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Learn Spanish in Nicaragua

Whether lessons in the morning or afternoon, in preparation for your volunteer work or your internship, or purely as a language learning abroad, we organise one-on-one Spanish language lessons that can be customized to suit your interest and type of stay in the Nicaraguan city of León.

One-on-one Spanish lessons in León/Nicaragua

You are going to have a private tutor who can pay full attention to your individual needs. He or she will first find out your level of Spanish (Castellano). From beginner to advanced - all levels can be taught. 2-3 participants booking together and having the same level of Spanish language skill can share a teacher and learn together.
The lessons will be given at a friendly and informal space which serves as a vegetarian restaurant and art gallery at the same time (CocinArte). To make practical use of your newly acquired language skills, you will further visit local markets, shops and families together with your Spanish teacher. Importance is given to the active use of the language in conversations and everyday life. Every Fridays the language course includes an excursion using public transport to the beach and other local sites, together with your language teacher, combining sight-seeing with practising your language skills.
All of the teachers are from Nicaragua and their lessons often include topics dealing with the culture and everyday life of Nicaragua and Léon.
You decide on the intensity of learning. In general, an intensive course includes 20 hours per week, 4 hours per day on 5 days a week. However, you also have the opportunity to spread these hours over a longer period. If you plan to join the language course simulateously with your internship or volunteer assignment, we recommend 10 hours per week (2 hours per day on 5 days per week).
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Location: León, Nicaragua
Availability: All year
Minimum Hours: 20 hours
Minimum Duration: 1 week
Language Requirements:
Host Family, Hotel

Price: in Tab "Rate"

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Spanish Lessons (for participants of other programs such as internships/volunteering)

20 Hours - 190 €
The price per person remains the same even for multiple participants.

Spanish Lessons (For participants who only take language lessons)

20 Hours - 190 €
The price per person remains the same even for multiple participants. Price also includes Info-PDF about León.
Additionally, a one-time service charge of 60 EUR applies for each booking of language lessons.
Optional Accommodation:
Room with Host Family
1 Person: 10 USD/Day
2 Persons (in Double Room): 6.50 USD/Day
Optional: Breakfast: 2,50 USD, Lunch 3,50 USD, Dinner 3,50 USD
Optional: WiFi Internet 1 USD/Day
Optional: Use of kitchen (including Cooking Gas) 1 USD/Day
Hotel with breakfast:
1 Person: 16 USD/Day (with ceiling fan), 30 USD/Day (with AC)
2 Persons (in Double Room): 13 USD/Day p.p. (with ceiling fan), 18 USD/Day p.p.(with AC)
Optional Transfers:
From/to Managua Airport: 80 EUR each way

Accommodation in León

In León you can choose between two standards of accommodation:
mostpopular transparent
Most popular! - The choice of the majority of our participants. In the university city of León, these are host families that rent out room.

comfortplustext transp
Comfort+ - For those who expect a higher standard: Hotel accommodation.


Host Family and Shared Accommodation:

Accommodation is with families or individuals who rent their homes of anything between two and five rooms for volunteers, interns and travelers from all over the world, as well as to Nicaraguan students. The result is a mix of family and shared life, wherein one or the other may predominate. This form of housing is characteristic of the Nicaraguan city of León, the reason being that many inhabitants of the city, especially in the city center, live in large colonial houses; but the families have become smaller and rooms are free. León is a student city, and it has long been common place that you sublet.
The rooms are usually equipped with a bed, a table and chair, as well as a storage space for clothes. In some houses, the rooms have a private bathroom and in the others, the bathroom is shared with the owners, other foreign visitors or Nicaraguan students.
You get your own key and can decide how closely or otherwise you want to live with families. Bed linen is provided and the room is cleaned weekly. It is not permitted to have overnight guests in the rooms.
For an extra charge, there is wifi internet and the kitchen can be used. You can also decide whether you want to eat with the family. Breakfast costs 2.50 USD, lunch and dinner 3.50 USD and 3 USD. Please see below, the example of the menu in Spanish.
Sample diet of host families:
These are alternatives that are selected by the family.
1. Gallo pinto, queso o maduro frito, Jugo, café con leche, leche o café.
2. Huevo con jamón, pan, Jugo, café con leche, leche o café.
3. Huevos revueltos, pan, Jugo, café con leche, leche o café.
4. Frutas de tres variedades, (sandìa, banano, melòn, papaya, dependiento de la temporada), acompañado de un jugo o café.
5. Panqueques, servidos con syrup y margarina, Jugo, café con leche, leche o café.

