were very kind. When we walked in the streets, they always asked us a lot of questions, because they were curious. They also invited us many times to their houses to drink some coffee. The people in Tamra were so friendly!
I have spend a lot of hours in the Al Mutanabbi school. This is the school where I completed my internship, together with Joachim and Gerlinde. On Sundays, we taught English to the pupils from grade seven, eight and nine. During the other days of the week, we arranged some workshops to help the pupils to improve their English. We had such a great time in the Al Mutanabbi school. The pupils and the teachers were extremely friendly! It was a very nice experience to compare the way teachers teach in Israel to the way we teach in Belgium. I have learned a lot from this internschip in this school. It made me become a better teacher.
Aisha also gave us the opportunity to help her with her clay courses. She gives two times in a week clay courses to people who are disabbled. This was also a interesting experience, because it gave me an idea of how the people in Israel deal with people who are dissabled. It was so nice to see how sweet these boys are. They loved the fact that Aisha made things in clay with them. I had so much fun during these clay courses!
My internship in Tamra was beyond awesome! Thanks to the lovely caring of Aisha and Khaled! I would recommand everybody to come to Tamra. It really opens your eyes and it makes you become a more humble person, with both feet on the ground.

Christina, School for Environmental Awareness, Tamra/Israel

Hi Nicole, I am very well, although I was a little sad to have to go home after two weeks again. Tamra is really a wonderful place, especially the people are so friendly and open to foreigners. These were wonderful two weeks. Thank you very much again. Greetings Christina

Irina, Teaching in Tamra

I am back in Germany, but at the moment, having a little trouble settling here. This feeling I do not even know. Unfortunately, I'm also a little cold - this complicates things!!! First, however, I would like to thank you and your organization for these great 5 weeks!!! It really was well planned - it was just perfect. Aisha and Khaled are just great and I felt super comfortable!!! And definitely, it was not the last time I go there!!! The school - was just great!!! Thank you so much for everything!!! All the best and thanks again,
Irina :-)

Fauve, Teaching Internship in Tamra

Dear Aisha and Khaled, it's so nice to hear from you so soon! I've had a hard time adapting myself again to European standards. I miss the 'marhaba's' in the street, the people, our home and you of course! When I got home all my friends and family wanted to know how Tamra was and I can assure you, they are really enthusiastic to visit this wonderful village too, after hearing all my stories. Tamra was my first experience with the 'Arabic world' and I must say that it was so incredibly wonderful, I'll always remember this place! By being in Israel and Tamra, I may now be able to clear out prejudices certain people in my life have about the Arabs. They still think that the Arabic/Islamic world is a mysterious one, like a closed oister. I've experienced it as a very warm, welcoming and open culture but that's something you've heard probably a thousand times before.

There are not many things I'd change. Aisha told us that you were busy writing your biography (which I would like to read!) and she was busy with the agricultural school and the exposition of her pottery (wish I could attend it and watch Aisha's wonderful work!) so we completely understand the fact that we didn't see you that often. But I must say, every time we met, it was a pleasure. I'll especially miss the little conversations with Aisha, I really enjoyed those! I told my mother everything about you two and she would love to meet you one day. Furthermore, Al-Bayan was a wonderful school and certain teachers have become some sort of a 'family'. They took great care of us (just like you did!) and helped us with almost everything! We felt like kings and queens! Furthermore I can only praise you, the people and Tamra itself for being so welcoming and kind to us. I'd never expected to feel so 'at home' in a totally different culture! I'm already saving some money with the others of the group to buy a ticket to come back to Tamra as soon as we can, because believe it or not, only after one month it started feeling like a second home. Hope hearing from you soon, lots of love, Fauve

Bryan, Teaching Internship in Tamra

Dear Khaled, I hope you are doing fine there in Tamra. In the meanwhile we are living our Belgian lives again in our individualistic Belgian society. I must tell you that I miss Tamra. Only when you are back in Belgium, you know what you are missing. The hospitality, warmness and friendliness of the people in Tamra really touched me. It's something you can barely find here in Belgium. Everything about the people in Tamra is so pure, so natural. The things they say, do, feel are sincere and honest. In comparison to Belgium, where a lot of people are backstabbing each other and where people aren't that welcoming, Tamra is a nice place to live. Last but not least I want to thank you and Aisha for letting us stay in your house, the nice talks and the welcoming feeling you gave us. You will always be in my heart. Keep in touch. Kind regards, Bryan

