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  • Architecture Internship in Arusha

    p icon
    Are you a student of architecture looking for an internship abroad? An architecture internship in Tanzania will give you interesting insights into the work of an architect and construction projects in
  • Architecture Internship in Navi Mumbai

    Praktikum, vergütet
    We organise internships with a leading architectural company in Navi Mumbai for students and graduates of architecture, interior design, 3D visualisation,
  • Architecture internship in Tangier

    We offer in Tangier, Morocco an internship at a prestigious architecture firm in which 5 architects and 2 architectural draftsman work. You work in the team for at least 3
  • Vocational Teacher - Metal, Wood and Engineering

    If you have good knowledge in the areas of carpentry, metal work or engineering and would like to teach young people about the same, you can choose to either volunteer at
  • Gaia Pacha - Environmental Technology, Environmental Education, Research

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    Gaia Pacha Foundation is a leading non-profit in South America, in the area of environmental technology, environmental education, climate research and environmental
  • IT Internships in China

    Internships, Paid
    We can arrange IT internships in China with IT companies of various specializations. In continuation we will portray several internship positions, but we cooperate with further companies.
  • Engineering Internships in India

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    With and without previous experience! At various cities in India we can arrange engineering internships, such as mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering
  • IT Internships in India

    Vergütetes Praktikum
    With or without previous experience! - We arrange IT internships in all bigger cities of India. You will email to us your CV/resume and let us know what internship you are looking for
  • Logistics internship in China

    Internships, Paid
    In terms of freight volume, China is by far the number one country in the world with more than triple the total volume of the US. Having detailled knowledge of the mechanisms of the movements of goods from
  • Sustainability in Zanzibar - Waste, Agriculture, Environmental Education

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    Volunteering and supervised internships are possible with our partner Sustainable East Africa in waste management, waste reduction and recycling,
  • Organic Farm in Israel

    You can volunteer at an organic farm in Tamra/Israel, cultivating vegetables, olives and pomegranates, and making use of innovative sustainable techniques such as aquaponics, composting and
  • Print and Audio Media for the Visually Impaired

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    The Indian National Association for the Blind (NAB) is the largest producer of media for the blind in India. Its English-language titles, however, are being used in other countries such
  • Solar Technology in Farming and Everyday Life

    Internship und Volunteering Possible
    Solar technologies can provide reliable energy solutions even at remote locations. A solar company in Arusha is developing, planning, supplying and installing
  • Urban development and building conservation in Yangon

    icon pv
    In the city of Yangon, which is the only city in Asia with its historic core still intact, Doh Eain is renovating buildings of historical importance and upgrading public spaces.
  • Environmental Technology and Management in Navi Mumbai

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    Environmental Greenliness is an NGO that provides consulting and planning services as well as technical solutions in the fields of waste management, rainwater treatment, wastewater management, tree

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