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Childcare and education in Tokyo

Remunerated internship
You want to work with children in Japan? You can do an internship or a volunteer placement with children at a "gakudo", which is an afterschool club for children aged 3-10 years.

Project Details

In Japan it is not uncommon that office workers are at their offices every day until 9 or 10pm, whereas schools usually finish at 3:15pm. For this reason, parents need a possibility to keep their children entertained and  supervised in the afternoon and evening hours. This role is often covered by Gakudos, which are privately-run after-school clubs.
In Tokyo we cooperate with several gakudos. They are all non-profit organizations, which means the fees paid by the parents are only covering the centre's operational expenses. Each gakudo is attended every day by around 90-100 children, aged 3-10 years. Their lively staff and friendly accommodation make it a safe and fun experience for the children and a place where parents are happy to bring their children to. At the centre kids are able to work on their homework, play games with the staff and other children, eat snacks, learn English, do sports (e.g. soccer, table tennis) etc. Regularly, there are also events that the parents are often invited to participate in, and excursions.
As an intern or volunteer you assist the gakudo's staff to attend the children with all activities, to do conversation and practise English with them, and to assist with the arrangement of the events. You would typically work for around 6-8 hours per day on 5 days per week. If you do your placement for 3 months or longer, the afterschool club will usually pay for your accommodation (dorm bed) and a commuter ticket between your accommodation and your work place. If you stay shorter than 3 months, accommodation and commuter ticket are not always provided.
As there are professionnally trained staff members, this placement is also suitable for an education internship.
Info Box
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Location: Tokyo, Japan
Availability: all year; you should arrive on a Thursday and your placement would then start on the following Monday
Minimum Duration: 1 Month
Maximum Duration: 12 Months (depending on visa)
Required Language Skills: English
Accommodation: Share House
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Supervision possible: Yes
Qualification supervisor: Educators
Minimum qualification of intern: none
Further contribution to the project: No
Remuneration: In case of placement of 3 months or longer you usually get free accommodation and commuter ticket (see text)
Volunteering possible: Yes
Required qualification of interns: none
Further contribution to the project: No
It is expected:
Professional work, the "right" attitude

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