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FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) - General

On this page, you will find some frequently asked General Questions . Country or site-specific questions ("How do I wash my clothes in Cochabamba?"), you will find in the tab "FAQs" in the respective project descriptions!

How far in advance do I need to register?

This question can not be answered generally, as this depends on how many other applicants/participants we have. Usually, it is of course, better to apply in advance so that we can properly plan and prepare, and ensure that placements in your desired deployment site is available.
Since we have a very wide range of applications, if we are, by any chance, unable to place you in your desired project, we will advise you on similar projects that may be of interest to you.
In general, we can organize a great stay abroad within a short period of time. We would however, require at least one week's lead time. Kindly write in to us and we will get back!

When I send my CV/resume, am I obliged to pay a fee/ confirm a project?

When you send us your CV/resume, we give you options free of charge. It is only when you confirm your project with us that you have to pay a deposit to secure the position. The rest of the amount can be paid one month ahead of the project.

If I combine two or more internships/volunteering assignments, do I get a discount on the full price for each?

Combinations within the country are often possible if the project is completed for the duration expected. This, however, we will need to confirm in individual cases, depending on the formalities necessary for the combination of work that often depends on labor laws (e.g. visa). For combinations at different locations or countries, we can usually give you a discount on multiple completion of the service package; the amount, we will notify you, depending on your desired combination and the workload involved individually.
Since we have a very wide range of applications, if we are, by any chance, unable to place you in your desired project, we will advise you on similar projects that may be of interest to you.
In general, we can organize a great stay abroad within a short period of time. We would however, require at least one week's lead time. Kindly write in to us and we will get back!

Can I get an internship credit for my studies?

This is typically possible, but it is up to your university to decide this. As part of the trouble-free package we can write or arrange confirmations about the internship. We can also sign and fill out internship contracts or an internship plan together with the internship organisation. Most of the organisations have qualified staff which can act as a mentor/supervisor for your internship. We can arrange proof for the qualification of the staff beforehand.

I am American/ Korean/ Colombian/ Indian/ Ukrainian/ Finnish... Can I get a place to volunteer/an internship through your organisation?

Theoretically, any human being of this planet can get a volunteer/an internship position through us. There are very few nationalities that are restricted to get visas for the countries that we offer. We will find this out for you. Costs for visas might differ depending on your nationality.

I am 32 / 35 / 49 / 76 years old. Am I too old to take part?

Of course not! We are happy about any partipants who can contribute their life and professional experience. We regularly have participants of all ages.

What is the minimum age?

The minimum age is usually 16 years old. For some internships and volunteering, there is a higher minimum age. This is specified in the infobox of the respective project descriptions. If you are not yet 18, we need the signature of your parent or guardian that he/she agrees to your stay abroad and take responsibility for your actions takes over there.

How and when do I have to pay?

As a rule, a deposit is made during booking and the balance, one month before arrival. The payment options are bank transfer, Paypal or by credit card. We will send you an email with the payment options. In the case of internships and volunteering, you also pay for the accommodation for the first month to us, one month prior to arrival. The rest of the rent, if you stay longer, you usually pay locally in cash.

I want to complete a project with my boyfriend/girlfriend. Is that possible?

This is possible in most cases, as most projects and organizations accept more than one volunteer at a time. Please inform us about what you want to do and when and we will check this! If you arrive as a group of five or more and will be doing the same voluntary work, you might also get a discount on the price of the trouble-free package.

Will I be the only foreigner at my destination or I will have contact with other western volunteers/interns?

At almost all locations, we have more than one program participants at any time. We will notify you before your arrival their e-mail addresses and telephone numbers which they will use on site and you can get in touch with them. Often, you live with them in an apartment or with a family.
If you want to have no or little contact with other foreigners, please let us know and we will find a volunteering/internship option where this is possible.

Are all your participants German?

No, about 70% of our participants are German and 30% are from USA, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Scandinavia and other countries.

Is it possible to extend an internship/voluntary work once in the host country?

Often this is difficult due to the visa or residence permit which is being issued for a certain time frame only. Instead of planning a short stay and possible extend it, it would be better if you knew prior to your stay for how long you realistically intend to stay as a maximum time.

Can I travel around before/after/during my internship/voluntary work?

Of course you can travel around. On our website, we also offer exciting offers in the field of Voluntourism, Community Tourism and "World Learner" activities in many countries of operations, which you can book. As World Unite! participants, in Tanzania, you get a significant reduction for safaris and tours through "Budget Safari Tanzania".

Do I have to apply for my visa in advance?

This depends on the country of your choice and the duration of stay. As part of the trouble-free package we will arrange everything that is possible for us and will let you know in detail, if there is anything that can only be done by yourself personally.

Why are volunteering assignments and many internships unpaid?

The very nature of volunteering consists in getting involved into a certain cause "voluntarily" and without any financial compensation.
Also for internships, there is usually no salary. In developing countries such as Tanzania there are no financial resources for interns. Please have a look at the average incomes in these countries: In Tanzania for example, a professional nurse with many years of work experience only makes around 100 USD per month (70 €). This amount, as part of the overall costs of your stay in Tanzania only play a minor part, but it is a high amount for many Tanzanian organizations. If they have the funds, it makes more sense for them (and for the economy and development of the country) to employ a professional from their own country for a longer time, rather than paying foreign short-time interns. In India, income levels are even lower than this. Qualified staff in many parts of India has an average income of 50 USD per month.
Payment is available for Working Holiday Jobs and Internships in China and Japan. A few paid (low paying) internships with companies (e.g. tour operators, hotels) are available in other countries (e.g. India, Tanzania), who often provide incentives such as accommodation and/or meals.

I want to emigrate. Can you negotiate with a paid job?

Please look at the remunerated positions within the category Working Holiday. Some internships are paid, especially in China and Japan, but also in India and Tanzania. An internship is often a good starting place, even if it is temporary. You can use the contacts and show your capability and thereby possibly find a permanent job in your destination country. We have had many participants, where this has worked.

What happens if I have problems at my work site? Can I change the work site?

Should you really have problems, we first try to mediate between the work site and you to clarify misconceptions that can often be culturally determined. If this is not possible, then we try to organize an alternate location in the same country for you. We have our local coordinators to help us with the same.

Can I do my BA/MA/PhD dissertation/thesis paper with a project that you offer?

This is possible; please refer to our category "Academics> Theses Abroad".

Will a child allowance be paid by my government if I do an internship with World Unite!?

Please check the regulations concerning child allowance in your country of residence. We can issue confirmations about your activity.

Can you send me your catalog or brochure?

To save costs, we renounce large printed advertising and information materials. This cost advantage, we direct back to you. We constantly update our website so that all information is available to you. If you have any further questions, we will be happy to answer them.

I would like to support a non-profit project other than through being a volunteer. Can you help?

Kindly register with us and share with us your ideas. We like to give as much benefit to the projects and are eager to entertain any kind of support. We help in donations and this is of course, completely free of charge.

I have many old clothes. Can I send them to Africa and you give them to an orphanage?

In general, the shipping costs are in proportion to the value of the clothes; thus, who benefits the most from this are courier companies. It is better for you to donate the clothes to a non-profit project in your country of residence, and donate the amount that the shipping would have cost to the orphanage or any other cause. With this amount, we can buy new clothes or other items required on site. We also support the local economy, for example, tailors, who make the clothes.

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