Heidi, Teaching Internship in Tamra

Hey Khaled, I was sorry for the late reaction I was busy... I think Tamra was a wonderful experience with great people. Personally, I don’t think the internship needs much of improvement. Maybe a little bit structure in the expectations of the school. But I never have felt more welcome in a school than in Al-Bayan. The teachers where extraordinary people. Now I’m home, I think about my journey every day. I have learned a lot in those weeks I was there. The people in Tamra is a society as it should be. Everybody tries to help everybody and is kind to each other. The only thing left for me to say is: thank you. It has been amazing. Kind regards, Heidi

Maria, Help with homework in Tamra

I felt completely well taken care of locally and had a great understanding with Aisha and Khaled. The lunch in the Noweidia was very good, otherwise I cooked for myself and Aisha and Khaled have welcomed me warmly.

Denise, Kindergarten in Tamra

The local support was particularly positive as I could contact anyone at any time and I followed all the advice and assistance of ALL the pages! I also liked the property of Khaled and Aisha, as they took care of me right from the beginning and especially the food was great:-)


Vanessa, UAFT Women's Group

Dear team of World Unite!,
thank you very much for making my internship at the UAF in Tangier, Morocco possible.
The experiences I made within my 4 weeks are invaluable and I will always remember. Besides the knowledge that I can use and expand upon for my university studies, it was particularly the open-heartedness and friendliness of the Moroccans that made my stay a wonderful experience. The same can be said about the team members of World Unite, about the UAF and about many other people that I got to know during my trip. I find it remarkable with how much interest, hospitality and thankfulness I was received by UAF and by all other people!
The apartment in the Iberia area was located very centrally, and was still cosy and quiet!
Tangier is a very beautiful and multifacetted city where you will never feel bored.
Thanks a lot and keep on doing your great work,

Carolin, La Creche de Tanger

Dear Fenna,
now I'm back in Germany for almost one week and I still miss Tanger. Every minute of the three weeks have been a great experience I don't want to miss.
The work in la crèche is so different from the work in similar assoziations in Germany and if you are used to work in another way it is always hard to get used to something quite different. But all in all I loved the work and the children and even the staff and I would really like to go there again.
Amira is a really good local coordinator. She showed me a lot in Tanger and always took the time to help with everything. If I called or texted her I didn't have to wait a long time for an answer. She managed everything quickly. Furthermore she is a nice person you can trust and like to be with.
I didn't take many pictures because I wanted to enjoy the time in Tanger and save the pictures in my head.
Kind regards and thanks for the coordination

Miriam, UAFT Women's Group

The Moroccan culture is very different and my intention was to get to know it in depth when I decided that this summer, I would not just backpack through a foreign country, but travel to Morocco a second time with a friend; only this time in a different context - one week "Voluntourism" with World Unite!.
What would this mean exactly, I did not realize at that moment. We had the opportunity to collaborate for five days in a Moroccan women's organization. What can you ask for in such a short time? Are we not rather an additional load than a support for the organization? Can we ever be of help as a tourist? We had read up on the theme "Tourism and Help" and relatively quickly strayed from the idea that we could actually help in any way. There's a great quote from Gandhi, that surmises our attitude to this way of traveling: "If you want to learn, you're welcome. If you want to help, then stay." With that thought, we could leave to our destination in good conscience.
The week in Tangier ultimately was unforgettable. We moved into a neighborhood where we probably would have never landed as a normal tourist. We stayed with the children of the neighborhood, for whom we offered a recreational program with different games and craft activities every afternoon - so beautiful and funny moments. And we had interesting talks with the two women in charge of "feminine Union de l'action", through which we have gotten to know a completely different perspective on the Moroccan society compared to our own culture.
I would recommend the "Voluntourism" offer of World Unite! to anyone. But I am convinced that the approach to the matter is crucial: we as tourists are consumers of new impressions, unique experiences, foreign culture and fascinating pictures, and what we leave behind after our return is very small in contrast to what we take.

Adnan (London), Dragon Tanger Jugendclub

My experience in Morocco working with Dragon Tanger was great. I have to admit there was a language barrier as I could only speak English, but everyone on the team knew enough English to get by. I was greeted like a member of the team and felt right at home. Dragon Tanger has a variety of fields to work in such as working on their documentary for their youtube channel, working on their video game or working on the manga comic are just a few of them. Personally I chose to help film the documentary and design the concept arts for the video game which I am still working on now at home in England. While I was in Morocco I had the opportunity to learn a little Arabic (Moroccan), have great fun working for the team and make new friends. Outside of work time the team took me to some traditional Moroccan cafés and gave me a tour of the beautiful city of Tanger where I got to see some of the most breath taking sites. This has been a great experience for me and I would definitely recommend it to anyone.
I thank you deeply for the opportunity.
Kind regards,

Isabel, Work with the deaf in Morocco

Hallo Chris!
In any case, it was a great experience to live in Morocco and to work and live with Fenna was great! I've always felt well taken care of, so THANK YOU for everything and the good organization on your part! I would like to write a report or comment, I just do not know exactly when I can do that in time. Fenna took very good care of me, told me a lot and helped without me feeling patronized. I am trying to contact Austrian organizations to establish connections with World Unite and will recommend you 100%.

