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English language lessons in Jaipur, India

In Jaipur, India, we offer English language lessons. You can choose between several courses including General English, Essay Writing and Business Writing English, Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS, and English Soft Skills in combination with Yoga. You can also combine English language lessons with a volunteer assignment.

Learning English in India

In Jaipur/India, we offer English as one-to-one lessons for different needs and interests. All lessons can be specifically tailored to your level and interests. The teachers all have an Indian degree as an English teacher or TEFL certification.
Classes usually take place in our office in Jaipur from Monday to Friday, but can also be held on weekends and at other locations, at the request of the student. Classes are available throughout the year on any date except for Indian public holidays. Teaching materials are included in the course fees.
At the end of the course, the student receives a certificate confirming the duration and content of the course.
You can separately book accommodation in our shared apartment or with host families. You can also do volunteer work in Jaipur in addition to English lessons (see details below).
If several participants book together and have a comparable level and similar interests, they can also take the lessons together, but the prices per person do not change.

English Language Lessons

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You can choose from the following courses:
General English
You can decide whether you take lessons three times or five times per week for 120 minutes each. The course is aimed at language students who have a current English level ranging between A1 (beginner) and C1 (advanced) and who want to improve their knowledge of grammar, vocabulary, reading, speaking, writing and/or listening skills. Since these are one-to-one lessons, they can be tailored to your needs and interests.
3 times a week:
2 weeks (minimum duration): 300 EUR
Each additional week: 100 EUR
5 times a week:
2 weeks (minimum duration): 380 EUR
Each additional week: 130 EUR
Essay Writing and Business Writing English
This special course is held three times a week for 120 minutes each and aims to improve your writing skills in written Business English as well as Academic English. It is aimed at participants who already have a level between B1 (intermediate) and C2 (near native level).
2 weeks (minimum duration): 380 EUR
Each additional week: 130 EUR
Preparation for TOEFL / IELTS
This special course prepares you 5 times a week for 120 minutes each to successfully pass the TOEFL or IELTS test, which is usually required from non-native English-speaking students for university studies in English-speaking countries. The course is designed for participants who already range between Level B2 (upper intermediate) to C2 (near native level).
2 weeks (minimum duration): 450 EUR
Each additional week: 150 EUR
English Soft Skills & Yoga
This special course combines English lessons for 120 minutes three times a week and yoga for 120 minutes twice a week.
The content of the language course can include public speaking, resume/CV and letter of motivation writing, business etiquette, business writing skills, negotiation techniques, time management and more. You can define your priorities. The course is designed for participants who already have Level B1 (intermediate) to C2 (near native level).
2 weeks (minimum duration): 450 EUR
Each additional week: 150 EUR


At the 4-share dorm room of our shared apartment in Jaipur OR with host family (sharing twin or triple room):
For 2 weeks: 200 EUR
Any additional week: 70 EUR/Week
With host family (Single room):
For 2 weeks: 300 EUR
Any additional week: 100 EUR/Week
Single room at Guest House:
For 2 weeks: 380 EUR
Any additional week: 190 EUR/Week
For all accommodation options, the rates include full board (Indian food, 3 meals per day), airport transfers on arrival and departure in Jaipur, a local coordinator, and 24 hour emergency assistance.


Besides attending your English language lessons, you can make good use of your time in Jaipur by doing volunteer work. Possible volunteering activites include Teaching at a Community School for Children and Adolescents, Special Education, Construction & Renovation, Women's Empowerment, Animal Shelter, Sports (Hockey, Cricket, Football, Badminton, Basketball, Tennis, Athletics), Social Work, and Nursing & Healthcare.
One of our team members will introduce you to the volunteer project activity and support you.
Surcharge for volunteering in Jaipur (in addition to language lessons):
2 weeks: 150 EUR
Each additional week: 50 EUR
Info Box

Location: Jaipur, India
Availability: all around the year
Minimum duration: 2 Weeks
Language required:
See required levels of English in text above
Shared apartment, host family

