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English Language Teacher Jobs in China

Internship, Paid
You want to teach English for one year in China? We arrange your job as an English teacher at private English schools and public primary schools. This is even possible as a non-native speaker. Shorter durations (from 1 month; minimum age 18 years) are possible as a part-time English teacher.

Private English Schools - Full time for 1 year

Many parents in China want to offer their children foreign language classes in addition to the English lessons at the regular school. We work with several chains of private language schools, offering such classes. In total, they have several hundred branches.
English is taught in a fun and playful environment and teaching aids such as interactive games on a large touch screen, movies and animations are used. There are regular fun activities and competitions.
The exact class times depend on the school and are usually in the afternoons and on the weekends. Many private English schools are closed on Mondays and Tuesdays and open on Saturdays and Sundays instead.
During your first week, you will work with an experienced English teacher and observe the class. The school provides you with teaching materials so you can plan your lessons. About once a month there are network meetings where you can meet experienced teachers to get additional advice.
English language teacher jobs are available for both native English speakers and non-native speakers. If you are non-native speaker, you will need to have a TEFL certificate (or equivalent or higher English teacher qualification) to participate.  You can get the TEFL certification online in around 2-3 weeks for around 180 EUR/200 USD.
English language teacher jobs are remunerated. The exact amount of compensation depends on the language school and your qualifications and ranges from RMB 8,000-14,000 per month (around EUR 1000-1700 / USD 1200-2000 per month).
Due to visa requirements, it is necessary that you sign up for a full year, hold a BA degree that you completed at least 2 years ago, and that you are 24 years or older.

State Primary Schools - Full time for 1 year

As an alternative to private English schools, where classes are usually held in the afternoon or on weekends, you can also teach at state elementary schools. Classes take place during normal school hours and English is one of the regular school subjects. Typically, there are about 25-30 children in a class. Teaching materials will be provided to you by the school.
English language teacher jobs are available for both native English speakers and non-native speakers. If you are non-native speaker, you will need to have a TEFL certificate (or equivalent or higher English teacher qualification) to participate. You can get the TEFL certification online in around 2-3 weeks for around 180 EUR/200 USD.
The salary is about 5000 RMB (630 EUR/730 USD) per month. Usually, no salary is paid during school holidays.
Due to visa requirements, it is necessary that you sign up for a full year, hold a BA degree that you completed at least 2 years ago, and that you are 24 years or older.

Part-time jobs as a language teacher for English, Spanish, Japanese, Italian and German (from 1 month, from 18 years)

In Beijing, we can arrange part-time positions at language schools as English, German, Japanese, Spanish and Italian language teachers. You should be native speaker and have a relatively dialect/accent-free pronunciation of the respective language. A formal qualification is not necessary and you do not have to have a BA degree or work experience. You will be paid around 200 RMB per hour and you would typically work for 10-20 hours per week. The number of weekly hours is however not guaranteed in advance, but depends on how well the students and school rate your teaching skills. It can also be more than 20 hours. This position is possible from a minimum duration of 1 month and is available for applicants from 18 years of age.


1. You email us your CV/resume in English, along with a recent photo. This is without any obligation for you. If you have formal qualifications in language teaching, please include scans of the same.

2. You share with us your Skype username, on which Alex, our coordinator in Beijing will to talk to you and then contact language schools.
3. The school will then interview you via Skype and provide the exact conditions report (content, scope of work, etc.).
4. If the school agrees to hire you and you agree to the conditions, you confirm your participation. It only becomes binding for you from this step.
Info Box
Location: Various locations in China
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Duration: Full time: 12 Months; Part time: minimum 1 month
Language Requirements: English
Minimum age: Full time: 24 years; Part time: 18 years
Further Requirements: Full time: To obtain the suitable visa, it is required to hold at least a BA degree (or comparable education level), which has been issued at least 2 years ago; Part time: no formal requirements
Shared Accommodation, Hotel
General 2
Documents Required:
* Tabular CV/resume in English
* Recent photograph
* If available: Scans of certificates of formal qualifications
* Skype name
Compensation: 5,000-14,000 RMB/month
Working Holiday jobs might also be available as an internship. The specifics depend on the requirements of your university for an internship.
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: English Teacher
Compensation: Yes

