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Accommodation in Tanzania

Accommodation in Moshi/Kilimanjaro


Accommodation in Moshi

In Moshi you can choose between accommodation of different standards:
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Most popular! - This is the choice of most of our participants. You live in a shared apartment with other students (you can choose between 4-share dorm room, twin/double room, and single room) or in boarding of middle standards with a host family.

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Comfort+ - For those who place emphasis on comfort: Accommodation at a Hotel or boarding of upper standards with a host family.

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Adventurer - For simplest deals: Home stays of simple standards.


Shared Accommodation:

KDC House
The spacious and modern house for World Unite! participants is located in the KDC area of Moshi Town. It has 3 large bedrooms, out of which one is used as a 4-share dorm room and the other two are used for double occupancy. All rooms have private bathrooms with a toilet and hot water. The house also has a communal living room, kitchen with dining area, and a large garden. There is also a watchman and a power generator. The KDC public transport stop is located just one minute to walk, from where you reach the town centre by Daladala within 10 minutes, or within 30 minutes when walking. In direct vicinity of the house there are several shops, restaurants and bars.
KCMC House
KCMC is a large hospital of Moshi and the area around the hospital is known as KCMC Area. It is a little hilly, airy and green in contrast to the rather dusty part of Moshi on the plain. In a facility with a total of 14 rooms, we have rented 5 rooms for our participants, renovated and furnished well. The other rooms are occupied by East African students who attend the university in Moshi. Our rooms are for single or double occupancy (with large double beds or two single beds). Each room has a private, small bathroom with western toilet, shower with water heater and sink. For our 5 rooms only, there is a separate kitchen with gas stove and refrigerator. The very green and attractive apartment complex has a large garden with unobstructed views of Mount Kilimanjaro.
Twiga Home
Twiga Home has two buildings with a total of 14 rooms. Besides our participants, backpackers and budget travelers from all over the world stay here; however, we get very attractive special rates for our participants. All rooms have a private bathroom with western toilet and hot shower. Each house has a seating area with sofa; between the two houses, there is a covered lounge area and restaurant. At a little extra per week, you get half boarding (breakfast and dinner - African and Western food). You can cook in a separate kitchen as well. In front of Twiga Home, there is a little beer pub.
Apartment at Ghala Road
At "Ghala Road” in Moshi Town, there is a building in a backyard for our participants. On the ground floor, the building has a two bedroom apartment with its own kitchen, hallway with dining table and sofa, and bathroom with hot shower and western toilet. The house dates from the 50's, as Moshi grew into a real city through the coffee trade, but is fully renovated inside. Each room has two single beds with mosquito nets; the kitchen has an electric cooker, fridge and microwave. On the first floor, accessible by stairs from outdoors, there are three single rooms that share a bathroom and a kitchen.

Host Families:

Boarding of Medium Standards with Host Family
Staying with a host family provides you with the opportunity to get a more intensive insight into the Tanzanian culture and society. We work with many host families in the city of Moshi. For boarding of middle standards, families are of the upper middle class of Tanzania. Their houses are of quality construction, equipment and furnishing for most of our participants. Often the houses have two bathrooms (which are also tiled), one for parents and one for the children and you. The shower is often cold, since a water heater consumes too much power. There is usually a western toilet in the house. There is Tanzanian and Western food like toast with jam, omelette and tea for breakfast; Meat/fish with vegetables and rice/ugali and chapati for dinner and to drink, tea, boiled water or homemade fruit juice. Vegetarian dishes are available on request. There is a fridge; food is usually cooked on gas. Most such families have one or two domestic workers who cook, clean and wash clothes by hand. Often, in the living room you'll find decorative curtains and doilies, stereo, television and an older laptop. The family also often, has a motorcycle or a thirty year old used Japanese car. Most of these things are, however, saved up over many years and the family still has financial difficulties to finance a college education for their children and use the car only for absolutely necessary journeys.