Susanne, French Teaching at UAFT Women's Group

Hallo Mr. Engler,
I returned earlier this week from my stay in Tangier, where I taught French for adults and children for 2 weeks at the organization "Union de l'action féminine". The young and older people with whom I have worked, everyone was grateful and motivated - it only happens rarely as a teacher in Germany.
I want to congratulate you on your two excellent staff, Fenna and Sula. The two are very knowledgeable and absolutely appropriately selected for your respective activities. I spent 2 unforgettable weeks with them.
Volunteering has given me so much that I still want to do more volunteering in your organization in any case. Since I myself have 2 small children, I plan to do more short-term projects. I had very intensively occupied myself with the theme "Tourism and Help" by World Unite!, because I am also a teacher of geography. In addition, many of my students do similar services abroad after graduation. Among all the many vendors World Unite! was to me, the most convincing, especially because of the very good website.
I look forward to my next assignment ...
Yours sincerely,
Susanne S.

Dr. Isabel Zorn, Computer Teaching at UAFT Women's Group

It was a great stay! I enjoyed the work and the apartment very much! It was a great and inspiring time and I'm grateful to my students at the university and to others. Thanks to Fenna and her mother for all the help. Mr. Engler - I was really impressed by your great organization!
I was so happy to go to Zanzibar, but I now have a few other things in the way, so I'll leave this open for the future.
All the best for your business!
Dr. Isabel Zorn, University of Hamburg, Professor of Media Education

Katie (USA), French Learning and Volunteering in Morocco

My French tutor and volunteer placement were excellent and very flexible. I absolutely recommend Kadija and her husband (tutor) to future language learners. I was thankful to World Unite! for providing me housing at the last minute as well.
I really believe in the concept of World Unite! and would recommend friends to the organization. There are many volunteer organizations, but I found the logistics with World Unite! to be hassle-free and the placements from what I saw did a great job with matching skills to needs. Not all organizations do this quickly and in such an organized fashion.

Katharina, Creche in Morocco

Tangier was a really great experience that I will by no means forget and would not want to miss. I was accepted by the great women of La Creche and I felt very comfortable. It was especially great that I was invited to the slaughter (Eid) eating along with them and celebrate a little. A great insight into the Moroccan life.
Tangier is also a wonderful city in which I felt good absolutely, as a woman alone. :) I went for a walk every day during my lunch break, I let myself drift and enjoyed the many winding streets and flair. Of course, I experienced a few incidents that some female tourists face, but none was pushy.
Apart from Tangier, I have made some trips on the weekends, for example, to Asilah, Chefchaouen and Tetouan, and at the end of my stay, a larger trip to Meknes, Moulay Idriss, Volubilis and Fez, all great places, each with its own charm :)
I liked the local support by Fenna and World Unite; Fenna is a very nice woman and the apartment is beautiful and functional rather :) with a bit of decor, but also furnished in a homely manner.
I felt very well and would travel with World Unite! again any time and volunteer - a great experience that I would not want to give up .

Nabila, Children's Theater and Manga in Dragon Tangier

I think Fenna is very good at her work, since she has always shown an understanding of any difficulties. It was also commendable to identify possibilities and solutions when something did not go according to my imagination. During my stay, I felt after only a few days, thanks to her, very accepted and safe; she took pains to establish the best conditions for me (to gain contact with the person in charge of the institution concerned).
I try to bring German and Moroccan manga fans in touch with the Dragon. I do this by using websites and the "hiring" of friends for any reports of the Dragon that can be sent to online TV channels. I also do a lot of word of mouth for World Unite! and the Dragon in the hope that more volunteers can contribute their ideas there.

