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Accommodation in Ecuador

Accommodation in Quito


Accommodation in Quito



The volunteer house is located in the central and lively district of La Mariscal. There are offices and business areas and plenty of nightlife options here. The volunteer house is located opposite the school and is meant for students, as well as volunteers and interns from all over the world. You share a room with another person of the same sex. There are shared bathrooms with hot water, as well as sitting rooms. The fully equipped kitchen can be used for cooking and storing food. WiFi is available. In Mariscal, there are several laundromats, where you can wash and dry clothes.
Host Family
The host families live in the Mariscal or nearby areas. When selecting the host family, the location of the work site is considered, and whether it can easily be reached. With a host family, volunteers and interns have a private room and share the other rooms - such as living room, kitchen and bathroom - with the family. The cost of staying with a host family in Quito includes three meals a day from Monday to Friday and laundry, once a week. In many host families, wifi is available. A stay with a host family offers the opportunity to acquire, practise and develop Spanish language skills.

Accommodation at the Amazon rainforest und at Puerto Quito


Accommodation in the Amazon Rainforest



Volunteer Houses of wood, propped up on stilts, offer dormitory accommodation, surrounded by the Amazonian rainforest. The decor is simple and includes kitchen and a lounge. There are western toilets and showers. The kitchen is equipped with basic utensils such as pots, pans, plates, cups, cutlery, etc. Water is available, electricity is not. In the evenings, a generator is switched on to produce electricity and you can charge your electronics at this time. Otherwise, candles are used, the stock will be maintained in the houses. We recommend you carry a flashlight with you. There is a fire pit for a bon fire and hammocks for you to relax at the end of the day.

Accommodation in Puerto Lopez


Accommodation in Puerto Lopez

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Most popular! - This is the preference of most of our participants. You share an apartment with other participants.

adventurer transp
Adventurer - For the simplest and cheapest deals: Dormitory Accommodation


Cabanas on stilts
For the football project in Puerto Lopez, we offer two bamboo cabanas built on stilts as accommodation amongst other options. You are about 1 block (2 minutes walk) from the main road that runs through the coastal town of Puerto Lopez. To the beach promenade, it is about 3 blocks (about 5 minutes). In the same compound, is the home of Fredy and his wife Raquel - the couple who established the football project - as well as a classroom, where Freddy teaches Spanish and can also be used by volunteers, for instance, to teach English. A total of six people can be accommodated in the cabins. The rooms are set up for double occupancy, but can also be used as a single room, if availability permits. The beds have mosquito nets. Three meals a day are offered, as well as WiFi and laundry once a week. Photos are available in the project description.


Project House of the Sea Turtles Organization
The accommodation is part of the organization offering the sea turtle conservation project in Puerto Lopez. The participants live in the house of the project organization in Puerto Lopez, which is located about 100 meters from the beach promenade. The project house is also the Puerto Lopez - Office of the Organization. Its headquarters are in Eucadors capital, Quito. There are two rooms with bunk beds, bathroom and kitchen. There is also a large lounge, which is simultaneously used as a workshop and a terrace. Photos are available in the project description.

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