Accommodation in Beijing

In Beijing, you can choose between accommodation of different standards:
mostpopular transparent
Most popular! - This is the choice of most of our participants. Here you live in a shared apartment with other participants in downtown Beijing.

comfortplustext transp
Comfort+ - For those who put more emphasis on comfort: Accommodation in a hotel


Shared Accommodation in Downtown Beijing:

The accommodation in the category "Most Popular" is in Beijing, in single or double rooms (you choose) in apartments in the city center, which you share with other participants. Most live there with 2-4 participants and share bathroom, kitchen and living room.
The apartments are of good standards. The bathrooms have hot shower, western toilet, sink and usually a washing machine. The rooms have heating and air conditioning. In the kitchen there is a fridge, stove, and other kitchen appliances like microwave, toaster, kettle, etc. The apartments are typically in blocks of flats in the city that have elevators and security personnel. In general, there is wifi Internet. A cleaner comes once a week to clean the apartment.
This option is perfect for most of our participants.



Higher standards of accommodation are available in a hotel, in air-conditioned single and double rooms. There is a private bathroom of high standard, as well as flat screen TV and wifi Internet. Bedding, towels, etc. are changed regularly.


I. World Unite! Service Package

Mobile/Cell Phone Users: If you don't see the rates for your desired duration of stay, hide other (shorter) durations of stay.
  up to 180 Days
181-365 Days
 wu servicepackage
1 Person
800 EUR 900 EUR      
2-4 Persons
(Per Person)
750 EUR 850 EUR      
Convert to USD, GBP, AUD, CAD and other currencies.

The World Unite! Service Package includes:

  • Individual Consultation and Preparation prior to your arrival
  • Access to the World Unite! Online Resource Centre which has Preparation Materials including Intercultural Preparation, compiled particularly for your destination (PDFs, Videos)
  • Preparation Session via Skype, together with further participants
  • Arrangements of the Documents you need for your Visa Application, but not the official government fees for the visa (See costs below)
  • Local Police Registration (if required), assistance with the local Health Checkup (required for some long-time visa) and Opening of a Bank Account in China (required for some jobs/internships)
  • Pick-up and Transfer on arrival from the airport of where you do the placement
  • Personal support staff in China (Beijing) and at our international office
  • Accompanying you to your placement on your first day
  • 24 Hours emergency support by local support team
  • Local SIM Card (only for placements in Beijing)
  • Issuance of Confirmations/Certificates for your university, scholarship, insurance, etc. and filling out/signing Internship Contracts for your university
  • Costs for 10 seedlings of indigenous trees that we plant on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

The Rates do NOT include:

  • Accommodation and Meals (see below)
  • Travel to/from China (you book it on your own; we can assist you)
  • Official fees for Visa (see below)
  • Insurance (Travel Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, Travel Cancellation insurance; you book it on your own, we can assist you)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Vaccinations
  • Local Transport (Estimated amounts see below)

II. Accommodation Costs

You can choose between the following options:
Mobile/Cell Phone Users: If you don't see the rates for your desired duration of stay, hide other (shorter) durations of stay.
All Rates in Chinese RMB! Convert Currency
 Monthly Rent 
Apartment shared with other participants
1 Person
(Single Room)
4000-5500 RMB/Month*  
2 Persons p.p.
(Double/Twin Room)
2000-2750 RMB/Month*  
Hotel Accommodation incl. Breakfast
1 Person
(Single Room)
8000 RMB/Month during Winter
9000 RMB/Month during Summer
2 Persons p.p.
(Double/Twin Room)
4000 RMB/Month during Winter
4500 RMB/Month during Summer
Room at Shared Apartment: Only full months can be rented! Incl. Water, Electricity, Heating, Wifi. The rent of one month has to be deposited.
Hotel: Incomplete months will be calculated per day.
In case of 3-4 person: Same rate as in case of 2 Persons. 5 or more persons: Contact us for group rates.