Study tour in Morocco, 10 students of "Arbeitserziehung"

It was an indescribable experience for us 10. For us it was a very busy week, because the arrival and departure was so long. From home to Tangier 26 hours! We took the bus to Tangier. Although there are some who reached their limits, we would do the same again, as we have seen and experienced during the bus trip so much.
Zohra and her sister Miriam were just great. We could learn a lot about Tangier and also about the political situation in Morocco. Miriam knew at least the children's home in person, as they have already given donations there.
We liked Enfants du Paradis the best. We had the impression that the children are best taken care of there.
We were warmly welcomed by the institutions. In particular, the Brothers of the white cross and Enfants du Paradis have taken a lot of time for us. Unfortunately, there are still no sheltered workshop where candles are made. This is still in the planning stage.
We have taken a lot of photos. We are yet to put them together; I can send it to you once it's done.
So thank you again for the whole organization. Everything worked out wonderfully .
Regards, Susanne

Leah from USA, English Teacher with UAFT

Thank you for allowing me to take part in this opportunity. Overall I really enjoyed the work I did with the organization and the little children were so adorable! I wish your program continued success!

Carmen, Thalesamtane Nationalpark

The three months in Morocco were a uniquely positive and interesting experience that has opened many new directions and goals for the future me for me - both professionally and privately!!
Omar, and especially his wife and all the family took good care of me - it's really wonderful! They received me like family ... All the people I met here in Chaouen are friendly and helpful. I really felt very welcome and comfortable!!

Lara, UAFT Women's Group

I was well taken care of and I always had the feeling that if anything is incorrect, it can be notified and be helped. On the whole, I really enjoyed the stay and I have learned a lot. Unfortunately, I was constantly sick towards the end; I probably caught something there. I can only say that one month is too short and you should go at least 2 months.

Ronja, Sub-Saharan refugees

My five weeks at Tangier were awesome and I did not want to go back! Fenna was super nice and always there for us and to live with her was always very very funny! Zohra was just as nice and helpful, I have noticed that, the second half of my stay.
In Chabaka, all the staff were very friendly, especially Boubker when he sat in front of us grinning and asked/said: " sont tes Quelles idées Il faut bien réfléchir et après, on peut discuter et Decider?! " We sometimes had to be really creative to really have a job. All a worthwhile experience!
With World Unite! I have always felt very well looked after, both before and during my stay in Morocco. I can only recommend everyone to do volunteer work, internships or simply a trip to Morocco, although you risk not wanting to go back!

Stephanie, Internship Sub-Saharan Refugees and Arabic lessons

I have to say overall that I was very surprised how reliable and organized everything was. Especially because I've had ​​in this regard, in other organizations, always a rather bad experience, particularly with the coordination and contact person.

Luke (England), Sub-Sahara-Refugees Morocco

Hi Chris,
I am hoping to return to Tangier again sometime and would most definitely return to World Unite as well as highly recommending it to my friends and others! I had a great time while i was there even on a shorter stay than intended.
Fenna was great and is a true credit to World Unite! She made me feel very comfortable and was always there for support if I ever needed it.

Melanie, Subsahara-Refugees

It was really a nice time for me in Tangier! The organization and management before and during the stay was very straightforward. Extremely fast response time to e-mails! Answering all questions.
Shared Accommodation with Fenna was very, very nice :)  


Johannes, Elective in Navi Mumbai

Especially if you've never been in India, this internship is a good idea. People take you by the hand initially, you meet many nice people and slowly get used to the different culture.
During your planning and while in India, you will mainly talk with Sudipta. Sudipta is really great! Especially if you are in India for the first time, it is very helpful to have her. She is an incredibly dear person, who plans with you, coordinates with the hospital and does all the paperwork with you. She is always there for you and makes you experience the Indian life, including the numerous celebrations such as Independence Day, Raksha Bandhan, etc.
Navi Mumbai itself is a planned city, and therefore not too earth-shattering. But whoever wants to experience Indian life, will still be able to experience enough here. Since it is quite large, with over one million people, one sees everything from incredibly poor to immensely rich. The people are very helpful and during a rickshaw ride or in one of the mini buses, or even just eating food, you get to know many people and will from time to time, get invited to their homes.
Finally, I would like to give two final tips that you should consider when planning. If you have the opportunity, use the time after the project to travel around India. Also, remember that you when you come back, you will experience a culture shock. Allow yourself at least one week break before you continue working again with the university, at the clinic or elsewhere.

