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  • Arabic in Morocco

    In Tangier in the north of Morocco, you can learn both Standard Modern Arabic, as well as the Moroccan Darija dialect. Your classes will always be one-on-one lessons with the teacher. If 2-3 individuals with similar knowledge book together,
  • Learning Chinese in Beijing

    We offer 2 options of Chinese Langue lessons: Lessons with a one-on-one teacher, which is the option that is available at many locations in China and more flexible time-wise and therefore more suitable if you want to learn Chinese simultanously with doing
  • English and TEFL Courses at University of Cape Town

    In Cape Town you can take part in group courses at the English Language Centre of the University of Cape Town (UCT). The University of Cape Town is considered the best university on the African continent and offers you a cosmopolitan and
  • English language lessons in Jaipur, India

    In Jaipur, India, we offer English language lessons.You can choose between several courses including General English, Essay Writing and Business Writing English, Preparation for TOEFL/IELTS, and English Soft Skills in combination with Yoga.
  • English lessons in Zanzibar

    You want to improve your level of English as a foreign language? The tropical island of Zanzibar is a wonderful location to learn English! We organize one-on-one English language lessons. The language teacher can therefore respond individually to
  • Learning French in Morocco - also ONLINE!

    You can learn French in Morocco, which is usually cheaper than in France, even for one-on-one lessons, while teachers have the same qualifications as in France. You also find yourself in an exciting travel destination! Come and learn French in Tangier under the sun of
  • Hindi Lessons in Jaipur - ONLINE POSSIBLE!

    It is also possible to book ONLINE Hindi Lessons with teachers out of Jaipur via Skype! Simply fill the Inquiry/Booking Form and mention "Online" in the comment
  • Learning Indigenous Languages

    We offer language classes for the following indigenous and local languages:
    • Quechua and Aymara in Bolivia
    • Maa, Chagga and Iraqw in Tanzania
    • Fanti, Akan and Twi in Ghana
    • Malayalam in
  • Japanese language lessons on Sado Island

    It is also possible to book ONLINE one-to-one Japanese Lessons with teachers out of Sado Island! Simply fill the Inquiry/Booking Form and mention "Online" in the comment
  • Japanese language lessons in Tokyo

    We conduct our own Japanese conversation course with a monthly start in Tok