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World Unite! in South Africa

South Africa is a country on the southernmost tip of the African continent known for its rich variety of landscapes, climates and African animals and plants. Kruger National Park, Cape Town with the Table Mountain National Park, the Garden Route and the Winelands attract hundreds of thousands of visitors each year.
Our two locations in South Africa, Cape Town and Port Elizabeth, are located on the south coast and have a pleasant Mediterranean climate.
South Africa is the most developed economic area of ​​the African continent. Many South African companies work on an internationally high level and are therefore suitable options for internships.
South Africa is a multi-ethnic country. The consequences of racial segregation (apartheid, 1948-1991) are still prevalent: Besides the high levels of development, there is still a high level of social inequality, extreme poverty and underdevelopment. Relations between ethnic groups remain fragile.
As a first language, 77% of South Africans name indigenous languages ​​(with the main ones being Zulu and Xhosa). Afrikaans is the first language for 13%, and English for 10% of the South Africans. Anyway, most South Africans are bilingual, trilingual or even quadrilingual, so you can usually easily communicate in English, especially in urban areas.

Locations in South Africa

Cape Town


Cape Town

Cape Town is a bustling metropolis and is considered the urban and cultural center of South Africa. If you like urban lifestyle, you will not be missing out here.
Table Mountain dominates the city, on whose shallow top impressive clouds often form and then slide down into the unique flora and fauna of its slopes, vineyards and beaches. They are part of the Table Mountain National Park, which provides opportunities for numerous excursions and nature activities nearby the city.
The city centre, also called "City Bowl", bordered by mountains and the beach, is modern and has offices, shops, restaurants, bars, museums, galleries, tourist attractions and the harbor. There are also many colonial buildings, such as in Long Street, which is a landmark with many antique shops, hotels, restaurants and bars.
The neighborhoods south of the university are popular amongst students. You will find bars and party locations there that are cheaper than in the city centre, and aimed at young people.
Further south, passing upscale residential areas, you will reach the scenic peninsula with its quiet coastal villages. At Cape Point, at the southermost tip of the peninsula (about an hour's drive from the city center), the Indian and Atlantic oceans merge. On the way there, on Boulders Beach of Simon's Town, you will find a large colony of African Penguins.
The suburbs north of the city center are mainly residential areas of middle to upper middle standards. West of it, there is the Atlantic Seaboard coastline, known for its white sand beaches, coastal roads and trendy bars and restaurants that also attract many holidaymakers. Its ocean waters however are rather cold for swimming.
The majority of the 3.7 million inhabitants of Cape Town live in townships, which are located mainly in the eastern outskirts, north along False Bay. They were founded during the time of racial segregation to accommodate the non-white population. Even today, many families live there in poverty under bad living conditions.
Our local support team in Cape Town includes Dawn and Susanne.

Port Elizabeth


Port Elizabeth

Port Elizabeth is located on South Africa's southern Indian Ocean coast.
The city, which has around 240,000 inhabitants, and which the South Africans usually simply refer to as "PE", has the reputation of being the "friendliest city of South Africa". It stretches for 16 km along the coast of the Algoa Bay. The parts of the city you can find along the shore line with its attractive beaches, are tidy, clean, modern, chic, and have lots of open space.
Just next to this, you can however find the densely populated townships, of which only the Walmer Township is located within the official grounds of the city of Port Elizabeth and is therefore included in the city's official population count. Other major townships around Port Elizabeth are Motherwell, Zwide, Kwazakhele, KwaMagxaki and New Brighton, where many people live in very little space under poor conditions.
The Algoa Bay is of major ecological importance for many seabirds at the southernmost tip of the African continent. Approximately half of the entire global population of the endangered African penguin (African Penguin) live on the islands of the Algoa Bay.
Due to the tidiness of city, its high development level, our accommodation at the shared volunteer house of high standards, and the personal and comprehensive support provided by Samantha, we recommend a placement in Port Elizabeth particularly to younger and less travel-experienced participants.
During your leisure time, you can relax at our cozy volunteer house (with pool!) or take long walks on the beach, which is just a 5-minutes' walk from your accommodation. Port Elizabeth is the perfect destination for excursions to the numerous National Parks and nature reserves of the Eastern Cape such as the Kragga Kamma Game Park, Shamwari Game Reserve or the well-known Addo Elephant Park.

Activities in South Africa

Internships & Volunteering

In Cape Town and Port Elizabeth we offer a wide range of volunteering placements, e.g. in social work, education, environmental conservation, animal welfare, law, agriculture, sport, women's groups, design and more. At the metropolis of Cape Town we also arrange internships, such as in the fields of medicine, media, business, tourism, IT, etc.

A placement in South Africa can also be perfectly combined with a placement in Zanzibar. Zanzibar is a tropical getaway destination for many South Africans and that's why there are cheap flights.

You can find all internships and volunteering placements in South Africa using the main menu at the top of this page, or by using the Activity Finder.

World Learner

We are an official recruitment representative of the English language centre of the University of Cape Town (UCT) where you can attend English language lessons, including TEFL courses.


Support with the research for your thesis/dissertation abroad is available in a variety of subject areas in South Africa, where we can assist you because of our good connections with NGOs, government and private institutions.

Discovering the country

Almost all of our participants are travelling around to get to know South Africa as well as other countries in southern and eastern Africa. Our local coordinators can give you information about excursions. As a World Unite! participant in South Africa you also receive discount rates on safaris and excursions in Tanzania.

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