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  • Dissertations/theses abroad - List of topics

  • Architecture Internship in Navi Mumbai

    Internship and Online Internship
    We organise internships with a leading architectural company in Navi Mumbai for students and graduates of architecture, interior design, 3D
  • Au Pair and Child Care in Beijing and Shanghai

    Praktikum, Vergütet
    Either you live with a Chinese host family as an Au Pair, taking care of the family's children and teaching them English OR you stay at the university's student hall of residence,
  • Learning Ayurveda in Cochin/Kerala

    Ayurveda Learning
    Kerala, in South India, is the home of Ayurveda. As World Learner, you can learn in Fort Cochin, Kerala, the practical applications and the
  • Ayurveda Internships in Jaipur

    In Jaipur, we can offer internships with several Ayurveda institutions of different specialties and types of patients. You can combine these facilities on a weekly basis to get a broader insight
  • Job Orientation Internship in Jaipur

    Are you unsure what you are really interested in and you want to try out different options? Our program "Job orientation internship" makes this possible!
    In the city of Jaipur in
  • Changemaker's Journey - Social Business in India

    Changemaker's Journey
    "Changemaker's Journey – Social Business in India" is a study tour of 7 days duration, which gives an insight into the work of inspiring
  • Learning Chinese in Beijing

    We offer 2 options of Chinese Langue lessons: Lessons with a one-on-one teacher, which is the option that is available at many locations in China and more flexible time-wise and therefore more suitable if you want to learn Chinese simultanously with doing
  • Foreign Language Teacher Jobs in China

    Internship, Paid
    Full-time jobs possible during covid times (2022)! You speak German as your mother tongue and would like to teach as a language teacher in China for a year? We arrange paid German teacher
  • Don Bosco Centers for Street Children in Kerala

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    The Don Bosco Centres in Cochin/Kerala, South India, operate several programs for socially disadvantaged children and youth living on the street or coming from broken families, trying to
  • Drug Rehabilitation and Psychiatrist in Cochin/Kerala

    Internship, Virtual Internship and Volunteering Possible
    In Cochin, we provide internships and volunteering with Dr. Singh, a psychiatrist and a specialist in drug rehabilitation. In case of an on-site internship, you
  • Facilities for Special Needs Children in Cochin

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    We arrange internships and volunteering in special education, occupational therapy and nursing at a centre for special needs children, youth and
  • Empowerment and Education in Gurgaon

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    Run by the prominent pilot and women's rights advocate, Indraani Singh, the NGO "Literacy India" conducts education, empowerment and employment programs for socially
  • English Language Teacher Jobs in China

    Internship, Paid
    Possible during covid times (2022)! You want to teach English for one year in China? We arrange your job as an English teacher at private English schools and public primary
  • English Medium Schools and Kindergarten in Navi Mumbai

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    We arrange volunteering and internship placements at two English medium schools in Navi Mumbai that have kindergarten, primary and secondary sections
  • English language lessons in Jaipur, India

    In Jaipur, India, we offer English language lessons.You can choose between several courses including General English, Essay Writing and Business Writing English, Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS, and English Soft Skills in combination with Yoga.
  • Electives and Medical/Nursing Internships in Mongolia

    We arrange electives and medical/nursing internships in Ulaanbaatar, the capital of Mongolia. At doctor's consultancies and district health centres, elective placements and internships are possible for students
  • Electives, pre-medical, pre-nursing internships in Jaipur

    The large private hospital in Jaipur does not only allow medical, nursing and midwifery internships for university and college students, but also pre-medical, pre-nursing and pre-midwifery
  • Farm work in Japan

    Farmarbeit in Japan
    Now you have the chance to work and live on a Japanese farm, doing fully-remunerated farm work as part of your Working
  • Fatima Hospital in Cochin, Kerala

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    At Fatima Hospital in Cochin, Kerala, we arrange pre-medical placements, electives, internships and nursing placements. Also, volunteering opportunities

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