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The New Normal - Corona safety on our programs in Tanzania & Zanzibar

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(updated March 23, 2022)

Travelling to Tanzania and Zanzibar is possible!

Entry to Tanzania and Zanzibar is possible without quarantine. Only travelers who don't have a minimum of 2 covid vaccinations, on arrival have to present a negative COVID test result, whereby the test must be carried out a maximum of 72 hours before arrival in Tanzania.
No reliable statistical data from Tanzania are published, but there seem to be hardly any cases of illness or death in connection with COVID-19. In recent weeks, several articles have been published in science magazines analyzing why COVID-19 has broken out in Africa (with the exception of South Africa) to a much lesser extent than in other continents (e.g. this article). The main reasons are presumably the young average age of the population, suspected cross-immunity with other, more harmless coronaviruses, and genetic factors.
The World Travel & Tourism Council confirmed Tanzania's "Safe travels" status on August 12th. The measures we have chosen are similar to those currently recommended by governments and implemented by tourism and accommodation companies around the world. We are convinced that our corona security measures mean that participation in our programs in Tanzania and Zanzibar does not pose a higher risk for participants than at home.

Why you should travel to Tanzania and Zanzibar right now!

Tanzania is a country without a social system and financially dependent on tourism. Missing travelers mean a devastating loss of income for many families. The probability of dying of hunger is much more realistic for Tanzanians than dying of coronavirus. Due to lower tourism income, the government's anti-poaching program in the national parks has also been stopped, so the unique African wildlife is endangered if there are no tourists.

While Getting to Tanzania and back

Flights are available by several airlines including Turkish Airlines, Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines and KLM since end of May 2020. International aviation authorities, airport operators and airlines have developed comprehensive measures to minimize the risk of infection at airports and on aircrafts, including the use of masks, physical distancing, disinfection and others. Many airlines also require a negative corona test, please check the conditions of your airline of choice. For your return journey, if you need a negative PCR or rapid antigen test for the airline or to enter your home country, these are available in Zanzibar and Tanzania (see details below under "Medical Care").
If you want to know more about corona-related air travel safety, you can read the report published by IATA.

While joining our programs in Tanzania and Zanzibar

1) Provision of support services by our team
  • The driver picking you up from the airport will wear a mouth and nose cover whenever in contact with you.
  • When first meeting you at the airport, the driver will provide you with a new, packaged multi-use washable mouth and nose cover for your personal use and hand disinfection gel (free of charge). We recommend you to wear the mask whenever social distancing cannot be realistically practiced and to disinfect your hands when you touch any surfaces, objects or people.
  • Our coordinators, whenever in contact with you (inside and outside the office) will also wear a mouth and nose cover
  • At our offices (Zanzibar and Moshi), hand sanitizer will be supplied at the entrance
2) At the accommodation
The following information applies to the following accommodation:
In Zanzibar: Mother Nature Forest Camp Jozani; Nungwi Turtle Bungalow; Migombani Shared House Zanzibar Town
In Tanzania: Mother Nature Forest Camp Kilimanjaro; KDC Shared House Moshi; Ntoku (KCMC) Shared House Moshi

  • In case of shared dorm room accommodation, beds are allocated in the available rooms in a way that permits the smallest possible number of persons sharing a room.
  • The maximum occupancy of all dorm-style accommodation is limited to a number of persons that make it possible to guarantee a minimum of 2 meters of distance between the beds, while at the same time air exchange with outside air is improved by removing physical barriers to air ventilation.
  • In case of single/double rooms, residents can decide whether they want a cleaner to enter the room or not during their entire duration of stay.
  • Cleaners are airing all communal and shared rooms for several hours every day.
  • We are providing hand sanitizer free of charge at the entrance of the accommodation.
  • We are providing liquid soap at all sinks at the accommodation free of charge. Instructions of proper handwashing are displayed.
  • Cleaners at the accommodation wear a mouth and nose cover at any time when entering the accommodation.
  • All door handles, light switches, kitchen surfaces, bathroom surfaces and any other surfaces that are regularly touched by participants in shared areas are disinfected at least once per day by our cleaners using bleach or alcohol-based disinfectants.
  • We have removed all unnecessary objects which are difficult to regularly disinfect/clean from our accommation (e.g. decorative pillows)
  • All cooks are wearing mask while cooking and in contact with participants
  • All meals provided at our accommodation have to be covered while being exposed to participants
  • Seating arrangements while food is served (and participants are not wearing masks) must allow 1.5 meters of distance between the participants.
Participants staying with host families or at other accommodation:
  • Should please pay attention to hand disinfection using the disinfectant gel provided
  • Should bring a clinical thermometer and report to our local coordinators immediately if the body temperature exceeds 37.6 degrees Celsius (=99.6 F) who will initiate appropriate measures (visit the doctor/isolation)
3)  At your internship/volunteering organisation and during your leisure time
  • In the Mother Nature locations in Nungwi, Jozani and Kilimanjaro, we check the body temperature of all participants every morning using an infrared thermometer. If a participant has 37.6 C (99.6 F) or more, appropriate measures will be initiated (visit to the doctor/isolation)
  • Participants are advised to wear the mouth and nose cover provided to them at any time when social distancing cannot be practiced.
  • Participants are advised to carry alcohol based hand disinfectant with them (that we can sell to them at purchase price)
  • For programs that don't include meals, participants are advised to either purchase take-away food and consume it at home or eat at restaurants that allow outdoor eating and enough social distancing. We will show such places to participants during their arrival orientation.
4) Medical care
  • Every World Unite! accommodation has an information card displayed about COVID-19 symptoms and contact information for doctors. In case of host families or other accommodation, this information will be handed out to participants upon arrival.
  • If participants show any COVID-19 symptoms, our coordinator will make an appointment at the following healthcare facilities and make sure they won't meet any other patients there while waiting or being treated, and accompany participants there.
  • The Caremed International Travel Insurance that we recommend covers medical expenses related to Coronavirus infection and also transport costs back home should they be necessary from a medical point of view
  • PCR tests are available in Dar es Salaam at the Aga Khan Hospital, with the result communicated within 24 hours. There are test centers in other cities and the result is communicated within 48 hours. In Zanzibar there are two test centres: Migombani (Zanzibar Town) and Makunduchi (South East Coast). The price is USD 150 in Tanzania mainland and 50 USD in Zanzibar.
  • Rapid antigen tests are offered at Dar es Salaam (DAR) and Kilimanjaro (JRO) airports and at the two test centres in Zanzibar. You have to get tested 5 hours before departure. The price is USD 10 in mainland Tanzania and USD 25 in Zanzibar.
In case of questions or doubts related to corona safety, you can always contact Chris (Diese E-Mail-Adresse ist vor Spambots geschützt! Zur Anzeige muss JavaScript eingeschaltet sein!).

Colourful masks made in Tanzania online on Etsy

- The masks are currently only available at our projects in Tanzania and at our office in Tokyo -
If you want to make an African fashion statement and support the local community of Mweka Village during a time when they have little income through tourism, you can order mouth and nose covers made by our team of the Kilimanjaro Forest Camp together with the Mweka Community online on Etsy (worldwide shipping from Germany).
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