Overview of other costs:

  • Visa around 40-200 EUR (50-250 USD) depending on activity and duration; to apply for prior to your travel
  • If meals are not included: 100-150 EUR (125-190 USD)/Month (Estimate)
  • Small local expenses (Internet, Local Transport): ca. 20-40 EUR (30-50 USD)/Month (Estimate)
  • Insurances around 20-40 EUR (30-50 USD)/Month

How do I pay?

Once all your questions have been answered and you confirm that you want to participate, we will email you an invoice. You can pay it via bank transfer, credit card or via Paypal. You will pay a deposit of 200 EUR / 250 USD when the invoice is issued. One months prior to your arrival you will pay the remainder for your Service Package.
The payment modalities for rent and possible further costs (e.g. internship supervision fees, as stated in info box of the respective project description) depend on your host country and placement. We will inform you beforehand. In many cases these costs are paid on site, but for some countries and placements they need to be paid partially or fully in advance.

Other Projects That Might Interest You:

These projects are suggestions for alternatives that may interest you or those that could be chosen as COMBINATIONS. The combination of projects in different organizations is often possible and usually cheaper than two individual bookings. Please contact us to know more! Check out our other listings in the areas of "World Learner", "Active Travel" and "Working Holidays" in China to make your stay even more interesting.

Travel Health Insurance

We recommend the following travel insurance that is meant specifically for participants of internships, volunteering, language study, working holiday, and courses abroad. It is available for travelers of all nationalities and usable for all countries, except your home country. You can also add a journey liability insurance.
Just click on the link, fill in the form and you will get a confirmation email.

Getting To China

China Map 
All major cities in China, as well as the holiday islands of Hainan and Ulaanbaatar (Mongolia), have international airports and you fly directly into the city of your project. There, you will be picked up from the airport.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Are there fixed start dates for the project, which I must adhere to?
The start date of any internship, volunteering assignment or Working Holiday can be discussed with your coordinator during your Skype conversation with him/her. The group Chinese language lessons, though, start the first Monday of every month.
Can I stay longer at my accommodation after my volunteering/internship or arrive earlier?
Yes, this is possible and we will give you our best rates. Just let us know when you arrive and leave and we will let you know the costs.
During my stay, can I travel around the country?
During your internship or Working Holiday jobs, you travel around during your free time, holidays or weekends. 
Can I travel alone to China as a young woman?
No problem; in China, women move around freely and confidently.
Will I be the only foreign volunteer/intern in the project or at my site?
We have Working Holiday participants and students in Beijing at most times, and it is possible for you to stay together. The number of interns at a particular site is decided by the company itself. It is very easy to get in contact with other foreigners of your age in Beijing, if you so wish, as there are very many. At other locations, such as Hainan and other cities, we have fewer participants.
What vaccinations do I need?
Our Info - PDF that you get as a participant, gives detailed information on health care. Also refer to Recommended Vaccinations
Where will I live?
You can choose whether you want to live in an apartment in the city center of Beijing, which you share with other participants, or in a hotel. Details are in the tab "Accommodation".
Does my accommodation have internet facilities?
Yes, there is wifi internet.
How can I do my laundry?
The apartments have a washing machine.
Can I cook in the accommodation?
Yes, there are well-equipped kitchens in the apartments. Details are in the tab "Accommodation".
I am a vegetarian. Can I get vegetarian food?
Yes, this is possible.
What language skills do I need?
You should be able to make yourself understood in English. If another language is required, this is indicated in the info-boxes of the respective projects.

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