Maria (Spain), Mahima International School

Dear Chris and Sudipta, thank you for everything. Sudipta, thank you for all the attention and for being always there when I needed, you were very kind and friendly! Chris thank you for giving to me this opportunity. I enjoyed all the moments I spent in Mumbai. Hugs, María

Mareike, Slum School in Navi Mumbai

I’m living in a flat in Navi Mumbai shared with many Indian girls. Most of them are working or studying. Everybody welcomed me in an open-hearted, kind and helpful way. Since the first day, I have been a part of them and have been feeling very comfortable with my new friends. All of them are curious about me, and I am curious about them, so there is always something to talk about. During my first days in India, Diwali, the festival of lights, was celebrated. Many people decorated their homes with lights, candles and flowers. There were crackers all over the city and people went shopping, had special meals and sweets, and went to the temple to praise Ganesha, the deity most worshipped in Mumbai. Most women were wearing traditional sarees and people enjoyed spending time together. Bombay is a really great place! The city is full of life, colours, noise, different cultures, impressive buildings and busy markets! My work is diverse, as I’m not only helping a family which has adopted many slum children, but I’m also attending children at a slum. There is always something to do and many things to be discovered. Yesterday, we celebrated Children’s Day, which was a joyful day for everyone. I’m enjoying my time and can recommend this experience to everyone!

Katharina, Psychology Internship, Cochin

I feel very comfortable here, I'm fascinated by the cultural subtleties that you will notice by the conversations, and appreciate Dr. Singh professionally and personally very much. I was invited twice to the Singh home and have stayed there and I felt totally comfortable. Tonight, they visit me in the Homestay and we go to eat. He and his wife are really nice people.

Mathilde, World Learner Kathakali in Cochin

During 2 weeks I took lessons in kathakali make-up every morning. The afternoons I had to discover the surroundings. During the first week, I got familiarized with the make-up technique and in the second week I learned one different make-up per day. I also learned how to make different colors with mineral pigments. And how to use the glue made from rice mix. In the evening, I have seen kathakali shows. It's really interesting to see the actors making themselves up, and the complete transformation on the stage during the show. The Kerala kathakali center was like a second home. Everybody is so welcoming.
Staying at Antonio's homestay is really nice. The people are so kind, nice room, and perfect breakfast! It was a pleasure to be there.
Kind regards,

Isabella, Psychology Internship in Navi Mumbai

A month ago, I ended up back at home in Austria, but unlike before, I came home with a thousand impressions and great experiences.
On February 1, my friends and I flew for Navi Mumbai in India, with the goal to learn a lot. We spent four weeks at Navi Mumbai, a part of Mumbai from where it took more than one hour by bus to the hospital in Kamothe. I did not feel the bus ride to be a nuisance, but always found it exciting to drive through the city to observe people and see many spectacular things. In the hospital, we were very kindly received by all, we were able to work with almost all psychologists and psychiatrists and could see the different treatments. However, often there were no patients and we could (which was not to our disadvantage), leave early. We then drove very often to Old Mumbai and looked at the various things, such as the Gateway of India and Taj Mahal Hotel. Through our daily visit to the hospital, we got to meet many people and connected with the students and formed good friendships. Sometimes, we also traveled with them and they showed us a whole new impressions of India. After our internship, we were very excited to plan our travel, since the decision was quite difficult. We decided to go to Hampi and Gokarna, which was definitely the right decision. In Hampi, we admired many temples and great waterfalls, went through banana fields and jumped from a 7-meter cliff. There were unforgettable moments in Hampi but also in Gokarna, where we simply marveled at the beautiful Indian beaches and spent the whole day on the beach and in the sea. We were very sad about our departure from India because there was so much more to see, but also looking forward to going back to our families and friends back home. However, it was a great experience that I would recommend and I am sure I will go again to India.

Corinna, Hellen Keller

I found the time at Helen Keller very useful, it was an eventful period in which I got to know a lot about the country and its people, as well as a lot about myself. Dealing with deaf and deaf-blind kids made me believe that everyone should make a social commitment in order to make at least a small step towards a better world.

Stefanie, English Lessons in Navi Mumbai

In Gettha, the English teacher, I found a very competent partner; we became friends, I spent time with her family and experienced a lot of fun activities with them. I also learned a lot from her and her husband about the country, people and culture and I, of course have improved in my English grammar.

Heidi, Sambhali Trust Jodhpur

It was a great time, I would never want to miss in life. My horizons have expanded!!!! I have to still contact some Indians, who I met outside of Sambhali. This year I look for a new job!! I think in Nepal!!! Let's see???!!!
I thank you for everything!!! Kind regards, HEIDI

Katja, Sambhali Trust, Jodhpur

I want to thank you again thank you for your good offer! (I was a special case, found myself already in India through another organization and since everything went wrong....) Thanks to your quick help, my internship in India could still be great and useful. :-)

Jule, Sambhali Trust, Jodhpur

My time in Jodhpur was great. I had a lot of fun in my projects and I have experienced a lot.

