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Tea Program in Munnar, Kerala

Munnar Tea Plantations
3-Days of learning all you need to know about tea in Munnar!
Munnar is located in the southwest of India in Kerala, approx. 130 km from the coastal city of Cochin. Munnar is a popular attraction for travellers who want to relax away from daily traffic, city life and turmoil, due to its picturesque mountain scenery and the surrounding environment. But above all, the sleepy little city is dominated by tea farming: it produces the famous black and green teas which are being consumed around the entire world every day.
Some of the tea fields are located at an altitude of 2200 metres. above sea level. Hence Munnar belongs to the world’s highest located tea cultivation regions. Due to the altitude and climatic conditions, the tea of Munnar is of highest quality.
Munnar does not only offer excellent tea; it is surrounded by exciting tourist attractions, such as the Blossom International Park, the Chinnar game reserve, Anamudi, the highest peak in India south of the Himalaya mountains; and lots of other attractions. But above all, Munnar offers tranquility, relaxation and space. The tiny, picturesque town is surrounded by serpentine-like streets, tropical vegetation and most of all tea plantations as far as the eye can reach.


You will stay for three nights at Greenview Inn in Munnar where you will spend the days with a knowledgable guide who can explain to you everything about tea cultivation and processing. On the first day you will hike through a tea plantation and get explanations. On the second day you will visit a tea factory, where you can follow the several steps of the process or producing black, green and white tea. On the following day, you will meet plantation workers who will explain you their work on the plantation and will talk about their everyday life. You can ask questions and the guide will translate.
After these three days, you can extend your time in Munnar by staying at Greenwood Cottages, in the middle of a plantation outside of town. You are free to decide how to spend your time, such as hiking through the plantations on your own, or just relax in the middle of the refreshing green vegetation and tea trees, where almost every day the same change of weather takes place, which makes the tea flourish so very well in the area - sun in the morning and mist with high humidity in the late afternoon.

Tea Program in Munnar

Minimum Duration: 3 Days
Maximum Duration: 1 Month
Language Requirements: English
Location: Munnar, Kerala
Accommodation: Greenwood Cottages
Price: In Tab "Rate"

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