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Remote / Online / Virtual Internships abroad


Remote/virtual internship from home

When doing a World Unite! remote/virtual internship, you do an internship with a company/organization abroad without travelling there. Instead, you communicate with the internship supervisor of your internship company abroad and further colleagues via video conference, telephone, email and instant messaging services.
  • All remote/virtual internships are offered by companies and organizations in the countries in which we operate that we have been cooperating with locally for many years and which have a lot of experience with international interns. Our local teams support the internship organisations just like you to guarantee a maximum learning effect for you.
  • You will join real-world projects, giving you insights into the work environment of your chosen country
  • All internships supervisors have relevant academic qualification and plenty of work experience that they will share with you
  • With your internship supervisor, before the internship, you will work out a tailormade internship plan, defining your goals, tasks and schedule. Here you can see a sample internship plan for a 5-week x 20 hours/week vitual internship. To better understand the schedule of such an internship, we have also created a day-to-day view for the same sample internship.
  • Flexible start and duration! You chose the starting date and duration. It is possible to start at short notice.
  • Part-time/Full-time possible! You decide about the weekly hours of your internship (from 4 to 40 hours/week). The amount of hours refers to supervision time + work time for tasks given to you.
  • You can do the remote internship in English, or, if you prefer, in the language of your host country
  • Get additional preparation and international career advice by our international team.

A Remote/virtual internship has many advantages:

  • Even without travelling abroad, in addition to valuable work experience in the field of your choice, you can gain intercultural knowledge through our preparation and the remote work and communications with the team of your online internship company abroad.
  • The remote/online internship looks great on your CV/resume, just like an on-site internship at one of our host countries.
  • Many universities accept online internships as a compulsory internship in times of the coronavirus crisis, when travel is difficult.
  • You will gain skills in the use of digital technologies for video conferences, online meetings, online project management etc., which will become even more important in post-corona crisis times
  • By doing an online internship without physically sharing an office with colleagues and superiors, you will also improve your skills of self-motivation, self-organization and working independently. We prepare you and support you with this!
  • The internship is inexpensive because there are no travel expenses and additional accommodation costs

The following placements are possible as remote/virtual internships:

Ireland: (all details about the virtual internships out of Ireland will be online soon; you can already book them)
South Africa:
Tanzania & Zanzibar:

The costs are:

  • 450 EUR / 550 USD for a remote/online internship of up to 1 month (except for Japan, Ireland and Malta); any additional month or part thereof 100 EUR / 120 USD extra
  • Short-term virtual/remote internships are possible with our offers from Tanzania: 1 week 250 EUR/300 USD, 2 weeks 350 EUR / 430 USD
  • Ireland and Malta: 600 EUR / 730 USD for the first month + 50 EUR / 60 USD for any additional month or part thereof
  • Japan: Business Internship: 600 EUR / 730 USD for the first month + 300 EUR / 360 USD for any additional month or part thereof. Education and Bear Conservation: One-time fee 600 EUR / 730 USD for the first month + 100 EUR / 120 USD for any additional month or part thereof.
  • AHK Latin America: One-time fee of 450 EUR / 550 USD
NEW! Partial scholarship of 25,000 JPY (194 EUR = 230 USD) or 50,000 JPY (388 EUR = 460 USD) can now be applied for for ALL of our remote internships! This means, if you receive the scholarship you can deduct the amount of the scholarship from the costs for the remote internship!
This includes:
  • Support with your resume, preparation for a Skype interview
  • Arrangement of the remote/online internship. All internship companies/organisations are known to us and have already had many interns on site!
  • Internship supervision by a qualified and experienced team member of the internship organization
  • Custom-made internship plan considering your aims, targets, tasks and schedule
  • Intercultural preparation videos and documents, specifically made for the country of your internship
  • Support regarding remote work, self-motivation, self-organization and international career advice
  • Issuing an internship certificate / Filling documents for your university/college etc.
  • All financial contributions to the internship company for the supervision - no further contributions need to be paid.

These are the steps:

1. Simply submit the inquiry/booking form and let us know which remote/online internship you are interested in
2. Email us your resume in English and we will arrange an interview within a few days (if required by the internship organization), and we will prepare you for the skype interview
3. Once the company/organization confirms your internship you pay the rate for our support (see above).
4. You get access to our preparation videos and documents.
5. We arrange an appointment with your internship supervisor who will work out the internship plan with you
6. You start your internship at your desired start date!

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