Hotel Accommodation and Boarding of High Standards with Host Families:

Mountain Inn
Mountain Inn Hotel is quietly situated in a large park just outside the town, reachable in 5-10 minutes by public transport from the city center. The rooms are tastefully decorated with TV, balcony, bathroom and desk. Water is heated by solar energy. There is a pool, sauna, massage Center, garden, restaurant, bar and free Wifi. Breakfast is included in the price.
Boarding of High Standards with Host Family
Staying with a host family provides you with the opportunity to get a more intensive insight into the Tanzanian culture and society. The high standard boarding with families show their high walls for security, park-like landscaped ornamental gardens, opulent living rooms with status symbols such as large flat screen televisions and furniture from fine wood and gold imitation. If you look closer, you realize however, that this comes more down to "Status" and "ceremonial" value, rather than quality and longevity. As in the simpler houses the faucets, doors, furniture, etc. are low quality and are regularly broken down. The pomp is shown usually only in the air-conditioned living rooms, where visitors are welcomed, as well as in palatial "Master Bedroom" of the parents, and less in the bedrooms of children, which are kept functional. The food is usually very generous and cooked by maids who serve this for you and the family. Often, there are also drivers, nannies, gardeners and security guards as domestic staff who live in a separate house on the property. Such families usually have a power generator that is turned on in case of frequent power outages. Older children are often in boarding schools abroad like Malaysia,Emirates and England and you live in their nursery. Younger children are often at home and want to play with you.
Comments about the Host Family of "Yasmin":
"The family is a dream and I felt part of it!!! Food was excellent and they have made ​​my experience a highlight. If I had not had them, I would have felt lost. Everything was perfect !!!!!!!!"
"Yasmin took excellent care of us; when one of us was sick, she nursed us back to health. She has helped me in my work plan and always had time for me; we have also made many family outings, I really felt at home with her."
"What to say? Yasmin is just great. Her family receives one with open arms, even if it looks a bit like being back at 15 and needing a babysitter."
"Everything was great with Yasmin. Beautiful house, always nice and clean and you could, at any time, chat with Yasmin. One only needs to take one look at. Yasmin's house and then you know why we have rated her on top in the questionnaires."
For all accommodation in Tanzania: Although the accommodation described is of "high standard" for locals, remember that you are in a developing country and cannot therefore, expect high standards as you are used to in Europe for example, in relation to sanitary facilities, buildings, well equipped kitchens, etc.


Host family of simple standards:

Homestays of Simple Standards
The boarding of simplest standard that we offer, is with families that belong to the Tanzanian middle class. Accommodation in particularly poor families, we do not offer for security reasons. Simple standard here, means that the house is built simply. The floors are mostly of bare concrete, the roof is of corrugated iron with no ceiling; there is often only an Arab Squat toilet (but with flush) and we shower with a bucket or a simple water pipe. The furniture is minimalistic and purely functional. In the living room, there are some slightly more representative pieces of furniture made of Chinese wood. The family usually has an old, used fridge; a radio and an old tube television are also often present. Your room has a bed with a mattress and mosquito net and probably some hangers on the wall and a small shelf or the like. The houses have electricity. Food is usually cooked outdoors over an open fire or gas cooker. The food is usually without options - for breakfast, there is tea with chapati; for lunch, ugali or rice with beans and vegetables, for dinner, the same. Meat is only taken for special occasions, and if so, in small quantities. The families usually consist of mother, father and some children; many more children from the neighborhood visit the house and are around the house. As transportation, the family has bicycles and sometimes, a motorcycle. Income from the rent you pay are often the only way for the family to finance the education of their children.

Kilimanjaro Forest Camp & Host Families in Mweka


Accommodation in Mweka/Kilimanjaro

Accommodation for participants of our Mother Nature Environmental Conservation Program at Kilimanjaro is at the Kilimanjaro Forest Camp or with host families in the village of Mweka.


