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Working Holiday

As Working Holiday, you live for a specific time (maximum 1 year) in your host country where you do an income-generating job. This takes care of your stay in the new country and in some cases, may even allow you to save some money! We specialize in Working Holidays in Asia, and currently offer Working Holidays in China and in Japan. Hong Kong will be introduced as an option in 2017.
The typical jobs featured as Working Holidays are service activities in hotels, restaurants, cafes and shops, Language Teacher Jobs and Nanny/Au Pair jobs.
If you have other professional skills, you can find a relevant job in your field of work, e.g. foreign-language journalism.
In Asia, Western faces are in demand as models in the fashion industry and advertising photography or as actors in television or films.
In China, most jobs do not require Chinese speaking abilities! However, in Japan, you will find a wider range of jobs, which are also remunerated better if you DO know some Japanese compared to not having any Japanese language skills. Anyway, it is also possible to find jobs in Japan with very basic Japanese language skills that you can acquire once in Japan.

Steps - China:

For China, you apply for a specific job (for example, hotel job, language teacher job, Au Pair etc.) that you find on our website, before your arrival. We will organize the desired job and your visa is issued for this particular job. In China, there is no general working holiday visa with which you can do any job in the country; the visa is job bound.
1. In the main menu above ("Working Holiday"), you find your options for Working Holiday Jobs in China.
2. You fill out the Inquiry/Order Form, telling us your choice of the Working Holiday job. You also email us the application for the particular job to Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!.
3. Generally, within a few days, there will be an interview via Skype with our local coordinator and/or the employer. We charge nothing for this and there is no obligation for you to take up the job.
4. Only when you confirm the job, you book your Working Holiday stay with us in China. After that, we help you organize the documents that you need for the visa application. All the formalities are completed in advance (we tell you how) so that you can start work straight away on your arrival. On site, there is support with accommodation and everything else you need (check out the details about our services in the respective job offers). We will help you to find a job in Japan, which will always work out if you are serious about it and if you are a little flexible about which job to accept.

Steps - Japan:

Working Holiday in Japan has completely different formalities than for China. There is a general Working Holiday Visa, which you can possess if you fulfill a few conditions (only available for nationals of the UK, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, France, Poland, Slovakia and Portugal; 18-30 years old; proof of booked return ticket; proof of funds – typically of around 200,000 yen - about 1500 EUR/1600 USD). You arrange the Working Holiday visa in your home country (we will tell you how to do this) and then you can work in Japan for a year in almost every professional field. In order to get a job, you have to first be in Japan, have a tax ID number and a bank account and then, attend job interviews. In the centre of Tokyo we have an office with multilingual team members who help you to land a job, which is typically possible quite quickly (within the first month of your stay), if you are seriously interested and a little flexible about the actual job. An excemption are Farm jobs and Ryokan jobs (ryokans are traditional Japanese hotels) that we can pre-arrange prior to your trip to Japan if you already have basic Japanese language skills.
Wir haben im Zentrum von Tokyo ein Büro mit mehrsprachigen Mitarbeitern, die dir helfen, einen Job zu finden, was auch immer relativ schnell (meist innerhalb des ersten Monats) klappt, wenn du ernsthaft daran interessiert bist und etwas flexibel bist bezüglich des genauen Jobs. Eine Ausnahme bilden Jobs auf Farmen und Jobs in Ryokans (traditionellen japanischen Hotels), die wir, wenn du bereits über grundlegende Japanischkenntnisse verfügst, auch bereits vor deiner Anreise nach Japan organisieren können.
1. You sign up for Working Holiday in Japan by sending us the Inquiry/Order Form.
2. You organize the Working Holiday visa (we will tell you how) and with that, travel to Japan. Locally, we help with everything including immigration authorities, tax number, bank account, accommodation and of course, to find you a job!
If you do not yet know any Japanese, it is helpful to first attend Japanese language lessons in Tokyo for at least 1-3 months, for instance at a language school or at a Community Centre (we will give you all information). You might first accept a simple job that you can get without Japanese language skills and then possibly change it later, once your language skills have improved.
Read more details about our offer on Working Holidays in Tokyo.

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