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Electives and Medical/Nursing Internships in Mongolia

We arrange electives and medical/nursing internships in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. At doctor's consultancies and district health centres, elective placements and internships are possible for students who are in their first year of studies. For an elective or an internship at a specialised clinic, you should be at least in your 3rd year of studies.

Project Details

The Mongolian health system is structured as a three-level referral system. Patients first attend a "family health centre", which is basically a doctor's consultancy for general medicine, where several physicians work.
If needed, the family health centre refers a patient to the next level in the reference system, which is a "district health centre". These are larger general medical institutions. Depending on the location they may have different sizes. In Ulaanbaatar one of these hospitals has a total of 195 beds and around 7000 inpatients per year. There are 81 physicians and around 1800 cases of major surgery are done per year. The hospital's departments include General Medicine with 48 beds, intensive care unit with 6 beds, psychiatry with 26 beds, gastrointestinal department with 32 beds, blood and joint limb department with 32 beds, cardiology with 23 beds, pneumology with 14 beds and physiotherapy incl. acupuncture with 14 beds.
All departments in total have around 100,000 in-patients and out-patients per year. The emergency department has a total of around 2400 patients per year. There are 7 anaesthetist at the intensive care unit and at the surgery department.
Electives and internships are possible at these centres for students who are at least in their first year of medical or nursing studies.
The third level of the Mongolian referral system are specialised clinics. Such clinics always offer inpatient wards.
In Ulaanbaatar we can arrange electives and internships at clinics specialising in all common mecial fields such as cardiology, maternity, gynaecology, cancer, dermatology or accident emergencies. There is also physiotherapy, occupational therapy and traditional Chinese medicine including acupuncture. Elective students and interns at the specialised clinics should be at least in their 3rd year of studies.
An example of such a specialised clinic is the one for dermatology: It has a total capacity of 170 beds (63 for men, 63 for women and 44 for children). Furthermore, there is an outpatient department, a laboratory and a pharmacy. There are 35 doctors and 44 nurses at the clinic. In April 2014, 9376 outpatients were treated at the clinic and 482 inpatients. Common skin diseases include psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis, urticaria, mycosis and herpes zoster.
There are no pediatric hospitals in Mongolia, but specialised clinics usually have children's wards.
Generally, interns and elective students only observe during the first week of their placement and then assist the doctors and nurses under their supervision.
The doctors at the medical institutions are mostly Mongolian and Russian. Russian language is widely spread, doctors additionally speak some English, but nurses generally don't. We can make sure that interns and elective students get an English-language introduction and then at least once per week get feedback/support from an English-speaking physician.
Elective students and interns pay a weekly contribution of 40 USD to the hospital. We ask applicants to send us their CV/resume and a letter of reference from their university (both in English or Russian).
Elective/internship placements are possible of any duration from one week.
Male interns/elective students should bring 3 sets of white scrubs with top and trousers or 3 long white medical coats and they should wear white shoes. Female interns/elective students should bring 3 long white medical coats (under which they would wear regular cloth) and white sandals. All footwear should be used at the hospital only. The hospital's clothes can be washed with a washing machine at the accommodation.
The medical system in Mongolia is of high standard. There is a medical faculty at the University of Ulaanbaatar and many doctors have studied or attended further training in Russian or China. Medical university takes 6 years and then one has to work as an assistant doctor for a further 4 years, before being allowed to treat patients on his or her own. Mongolian medical students do elective placements and final year rotations at the hospital of the second level of the referral system and at the specialised clinics. There is no specific teaching hospital in Mongolia, which is part of the medical faculty.
Info Box
Location: Ulaanbaatar
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 1 Week
Maximum Duration: 1 Year
Language Requirements: English
Further Languages Of Advantage: Mongolian, Russian
Accommodation: Shared Accommodation Room
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: General Physician, Specialist, Nurse, Therapist
Minimum Qualification Of Intern:
Relevant studies
Cost For Supervision: 40 USD/Week
Volunteering Possible: No
Required Qualification For Volunteer: -
Further Contribution To Project: -

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