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Newspaper and TV Internship in Navi Mumbai

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We can arrange internships at "Vashi Times", a weekly newspaper in Navi Mumbai, as well as at the local news station "NMTV" (Navi Mumbai Television). As an intern, you would primarily research and write about topics of regional interest and those of interest to expatriates living in Navi Mumbai.

Project Details


Vashi Times newspaper internship

Navi Mumbai can be considered a model city in India. There are modern shopping centers, office towers and multiplex cinemas, coexisting with poor slums interspered in between. The developments that are taking place in Navi Mumbai, is symptomatic of the social change processes that take place across India at the time. Therefore, there are many interesting topics for journalists to research here. As the English-language newspaper is read by many foreigners who live in India, foreign interns can choose several topics (e.g. Life of foreigners in Mumbai and India).
In the tab "Navi Mumbai", you see our video about Navi Mumbai; Judith, a newspaper intern talks about about her internship and you can also briefly see the Office of Vashi Times. In the tab "More Infos" you find scans of some articles written by World Unite! interns at Vashi Times.
Interns usually search for topics themselves and independently work on their articles. The choice of topics will mostly be up to you. This internship is therefore particularly suitable if you have previous experiences in media/journalism and don’t require a lot of guidance. Interns are also expected to bring their own laptop computer.

NMTV (Navi Mumbai Television) internship

The Indian television channel NMTV (Navi Mumbai Television) is a local 24-hour news broadcast on regional cable TV and as an online stream. NMTV publishes news and reports mainly in Hindi and Marathi, as well as partially in English. The news channel is very active on Youtube and WhatsApp, primarily distributing news about politics.
Interns work at Navi Mumbai's local office and write English-language scripts for news and reports, which are then translated by the local editorial team to Hindi or Marathi and get a voiceover in these languages.
Interns can also write news articles or longer reports on subjects from their home country (for example, about culture, politics, etc.).
The chief editor and office manager speaks English, the employees at NMTV mostly speak Hindi and Marathi only. The working hours for trainees are from about 11am to 7pm. Interns pay an internship contribution of 10,000 Rs./month to NTMV. Generally, the workload for interns at these media and journalism internships is somewhat lower than in many European or North American countries.
Info Box
Location: Navi Mumbai, India
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 1 Month
Maximum Duration: 12 Months
Language Requirements: English
Further Languages Of Advantage: Hindi, Marathi
Shared Accommodation, Apartment
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: Publisher, Journalist
Minimum Qualification Of Intern:
Further Contribution To Project: Vashi Times: None; NMTV: Rs. 10,000
Volunteering Possible: No
Required Qualification For Volunteer: -
Further Contribution To Project: -

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