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World Unite! for Groups

Special Interest Tours
For groups, we organize tailor-made high quality services at reasonable prices in all our target countries.
Due to our excellent contacts with many NGOs, government agencies, universities, private companies and individuals, and because we have at many locations, our own qualified staff on site and even act as infrastructure service providers (accommodations, transfers, legalities), we are the ideal partners for:
  • Remote group programs
  • Internships and Volunteering assignments for groups on site
  • Tailor-made study tours
  • Support with implementation of activities of any kind at the locations where we operate and remotely
  • Intercultural Training and Global Competence (online and on-site). Details.

Remote group programs

We arrange tailor-made remote learning programs for schools, universities and other groups. Examples of programs that we have developed include:
  • Group virtual short-term internship for secondary school students. The school class was divided into 3 groups x 10 students. Each group was doing a 5-day remote internship with a different company, including an business research company from India, an IT company from India and an agricultural investment consulting company from Tanzania. Every day, a manager of the respective company was speaking for two hours via webcam in front of the class about relevant topics that had been prepared with the students' teacher and was giving group tasks that the students had to work on and discussed with the manager the following day.
  • Group virtual volunteer program for secondary school students. The students were communicating online once a week with Indian students of the same age which were supported by a non-profit organization, teaching them topics from their own school and exchanging ideas.
  • Group online program "Global Competence" for a Japanese university. Once a week for 60 minutes during a whole semester, there is a live online conference betwen the students and a weekly changing manager of a company or organization from the target countries in which we operate. The managers are talking about the activities of the organization, provided background information about the respective country, speak about their organizational structure, and answer questions asked by the students. The program is complemented by online sessions on intercultural learning as well as practical information on working abroad, studying abroad, internship abroad and the like.

Internships and Volunteering for Groups

For universities, schools, clubs, youth programs, businesses and other groups, we organize internships and volunteering for groups.
This can be related to a particular subject area on which students are being trained from different institutions, or for companies that encourage their employees to volunteer in various projects as part of CSR programs.
According to interest, we can offer other activities such as excursions, meetings, visits and intercultural training. 
Accommodation is available according to your interests, budget and group size with host families, in private homes or hotels.

Tailor-made Study Tours

We organize group study tours in all countries in which we operate. These can include interesting features and projects, theoretical classes and lectures by local lecturers from the industry, research and education, intercultural training, various recreational activities and tourist visits, in addition to industry visits.
We organize professionally knowledgeable tour guides, as well as translators. Accommodation is available according to your interests, budget and group size with host families, in private homes or hotels.
We already have some popular and unique modules that can be part of such a study tour:

Support with implementation of activities of any kind

Whatever the project that suits your group for which you need a reliable partner - please contact us!
We use our knowledge and experience on the ground to help with some of the regulatory formalities with authorities to find local partners, access to information, Intercultural training, and infrastructure services such as accommodation and transportation, etc.
We have organized in the past few years, numerous activities for groups in our target countries. These included:
  • Well drilling activities in Tanzania
  • Social Housing and Solar-park in Tanzania
  • German cultural workshops in Indian schools
  • Obtaining foreign donations to various local projects and ensuring that projects be implemented in a transparent manner (in several countries)
  • Fieldwork and workshops on solar energy in Tanzania
  • Numerous TV productions
  • Medical camps of physician groups in Morocco, Tanzania and India
  • Rehabilitation measures for young German offenders through community work in Tanzania
If you wish to organise a specialised program for your group in any of our locations, please email us at Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!

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