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Ryokan hotel jobs in Japan

Ryokan jobs in Japan
Now you have the chance to work at a Ryokan, a traditional Japanese hotel, doing fully-remunerated work as part of your Working Holiday in Japan! You will not only learn about traditional Japanese culture and culinary arts, but also about the probably highest service level of the world.
The ryokans are typically of high standard and are targeting Japanese and foreign tourists. The rooms are designed in a traditional Japanese way with tatami floors, sliding doors and wall cabinets. One sleeps on tatami mats which are rolled out every night by hotel staff, and which are stored during the daytime. The room usually has no furniture other than a narrow table on which traditional Japanese breakfast and dinner are served. Some larger ryokans also have restaurant facilities. Ryokans have an average of 14 rooms. The rooms typically don't include en-suite bathrooms, but instead there is a large communal bathing area, which is often fed by hot volcanic springs (Onsen). 
At the northern mountain regions of Japan (Hokkaidō and Tōhoku) we can also arrange jobs at ski resorts! There is snow usually during the months of December to March. The jobs are however available throughout the year - in the remaining months the regions are focussing on mountain and hiking tourism.

We will pre-arrange your ryokan job in Japan prior to your trip to Japan, which means you can start it right after your arrival to Japan (or if you prefer, you can also start your ryokan work at a later moment and be with us in Tokyo first).

Which are my tasks at the ryokan?

Your tasks may include:
  • Housekeeping
  • Preparing the futons for guests at night
  • Dishwashing and kitchen assistant tasks
  • Preparing tables and serving meals
  • Welcoming and saying goodbye to guests
  • Operations, cleaning and service at the onsen area
  • At ski resorts you would do similar hotel jobs (no skiing instructor jobs)


What about the remuneration?

Ryokan jobs are remunerated at a range of 690-1500 Yen per hour. It is generally expected that you work for 48 hours (6 days x 8 hours) per week.

How is my accommodation?

The ryokans are typically arranging accommodation for you at a single or dorm bed room at a staff housing near the hotel. Should the staff accommodation be further away, transport to your workplace is being arranged. You do not typically stay directly at the ryokan you work at. Meals are typically provided at the ryokan. If accommodation and/or meals are provided, a certain amount for it will be deducted from your salary, but to a much smaller amount than what you earn through your work. You will still be able to keep some part of it!

At which ryokans can I work?

We cooperate with many ryokans all over Japan. You can let us know your preferences and we will search for a suitable ryokan for you. Please let us know:
  1. When and for how long you would like to do the ryokan work (2 weeks to 1 year)
  2. Where in Japan: e.g. Hokkaidō (known for volcanoes and hot springs; largest city is Sapporo) and Tōhoku (known for mountains and skiing regions) in the North, Kantō incl. the urban fringe of Tokyo, Hokuriku, Tōkai (incl. the city of Nagoya) and Shikoku in central Japans, as well as Kyūshū and the tropical Okinawa in Japan's south.
  3. Work preferences (generalist or focus on a certain area eg kitchen, housekeeping)
  4. Type of accommodation: single or dorm room | Whether or not meals are provided

Who can join the program "Ryokan work in Japan"?

The requirements are:
  • You need to be able to get a Working Holiday visa. This is only possible for citizens of the UK, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Iceland, France, Portugal, Spain, Hungary, Argentina, Chile, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Poland, Lithuania, Taiwan and Hong Kong aged 18-30 years (at the time of applying for the visa).
  • You need to have Japanese language skills at conversational level to be able to understand job instructions. If your level of Japanese is insuffient, you can first spend one month in Tokyo and attend intensive Japanese language lessons. After one month, your level should be good enough for the ryokan work.
  • It is expected that you are serious about and motivated to do the work. After a ryokan has confirmed a job to you and you have accepted it, you should not cancel the assignment for minor reasons. Being on time and the meticulous performance of your tasks is expected!