Marcel, Teaching in the Himalayas

Namaste Vikas,
I am writing to you to thank you again for the wonderful time in India that you helped to organise. It was really an extraordinary experience for me on all accounts. The people at the camp were really amazing (Please give a big THANK YOU to Mr. Jeevan!), and so were the children and teachers at school. As you know I left the camp a week earlier because I had already completed the amount of time of work (120 hours) which are mandatory for an internship at my university. Mr. Negi from the GPS Chola agreed to give me credit for the full 6 weeks, so that I could use my last week to travel around a little. I then had a good time visiting Amritsar, Haridwar and Rishikesh.
All the best and phir melenge, Marcel

Ahmarin, Psychology Internship, Navi Mumbai

The Academy for Counseling and Education has been a rewarding experience in many ways. Meeting the counselors and getting the chance to talk to the parents of the children who come for help has really helped me understand learning disabilities (e.g. why they exist, and the things we can do to help) and the impact it has on families and education.
I am extremely thankful to ACE for giving me the opportunity to learn and simultaneously work on my project while I was there. I believe I was able to accomplish more than I could have possibly imagined in a month and a half.


Tobias and Jan, hotel internship in Beijing

We have been working for 3 (Tobias) and 5 (Jan) months at the Marriott Beijing City Wall Hotel in China. After just a few weeks here, I can already say that we were able to get actively involved into the work routines at our respective departments at the hotel. When it comes to the services offered by World Unite!, there is absolutely nothing to complain about! From the first contact until our arrival to China, we have always felt well taken care of. Questions and inquiries were always answered immediately. The cultural preparation of World Unite! helped us to avoid a culture shock and we feel that people here are trying to fulfill our every wish and treat us very courteously! Our internship is in the areas Hotel Management and Hotel Supervision and we are working in Front Office as well as in the hotel’s restaurant. For this job, you need to be physically fit, since the position does not only require a sense of responsibility but also physical effort. Our internship focus is on customer support and competency development of the hotel staff, implementation of certain service standards and the improvement of the staff’s English language skills. The advantages of living and working in a hotel of such standard are obvious, for instance the excellent catering! During our work, we meet lots of interesting people from all over the world and with many of them we have already become good friends during our first weeks here. Thus, after our shifts end, we enjoy the pleasant international after hours in this breathtaking capital. From taxi drivers through to business men and globetrotter, you can meet almost any type of person from different countries here. An internship with World Unite! therefore does not only provide intercultural experience abroad but also your own personal round-the-world trip. Tobias & Jan


Milan und Nora, Hotelpraktikum in Fuzhou

We have completed a 3 months' hotel internship in the city of Fuzhou, China. Right from the beginning, World Unite! supported us very much and helped us to get in touch with several hotels to find a suitable option for our placement. In the end, they made it even possible to place us as at the same hotel together as a couple.
We would not want to change this experience for anything in the world, as for both of us it was the first time to live on our own, it was the first time for us to be at a real workplace - and all of this in a foreign country. This experience made us personally grow a lot.
Thanks to World Unite, we got the opportunity to work at the well known and prestigious Group of Intercontinental Hotels.
We enjoyed our time in China very much and we will certainly fly to Fuzhou again to visit our new friends. We both agree that the three months have transformed us into more open-minded and more patient people and gave us the opportunity to get to know a new country and its culture.
We would like to thank World Unite! for their support and that we could contact them for any questions, no matter how strange they might have sounded. We always received help and detailed explanations, so that we never felt left alone.
Best regards,
Milan and Nora from Germany

Tanja, hotel internship in Jiangmen

I have been staying in China since middle of April and I'm absolutely satisfied and happy to have decided to work for half a year as a management trainee at a 5 star hotel. Big thanks goes to World Unite who have made this possible for me and who have helped me with the visa application and have answered all my questions when preparing. After several years as a chemical laboratory technician and having studied Business Administration with a focus on tourism and event management, I wanted some professional reorientation. As a career changer, the management trainee program is a very good choice to get into the hotel and tourism industry and to gain practical experience. I like it very much and the training scheme which is well structured offers me the opportunity to gain interesting insights into various departments such as Food & Beverage and Housekeeping. I'm primarily at the Front Office and Guest Service Department, interacting with the guests, assisting them with inquires. I'm writing monthly reports about Guest Satisfaction and am doing statistics, which are exciting tasks. My colleagues have integrated me into their team in a very friendly way and are very helpful, making me feel very well from the first moment. Jiangmen is not a city with a lot of tourism and with 4-5 Million people it is a rather small city (at least for China) with primarily business travellers. The atmosphere is very relaxed and on my days off I can do excursions to the environments, can stroll through the colourful markets and parks, or enjoy the Chinese cuisine. A very big thanks again for this unforgettable time and experience. Very warm regards, Tanja