Rates: See text above


Accommodation in Jaipur



Shared serviced apartment in Jaipur

The shared serviced apartment in Jaipur is located in a 4 storey residential building in a residential area of good standards, in walking distance from shopping malls, parks, and public transport.
A maximum of 12 participants are sharing the apartment, staying at shared rooms (4-share), which are separated by gender. The apartment furthermore has 2 bathrooms with a hot and cold shower, a kitchen, a communal space with fridge and cable TV, a balcony, and a rooftop. There is free Wifi.
There are 2 rooms with air conditioning and one without. There is an extra charge for the rooms with air conditioning. Temperatures in Jaipur are high between March and October.
3 Indian meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) are served at the house and are included in the rent. At least once per week an activity is offered  to our participants in Jaipur at no extra cost, such as Indian dance, cooking lessons, Yoga, or Hindi lessons. The house manager Pooja (who on the pictures is wearing a yellow t-shirt) also stays at the apartment and is your contact person.

Host Family in Jaipur

You will staying with an Indian host family who will serve you 3 meals per day. You will share your room either with another participant of the same gender or, in case of younger participants, share with a teenage child of your host family ("Host brother"/"host sister"). Single room accommodation is possible at a little extra. Staying with a host family, you can also join at least once per week an activity such as Indian dance, cooking lessons, Yoga, or Hindi lessons, at no extra charge.


Rajasthan - The Land of the Kings

Rajasthan is located in the North-West of India and means "Land of the Kings". More than 2500 years ago, tribes built cities, and kingdoms were formed, which existed until the British colonial time in the 19th century. The largest state of India, in terms of area, is determined by the landscapes of the Thar Desert and the Aravalli Range, which are rich in forts and palaces of the Rajput kings. Due to its natural beauty and cultural heritage, Rajasthan is today, one of India's most popular travel destinations. Jaipur is part of the so-called "Golden Triangle", consisting of the cities of Agra (Taj Mahal), Delhi and Jaipur, which is part of every round trip in northern India.
Jaipur is known as the "Pink City" due to the dominant color of its buildings. The 3 million-people city has numerous forts, palaces and temples. Jaipur is also known for its jewelry industry. More than 14,000 people produce jewelery made of metal, stone and rubber lacquer, typically at small backyard workshops, which are sold all over the world.
Jodhpur is called the "blue city" due to the colour of its houses. The city is overlooked by the mighty Meherangarh Fort. There is also a university in Jodhpur.
Setrawa is a village in the Thar desert, located around 100 km north of Jodhpur. A problem in Rajasthan is the scarcity of water. In the Thar desert, the only annual rains pour down in the form of heavy thunderstorms during the months of July to September, when temperatures normally go up to 50 degree Celsius. Traditionally, the water of these hot summer months are stored in ponds that are the shape of a half moon, called Johad. In the patriarchal society of the rural regions, women are denied access to education and social life.

Our Coordinator in Rajasthan

In Jaipur, Hasmik with her team will welcome you and provide support for you. In Jodphur and Setrawa our coordinator is Govind from Sambhali Trust.

Recreational Activities in Rajasthan

Jaipur and Jodhpur can count with a large number of forts, palaces, temples, historical and natural history museums, and gardens and parks that you can visit. At both cities you can also take part in yoga classes, cooking lessons, Indian dance session, and join other cultural activities.
It is of course also recommended to travel around other parts of Rajasthan.

Music Video with the girls of Sambhali Trust in Jodhpur

In this music video, shot on the streets of Jodhpur, the girls of Sambhali Trust (with whom we arrange volunteering) sing and play. It communicates very well the mood of the city of Jodhpur!

Video of Setrawa/Sambhali Trust

Karina and Kerry, volunteers from South Africa, speak about their experience in the school of Sambhali Trust in the desert village of Setrawa. They also tell about life in the village.

Getting To Jaipur, Jodhpur and Setrawa

india map
Jaipur: Jaipur has a large international airport. It is best if you book your flight directly there. From Jaipur Airport (JAI) our local team will pick you up and bring you to your accommodation in Jaipur.
Jodhpur: You book a flight to Jodhpur (JDH) where you will be picked up from the airport by our local team and taken to your accommodation in Jodhpur.
Setrawa: You will book a flight to Jodhpur (JDH) where you will be picked up from the airport by our local team. You willI spend the first 1-2 days in Jodhpur, where you get an introduction and will then be driven to Setrawa.

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