Can I do ryokan work in Japan as part of my longer Working Holiday stay in Japan?

Of course! You will only get the Working Holiday visa once in a lifetime, so you should make use of it to the fullest! With the Working Holiday Visa you can stay for up to one year in Japan and accept fully remunerated jobs. If you book our Working Holiday package "Ryokan jobs in Japan", it includes all the support services of the Working Holiday Package Tokyo. Prior to or after your ryokan work you can come to us in Tokyo and make use of our support services at no further cost.

What do we offer you as a participant of our program "Ryokan jobs in Japan"?

Japanese FoodWorking Holiday Package RYOKAN JOBS in JAPAN:
1 Participant 1100 EUR, 2 Participants 850 EUR p.p.

Inquire/Book now!
The Working Holiday Package "Ryokan jobs in Japan" includes:
  • Upon booking Translation of your CV/resume to Japanese
  • Presentation of a selection of ryokans that are interested in hiring you and making Arrangements for a job interview via phone or Skype
  • Personal Preparation/Consultation for the job interviews
  • Assistance with travel arrangement to reach the ryokan
  • All services which are part of our Working Holiday Service Package Tokyo:
    • Preparation documents – including all kinds of practical information for your life in Tokyo
    • Preparation Session via zoom prior to your arrival
    • Arrangement of accommodation
    • On arrival, pick up from Haneda or Narita Airport or Tokyo Station by public transport and drop to accommodation (for flights arriving Fridays between 8am-8pm)
    • On-site assistance including:
      • Immigration Department (Residence Card)
      • Residents’ Registration Office
      • Tax number
      • Opening a bank account and mobile phone contract
      • Japanese Language Course
      • Local orientation
    • Assistance with finding a job
      • Help with job application in Japanese (preparing your CV/resume in Japanese)
      • Tips and Preparation for job interview
      • Registration at the employment office
      • Providing job offers from other sources
    • Bilingual Contact persons on site (English and Japanese) for any assistance
    • Use of PC and printer for researching job offers and creating application documents
    • We are your contact partners throughout your year in Japan!
    • For the CO2 compensation of your long distance flights, we plant 10 indigenous trees per participant on the slopes of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania


What is the process now?

The necessary steps are:
  1. Upon booking and payment of a first instalment of 200 EUR we translate your CV/resume to Japanese and bring it to the right format.
  2. After around 3 days we present options of ryokans to you that are willing to hire you. You let us know your preferred option.
  3. We will then let you know the date for a job interview with your ryokan of first choice.
  4. Prior to the job interview we will give you some advice about and prepare you for it. The employer will at the end of the interview confirm to you whether you are hired or not.
  5. In case you are not hired, we will arrange job interviews with your 2nd, 3rd choice etc. until you will have been accepted
  6. The remaining instalment for the Working Holiday package "Ryokan work in Japan" is only due one month prior to your arrival.

Can I combine ryokan jobs with the farm work World Unite! is arranging?

This is also possible and we can make both arrangements prior to your arrival. In this case we will suggest to you options for farms AND ryokans around 3 days after you submit your CV/resume and we will arrange job interviews for you. An extra of 100 EUR will apply.

What happens if no ryokan accepts me?

In this unlikely event, we will refund your payments.

I'm already in Japan and hold a visa which allows me to do paid work. Can I book a ryokan job only, without any further Working Holiday support services?

Yes, this is possible. For the arrangement of a ryokan job, without any further Working Holiday support, we would charge a one-time fee of 40,000 JPY (only applicable if you are already in Japan and rate applies if you are not a participant of our Tokyo Working Holiday program. If you are a participant of our Tokyo Working Holiday program and you wish to add the ryokan job option, only the difference of 300 EUR to the Tokyo Working Holiday program applies).
Japanese FoodWorking Holiday-Package RYOKAN JOBS IN JAPAN:
1 Participant 1100 EUR, 2 Participants 850 EUR p.p.

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