Eva, Teaching in León

I have lived now for almost two months here in Leon, a charming town in the west of Nicaragua. I am very well settled and got used to the mentality of the Nicas. Together with two other volunteers, I live with a host family, a wonderful one that cares and where the fun never ends. In my project called "Barrilete", I teach preschool children aged three to six years in the mornings and also offer afternoon dance classes for the older children. It gives me joy to see that my help is really needed here and that I can conjure up a smile on the children's faces. I thank World Unite! for allowing me this time and looking after me so well! Love, Eva

Matthew, Community-Kindergarten in León

I spent two weeks volunteering at a community kindergarten in Leon Nicaragua. It was a very rewarding experience, added a lot of perspective to my own life. The children at the kindergarten were a lot of fun and Leon is a great city with so much to do and see. The people at World Unite! were very helpful and helped me get adjusted to living in Leon. If I had the chance, I would definitely go again.

Eva and Mona, Children in difficult circumstances

We come from Austria and study elementary school teaching in Vienna, so we chose the children's project in Tamarindo (a small village near León). Here, we work with children between 6 and 12 years of age who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. We assist them in doing the homework and also teach Maths, English or Spanish. The work of the project exceeds all our expectations. We really feel like we make a difference and are a support to the children; we also get an insane amount back from the children. We are both very well in Nicaragua and in Tamarindo and enjoy the time to the fullest, even if the culture shock occurs and it is not the coolest of locations to be in. It is always a great experience for us and nothing compares to it!

Anais, Spanish Learning in León

The hospitality of the Nicas is incredibly warm and they are willing to help in any issue. I was very lucky with my Spanish teacher, Hortencia, as it was comfortable between her and me, from the start. She immediately understood what I wanted to learn and teaching sort of went smoothly. I will certainly remain in touch with my Spanish teacher and recommend it (and also to find work there). My host family was great and I often sat with them to chat. The location and rooms are great, though, compared to other options, rather in the upper price range. The roommates were very nice, but we had an increase of Nicaraguan students who were rather noisy. (But that's also a part of Nicaragua...) One makes friends very quickly with other foreigners, but as a woman, one is considered among the same age Nicaraguans mainly as a competitor and Nicaraguans (same age) are often very disrespectful towards women; it has made it difficult to find Nicaraguan friends. However, I had a very nice time with my host family and Hortencia and her family!

Melanie, Kindergarten and Language Learning

I can only say again, I enjoyed my stay very much and it was all just as I imagined it. There was always plenty to do, learn with the work, Spanish and doing pilates. So I was definitely not bored. This weekend I'm still trying to make a couple of trips. So everything was great. Keep it up! Much love and all the best wishes to you, Melanie


Josephine, Hogar de Suenos

I like Cochabamba very much. I like my project, I usually help the children with their English homework or play with them. In addition, the shared accommodation life in Marcelo's house is great! Mauge is a perfect contact. I suppose in their Spanish language school hours, there are always various activities organized, such as last Tuesday Tacos Night. We have together (students and teachers of the school) made ​​tacos, eaten them and then played various games. With my boyfriend and his friends, we often take trips on weekends, for instance to Tunari and today, we travel to Chapare. Too bad I'm only here for a week! But then I travel with my friend to Sucre, Potosi and the Salar de Uyuni and from there on to Santiago de Chile. Then we fly to La Paz, from where I then fly back to Berlin. Lots of love, Josephine

Anja, Yo voy a tí

Hi Nicole, Thanks for your efforts. I'm doing great, now that I've settled in well, I know the city and I have met many people. The atmosphere at Yo voy a ti is really great, so that you feel comfortable right away. It feels really good to know that World Unite! always care about our well-being, which is in many other organizations, certainly not self-evident. Greetings, Anja

Carolin, Huancarani

Hi Nicole, I am back from Cochabamba after 2 months. It was an amazing time and I was also very influenced myself. I have seen much of Bolivia by the travel and know that I will eventually come back. In particular, the work with the children in Huancarani was incredibly enriching and beautiful. In this aspect, I thank the World Unite! team for teaching me and making this experience possible. Best wishes, Carolin