World Unite! Kilimanjaro Forest Camp

At walking distance to the Mweka Gate of Mt. Kilimanjaro National Park, at an altitude of 2000 meters/6500 ft. above sea level, on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, the Kilimanjaro Forest Camp is located on the terraced grounds of a tree nursery surrounded by forest and with stunning views of the plains of Moshi Town.
On several levels of the terraces there are three comfortable safari tents, which are shared by a maximum of 6 participants, each featuring 3 bunk beds with mosquito nets. The tents are on platforms and covered by a solid wooden thatched roof, protecting the tents from rain and sun. A brick building hosting a toilet and a separate shower with cold and hot water is attached to and accessible from inside every tent.
Between the tents there is a communal space with a kitchen building, a roofed pergola, and tables and benches under the sky where meals are served, prepared by the community chef (breakfast, lunch and dinner). At the kitchen you can get triple-filtered drinking water at no extra charge.
Ecological aspects were of great importance when building the World Unite! Forest Camp. All illumination and the mobile phone chargers we provide are solar-powered. The hot water of the showers comes from solar water heaters. Local and renewable construction materials have been used as far as possible.
The camp has two watchmen, providing 24 hours security. Valuables can be stored at a safe deposit box.


Host Families of the Mweka Community

Most of the members of the Mweka Community belong to the Chagga ethnic group, who live as farmers on the southern and eastern slopes of Kilimanjaro, and whose products include cash crops such as coffee, bananas and more recently avocados. Other typical produce include yams, corn and beans. The Chagga villages are usually clustered, with individual houses scattered over a larger area in the forests on the slopes of Kilimanjaro.
You will live with one of the 35 families that belong to the community related to the nursery of Mzee Sikievu. You will have a single room of simple standards, which has a bed with mosquito net and running cold water.

Accommodation in Arusha

The accommodation of high standards is located in the Sakina residential area of Arusha Town, at around 5 km from Mount Meru Hospital. It is run by a local host family.
On the large plot, within park-like gardens, there are several buildings. One is the family's home, and another one is run as a guesthouse. The buildings and their furnishing are of high standards and tastefully decorated.
It is up to you to decide whether you prefer to have family integration, which is appreciated by the outgoing and hospitable family, or whether you prefer to be rather independent from the family, staying at the guesthouse.
You can book including full board, or without meals. A shared kitchen can be used.
There is a washing machine at the accommodation, which is 15,000 TSH for 12 kg of laundry. Without further costs, there is a television (at the shared area) and a flat iron.

Accommodation in Dar-es-Salaam


Accommodation in Dar-es-Salaam

In Dar-es-Salaam, you can choose between accommodation of different standards:
mostpopular transparent
Most popular! -  A student residence, for Tanzanian and foreign students.

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Comfort+ - For those who place more emphasis on comfort: High Standard Accommodation with a host family.



The residence of simple standards is located only 15 minutes' walk from the Muhimbili National Hospital, in an upscale residential area. It is a large house that is shared by our participants with Tanzanian students. You can choose between single and double occupancy. Employees prepare breakfast, which is included in the rent. You cannot use a kitchen for preparing your own dishes. There is no WiFi internet.


High Standard Rooms with Host Family:

A host family in the Oysterbay area has a separate building on their large property with two rooms, each with private bath. The food is had with the family in the main building. Another family in the Upanga Area has a room in their attractive detached guest wing.

Hotel Accommodation:

The Livingstone Hotel in the Kariakoo area in the city center of Dar-es-Salaam is a budget hotel, which is professionally managed by a hotel group, which also operates the Best Western hotels in Tanzania. You live in one of the "Superior" rooms, which have a balcony. They also have air conditioning, a private bathroom with hot shower and toilet, cable TV and a work desk. There are rooms with a large double bed and two single beds.

Accommodation in Mwanza


Accommodation in Mwanza



BMC Accommodation and Serengeti Guesthouse

On the campus of Bugando Medical College there is a guesthouse of good standard called "BMC Accommodation". This accommodation is particularly save due to the safety personnel of the university campus. A single room is 15 USD per night not including meals. If this guesthouse is fully booked, you can stay at "Serengeti Guesthouse" which offers the same standard at the same rate.

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