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  • Au Pair and Child Care in Beijing and Shanghai

    Praktikum, Vergütet
    Either you live with a Chinese host family as an Au Pair, taking care of the family's children and teaching them English OR you stay at the university's student hall of residence,
  • Learning Chinese in Beijing

    We offer 2 options of Chinese Langue lessons: Lessons with a one-on-one teacher, which is the option that is available at many locations in China and more flexible time-wise and therefore more suitable if you want to learn Chinese simultanously with doing
  • Foreign Language Teacher Jobs in China

    Internship, Paid
    Full-time jobs possible during covid times (2021)! You speak German as your mother tongue and would like to teach as a language teacher in China for a year? We arrange paid German teacher
  • English Language Teacher Jobs in China

    Internship, Paid
    Possible during covid times (2021)! You want to teach English for one year in China? We arrange your job as an English teacher at private English schools and public primary
  • Electives and Medical/Nursing Internships in Mongolia

    We arrange electives and medical/nursing internships in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. At doctor's consultancies and district health centres, elective placements and internships are possible for students
  • Hotel Jobs in China

    Internship, Paid
    You can choose to work at the reception, in customer service or in other departments of 4 to 7 star hotels in China. The hotel jobs are possible in big cities like Beijing and Shanghai, as
  • Hotel Internships in China

    Internship, Paid
    We offer paid hotel internships in all major cities of China, as well as in the regions of tourist interest, such as the tropical island of Hainan in the South China Sea. ...
  • IT Internships in China

    Internships, Paid
    We can arrange IT internships in China with IT companies of various specializations. In continuation we will portray several internship positions, but we cooperate with further companies.
  • Intercultural Training for Groups

    We offer intercultural training for groups in India, China, Japan and Bolivia. The contents are specifically designed to cover the culture of the respective host country and target, for instance,
  • Cooking lessons in Beijing

    Chinese Cooking
    Chinese cuisine varies by region, ethnicity and class. As a result, developed over thousands of years, they have a variety of
  • Logistics internship in China

    Internships, Paid
    In terms of freight volume, China is by far the number one country in the world with more than triple the total volume of the US. Having detailled knowledge of the mechanisms of the movements of goods from
  • Marketing Internships in China

    Internships, Paid
    We arrange internships in China in the field of English marketing with different companies. In the following, we present some marketing internships as examples, but we do not work with
  • Media and Journalism Internship in China

    Internship, Paid
    We arrange journalism, media and IT internships with several companies in Beijing and Shanghai. The companies presented hereunder are examples; we are actually cooperating with more
  • Virtual Internships: Business, Finance, Marketing

    onlineinternship business

    Remote internships that are also available as on-site internships:

  • Example for Study Tour: "Manufacturing in China"

    In all countries in which we operate, we organise study tours in all fields such as medicine, social, economic, etc. according to the interest of the group. Study
  • Business Internships in China

    Remunerated on-site internships or remote/virtual internship
    We can arrange remunerated business internships in China. The following companies are examples for business internships, however we cooperate

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A wide selection of internships in many countries.

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Charitable placements worldwide.

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Learn your host country's knowledge.

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Your alternative holidays.

Academix Academix

Dissertations, intercultural learning.

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Working Holiday in Japan, China and Germany

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