Martin, Environmental Internship

Hi Kristina, first of all, my utmost respect to your great organization for placements abroad. I have always felt very cared for. Introduction, accommodation and assistance with everyday problems was planned excellently - I was made to feel "completely carefree";-) ... always good advice and support. Special thanks to Adriana, my great help in Cochabamba - please shower praise :-) Best regards and thanks to the great organization for my stay abroad, Martin <

Corina, Volunteer in Psychomotor

The mediation was very quick and the mail contact with Chris WU always occurred immediately. The supervisor Adriana was always on site, accessible and helpful in establishing contacts with the job. Thanks again for everything, especially the organization and accessibility at any time by Adriana in Cochabamba. I traveled about 4 weeks and then, left Bolivia. A beautiful country with very nice people.

Feedback by Organizations:


See Testimonials

oliva goodhopeOliva, Founder and Director of Good Hope, Moshi (Tanzania)
I am very grateful to World Unite! because it has assisted me to make my wish and idea a reality. World Unite! has assisted Good hope to make a better structure of work and formulate the constitution and products that we sell and help the women and children.
And through the contribution we have been receiving from World Unite! we have been able to carry on our outreach program; there are families that need us to visit them on daily basis as there are people who cannot move and they need someone to assist them daily. We have been using the contribution to buy medicine and food for such families; four of the students are being sponsored with the former volunteers of World Unite! to get better education to attend a boarding school.

Minjeni RomanaMama Romana Olomi of Minjeni women's group, Moshi (Tanzania)
We are very grateful to World Unite! for bringing us volunteers. I am very satisfied with the volunteers from World Unite! and what World Unite! does in general. One of the volunteer from World Unite! formed something called Minjeni Day where tourists or any person interested can spend a day at Minjeni participating in different activities. Minjeni helps the volunteers or interns to fulfill their objectives and at the same time Minjeni gains their knowledge and skills. Volunteers have tried to give individual support to the community.
World Unite is really uniting the World!

Luke Bennet, Director of Upendo Artist Association, Moshi (Tanzania)

Dear Chris,
I hope that you're well and continue on with the amazing work that World Unite! is achieving.
This is Luke the director of Upendo artist association. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your continuing partnership with supplying volunteers to Upendo. I am currently in Tanzania and had the chance to work with the most recent volunteers that World Unite! provided to Upendo, their names were Marcus and Miriam. They were absolutely amazing. I can't thank them enough for their effort and time they gave to Upendo, fantastic people to have at Upendo and I thank you for supplying us with such wonderful people, not only just Marcus and Mariam, all volunteers through World Unite! are so dedicated to help and work with Upendo.
I also had a wonderful catch up with Adelina [our coordinator in Moshi], she is a great person, I really enjoyed my time talking with her and I am hoping to meet with Miriam in the coming days along with Adelina to discuss about the Upendo women's empowerment program to hopefully have the volunteers also get involved working with our women's group.
Thank you so much for your time and again a huge thank you for the amazing volunteers supplied to Upendo artist association, we couldn't do what we do without them.
Kind regards,
Luke Bennett
President, Upendo

Dr. Greg Higgins, Kilimanjaro Orphanage
Thank you again for the good work that World Unite does. Of all of the organizations that were working here when I came, yours is the only one that has survived and is still in the trenches doing the hard work that volunteers do. That is remarkable in and of itself and it speaks to the fact that your group has integrity and tenacity.
I mean every word. The newer agencies that are sending volunteers seem to be ''for profit'' groups in many cases and we hate to see young volunteers being exploited.  
Best wishes for your ongoing work. It is greatly appreciated by us.

auslandszeitFrank Möller, Initiative Auslandszeit, Germany
First of all: thanks for the really very enlightening insights into your projects in Zanzibar - me and my partner were really impressed to see the sustainably initiated projects and how you give your volunteers really relevant work at hand. Here, I have also seen quite frankly completely different approaches ...
Even with Josh & Suma we had an absolute stroke of luck, because both were not only very professional, but also very nice and helpful to us and gave us deep insights into the project and also very exciting insights into the island - great!
Short and sweet: really very happy and also helped me to get to know your projects in detail.

Best regards and have a nice weekend
Frank Möller

Christopher Sturm, Fort Irwin Park University (Student Group on special program in Morocco)

Apologies for the delayed response. Everything was great from our perspective and I won’t hesitate to work with World Unite! again.
In fact, we run similar programs in Tanzania (this year we were in Dar, Moshi, Moduli and in previous years Zanzibar). Maybe in the future we can look to collaborate on something Tanzania as well…
Thanks again!
- Chris

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