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  • Job Orientation Internship in Jaipur

    Are you unsure what you are really interested in and you want to try out different options? Our program "Job orientation internship" makes this possible!
    In the city of Jaipur in
  • Community Center in Tamra

    In the Community Centre in Tamra, volunteers can offer workshops for children and young people in the fields of sport, art, dance, culture, etc. You can suggest topics and the center can find
  • Dhow Countries Music Academy

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    The Dhow Countries Music Academy is a leading cultural institution in the field of musical education, with a focus on promotion, research and preservation of traditional
  • Graphic Design and Media Production Internships

    Internship and Online Internship possible
    With or without previous experience! - We can arrange internships in Graphic design, Layout, webdesign, and media content creation such as texts, images, videos in
  • Primary Schools and kindergartens at a township in Port Elizabeth

    Praktikum und Volunteering
    In townships there is still today a lack of educational opportunities. Additionally, many children don't even attend the existing schools regularly, often because they lack family
  • Youth Club and Manga Art in Tangier

    Dragon Tangier is a youth center in Tangier, which originated from a group that was interested in Japanese manga art, but now also takes up activities from various areas of creative
  • House of Culture, Leon

    Volunteering possible
    The House of Culture of León organises courses and activities in dance, theatre, art and music. Volunteers can hold workshops for individuals or groups in their area of
  • Mobile library and informal education for children in León

    Internships and Volunteering possible
    We offer volunteer placements with two informal educational projects in the borough Guadalupe of León: At the Minibiblioteca, which is a mobile library
  • Music Academy Bejt al Musica

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    Volunteers and music teacher-trainees can teach at the School of Music, where they have all musical instruments and guidance, and can also participate in musical groups; they can also teach
  • Pantomime with casteless women in Jodhpur

    v icon
    Sambhali Trust works with women in Jodhpur who are casteless and are at the bottom end of the socio-economic ladder. In early 2011, two voluntary German drama teachers came to Jodhpur and led an acting workshop with
  • Urban development and building conservation in Yangon

    icon pv
    In the city of Yangon, which is the only city in Asia with its historic core still intact, Doh Eain is renovating buildings of historical importance and upgrading public spaces.
  • Stone Town Heritage and National Museum

    Praktikum und Freiwilligeneinsatz möglich
    The Stone Town Heritage Society is dedicated to the preservation of culture and monuments of the Unesco World Heritage Site - Stone Town Zanzibar. The

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