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Business Internships in India

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With or without previous experience! We can arrange business internships in sectors such as retail, e-commerce, business consulting, financial services, real estate, logistics, and education in Jaipur. You email to us your CV/Resume and specify what kind of internship you are looking for and we will suggest an internship to you without any obligation.

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The economy of India is the world's sixth largest and with an annual growth of 7% the world's fastest growing economy amongst the bigger nations. Due to the young population's high educational level it can be expected that India will become the third largest economic power in the world within less than the next 10 years. When it comes to the total number of start-up companies, India already by now holds the third place worldwide.

The leading Indian economic sectors are the service industry, IT, automobile industry, retail and e-commerce.

We are organising marketing and business internships in various locations in India, but with a focus on Jaipur, with large intentional and Indian enterprises, as well as start-ups and non-profit organisations.

For marketing or business internships please email us your CV/resume in English and let us know what exactly you are interested in, as well as when you are planning to do the internship. We will then suggest an internship for you, including letting you know the name of the company, a detailled description of the internship, and the exact conditions. Only after accepting the internship offer, we will charge you for our service package (for details about what the package includes please refer to the tab "Rate"). The internships are not remunerated.

Common internships are for instance:

* Financial planning
* Data analysis
* Market research
* Business development
* Business management
* Operations management
* Production management
* Project management
* Human resource management (HR)
* Business strategy
* Relationship management
* Business administration
* Training
* Offline marketing, online marketing, direct marketing
* Sales
Typical sectors include:
* Financial services
* Business consulting
* Retail
* E-commerce
* Real estate
* Logistics
* Education
* Fashion brands
* Non-profits
Info Box
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Location: Jaipur
Availability: always; flexible start date
Minimum duration: 2 weeks
Maximum duration: 12 Months
Required language skills: English
Accommodation: Shared apartment, host family
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Supervision possible: Yes
Qualification Supervisor: Business degrees
Minimum qualification of interns:
Further contribution to the company: No
Remuneration: No
Volunteering possible: No
Expected Qualificationen of Volunteer: -
Further project contribution: -
We expect:
Professional work attitude

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