1. Indio Viejo. (Platillo tìpico Nicaraguense, preparado de maíz y carne desmenuzada, acompañado con plátano cocido), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
2. Beafteak de Cerdo o Res, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
3. Vigorón o Chancho con Yuca (Platillo típico Nicaraguense, preparado con carne de cerdo adobada, yuca cocida y ensalada), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
4. Chopsue o Chow Ming (Carne de pollo desmenuzada, camarones, mortadela, carne de cerdo, verduras, churritos cantones, acompañado con pan), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
5. Arroz relleno (arroz con carne de pollo, mortadela, zanahoria, chiltoma, cebolla, petupuas, acompañado con pan), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).   
6. Espagueti a la bolognesa (Spaguetti cocido, acompañado con salsa ragú, bolitas de carne molina, queso rallado), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
7. Chuleta de Pescado empanizada, arroz, tostones, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
8. Chuleta de Pollo a la Plancha, arroz, papas fritas, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
9. Tortitas de Carne molida, con tomates fritos, arroz, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
10. Pollo frito, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
11. Pollo con verduras, arroz, y tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
12. Guiso de pipian, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
13. Guiso de papas, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
14. Carne de res con verduras, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
15. Sopa de Res, Sopa de Gallina con albóndigas, Sopa de Frijoles con huevo.
16. Carne asada, ensalada, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
17. Fajitas de pollo y cerdo, arroz, ensalada, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
18. Chorizo de cerdo, fritos a la cazuela, arroz, frijoles, tortilla, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
1. Repochetas (2 Repochetas), (tortilla frita con queso fundido, ensalada u crema), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
2. Tacos de Pollo o Cerdo (2 Tacos), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
3. Gallo pinto con crema, queso, tortilla o pan, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
4. Huevos enteros, con tomates fritos, arroz, frijoles, tortilla o pan, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
5. Hamburguesa, con papas fritas, con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
6. Sandwich de queso amarillo, jamòn prensado, lechuga, tomate, cebolla, mayonesa, mostaza, salsa de tomate, margarina), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
7. Hot Dog (2 hot dogs), con su respectiva bebida (jugo natural o soda).
8. Nacatamal de Cerdo o Pollo (Comida Típica Nicaragüense), con su respectiva bebida (café negro o soda).


Hotel in León

As Comfort+ accommodation we use a small hotel in the historic centre of León, which is run by the owners. Each of the 27 rooms has its own bathroom, cable television, free Wifi and wired LAN, a small fridge and free coffee. There are two shared kitchens that can be used. Breakfast can be offered at a small extra. The hotel is making use of solar energy and energy-saving measures.


Other Projects That Might Interest You:

These projects are suggestions for alternatives that may interest you or those that could be chosen as COMBINATIONS. The combination of projects in different organizations is often possible and usually cheaper than two individual bookings. Please contact us to know more! Check out our other listings in the areas of "World Learner" and "Active Travel" at your travel destination to make your stay even more interesting.

Learning Spanish in León!

Learning Spanish in NicaraguaLearning Spanish is always helpful, and you can choose the intensity of your lessons. We recommend, however, a maximum of 10 hours per week. These are individual lessons with a teacher. Sometimes, students of similar knowledge levels can take lessons together. The cost of lessons does not vary according o the number of participants though.
The cost for Spanish lessons: 1 Student 8 EUR
Check "Language Training Required" in the registration form and specify the number of hours desired (minimum 20 hours).

Travel Health Insurance

We recommend the following travel insurance that is meant specifically for participants of internships, volunteering, language study, working holiday, and courses abroad. It is available for travelers of all nationalities and usable for all countries, except your home country. You can also add a journey liability insurance.
Just click on the link, fill in the form and you will get a confirmation email.

Getting To León

nnicaragua map
You book your flight to the airport of Managua (MGA). Also compare airfares to popular holiday destinations in the Caribbean and southern United States (e.g. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Orlando, Las Vegas, Panama, Santo Domingo, Cancún), from where you can book a cheap flight at or to Managua. From Managua airport you will be picked up and brought to Leon.
In the case of other locations in Nicaragua, we give you detailed information about travel. In most cases, you take a bus from Managua Airport and then you are picked up from the bus station near your place of work.

Check out our video on León !

Philippa from Germany completed a 9-month internship in the kindergarten, "Los Ositos" in León, Nicaragua. In this video, she takes us through the city of León. We also meet the Spanish teacher Aura Cristina and our (former) supervisor, Ninoska.

León - Colonial City in Nicaragua

León (175,000 inhabitants) is an old Spanish colonial city, located at a distance of around 90 km from the capital Managua and the international airport. The attractive beaches of the Pacific coast are only 15 km away and are easily and inexpensively accessible by public bus.
The city has a special atmosphere which makes one think of its wealthy past. For a long time, the university city has been the country's intellectual hub. Particularly during the university terms, the city is full of young people and has a vivid student life. Tourism is not yet developed much, but is constantly growing.
Problems of the country that participants will face during their volunteering or internship placement are the lack of development, poverty, high unemployment and insufficient educational, medical and social systems, particularly in the rural areas. Many rural Nicas migrate to the cities or leave the country altogether. Around 20% of all Nicaraguans live outside their own country.

Coordinator in León

Our coordinator in León is Katherine from Nicaragua and Stefanie from Austria.

Recreational Activities in León

In León there are numerous bars and night clubs; almost every night one can find live music somewhere. There are cinemas and a theater. At the House of Culture one can take dance, music, drawing, ballet and taekwondo lessons. The Nicas love fitness; there is a gym at almost every street.
The beaches of the Pacific coast (Poneloya und Las Peñitas) are only 15-20 km away. It is possible to surf. Around León, there are ranches where you can do horseback riding. There are several small towns around León where you can visit colonial or Indian ruins and see local handcraft production sites. In a day trip, you can visit natural parks with crater lakes or mangrove lagoons where boat trips are possible, and where you can see many birds and alligators.
Throughout the year, there are many festivals which are often religious.
On a multi-day trip, you can see the less explored paradise, "Corn Island", on the English Caribbean coast of Nicaragua.

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