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Media and Journalism Internship in China

Internship, Paid
We arrange journalism, media and IT internships with several companies in Beijing and Shanghai. The companies presented hereunder are examples; when you email us your CV/resume and application picture, we will be able to present you further options. Internships of 3 months or longer are typically paid around 2000 to 3500 RMB/month!

Project Details


Agency for digital Social Media Marketing

The internship is offered at a leading agency for digital Social Media Marketing. The company employs around 120 people; 80 are based at the headquarters in Beijing and the others in the sales offices in Shanghai, Hongkong, Tokyo and Sydney. Most of the clients are foreign companies that want to sell their products in China and make use of the Social Media Marketing services offered by the company where we offer the internships.
The clients include Durex, Hawaii Tourism, Fiji Tourism, Guam Tourism, Lexus, Bentley, Vanish, Dettol and others.
Internships are only possible in Beijing where there are three departments: Content Creation, SEM/SEO and web design/web programming and image processing.
The department of Content Creation primarily produces texts. Interns get PR texts of the clients and additionally research contents on their own and have to write short texts in English or a length of 200-250 words. These texts are then translated to Chinese and used on various platforms including the Chinese Facebook clone renren, the Chinese twitter clone weibo and others.
This internship is suitable for students and graduates of journalism, PR, Marketing.
In SEM/SEO (Search Engine Marketing/Search Engine Optimization), internships are possible for students and graduates of suitable subject areas such as IT, software development, media information technologies, but also electronics and engineering.
The area of web design/user interface design/image processing is suitable for interns with a background in graphic design or programming.
The company also offers internships in project management.
Internships are possible for students and graduates. The duration is 3-6 months. There is a monthly stipend of 240 USD for the first 3 months and 480 USD from the fourth month. For interns of outstanding performance, permanent employment can be offered after finishing their internship.

Editor for non-fiction books

The internship is with a publisher that offers a range consisting of more than 1,500 titles of non-fiction books about topics including social science, picture books, life, self-help and family, foreign language learning, and picture books.
The titles serve the high-end sector of the book market; many of the books are best-sellers. There is cooperation with famous authors, independent curators and publishers from Hong Kong and Taiwan.
Interns should be familiar with the processes of publishing. They assist with topic selection, editing of contents, reviewing manuscripts, guarantee quality of contents, read proof and communicate with the authors. You should hold at least a college degree, be familiar with the book market and the processes of publishing, they should have a high cultural literacy, be open-minded and cooperative. Applicants with experience in the sectors are preferred. The internship is paid.

English-language TV station

A private English-language television station headquartered in Beijing, is about to receive digital cable television and satellite programs made in China, aimed at an international audience. These will include documentaries, reports and news from the fields of culture, art, travel in China, economy and lifestyle.
The presenter is a professional speaker, presenting programs; the participant must be a native English speaker and also write scripts. In addition, producers and chief editors will be compensated as per experience. It is a well-paying internship.
Those with less experience may enter as assistants, which is also possible as an internship. Here, you commit yourself for at least 6 months and assist the presenter, Chief Editor and producer with all the tasks involved. You create and work on scripts and can also appear on the program. For this position, you need not be a native English speaker, but must possess commendable English skills.

Publisher of educational materials for English as a foreign language

The company publishes books and magazines used to teach English as a foreign language. The materials are mostly used by High School and University students. You will write and edit texts for these books and magazines. The internship is paid for internships of 3 months or longer. You should have good English language skills and ideally be a student of related subjects such as English, English as a foreign language, literature or journalism.

Car magazine "Auto Weekly"

Auto Weekly is China's weekly car magazine with the highest print run. As an intern, you will write news about Western cars, car manufacturers and automotive trends. Your texts will be translated into Chinese. The magazine also includes articles about lifestyle and travel. This internship is paid in case of an internship of 3 months or longer and is open to students and graduates.

Internship graphic design, DTP, ebook authoring

The company is an agency for design and layout/DTP, particularly of books and print publications. The agency works for publishers that deliver the contents for non-fiction books, picture books and fiction books. Other clients are big companies and universities that regularly publish reports, yearbooks etc. The majority of publications are in Chinese, but there are also multi-language publications and publications in English only.
Besides traditional print publications the agency also implements websites and interactive eBooks. For the CCTV state television, they produce 2D and 3D logo animations. There are 33 staff at the headquarters in Beijing, out of which 12 are designers.
Interns should have skills in graphic design, layout, desktop publishing or website/ebook authoring/programming. The internship duration should be at least 3 months; the internship is paid.
Info Box
Location: Beijing and Shanghai
Availability: All year, Start date flexiblebr /> Minimum Duration: 1 Months; compensation only for minimum 3 months
Maximum Duration: 12 Months
Language Requirements: English
Further Languages Of Advantage: Russian, Chinese, other languages
Shared Accommodation or Hotel
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: Media Professionals
Minimum Qualification Of Intern:
Solid English Language Skills
Internship Compensation: Yes, for a minimum of 3 months Interships 2000 to 3500 RMB/Month
Volunteering Possible: No
Required Qualification For Volunteer: -
Further Contribution To Project: -

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