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Urafiki Cup
Urafiki Cup
Urafiki Cup
Urafiki Cup
Urafiki Cup
Urafiki Cup
Samulizi Ground
Samulizi Ground

Football (soccer) and athletics coach in Tanzania  

In Tanzania we can arrange several placements for volunteers as sports coaches.

The "Zanzibar Amateur Athletics Association" is giving athlectics training to all age groups, to male and female athletes. The participants are practising all events of sprint, middle and long distance runs, as well as disciplines of jumping and throwing. 

Some athletes are participating in international competitions and even reach olympic levels. Some women are very successful in sprinting. Mr. Gulaam, the director of the association has participated various times at world championships in 400 m hurdles.

Due to the high daytime temperatures, the athletes usually exercise in the early morning at around 6:30 a.m. in Amani Stadium, the large stadium of Zanzibar which also has electronic measurement devices. Additionnaly, from around 4:30 the large lawns of Maisara are being used by sports associations to practise athletics and football (soccer).

Volunteers with appropiate skills can teach athletics to sportspeople of all ages.

The organisation "Zanzibar Football Standard & Talents Advancement“ has the aim to discover talented players, support them and raise the level of football on the island in general. Further, the idea is also, by the means of football, to offer a meaningful and healthy leisure activity to children and youth, keeping them away from drug abuse and crime. 

The organisation has 15 local volunteers that are regularly spotting talents on the football grounds of the island. At the moment, 45 talented young players have been found that meet every Saturday and Sunday at "Samulizi Ground" behind the big Amani Stadium of Zanzibar to get some football coaching.

Volunteers can assist both with finding talents and also being a football coach. As the organisation is run completely on a voluntary base, they cannot offer a full-time activity to volunteers. Therefore, foreign volunteers can during the weekdays train sports at the "Zanzibar Amateur Athletics Association".

Another location for volunteer fooball and sport coaches is the Mwema Centre for street children in Karatu/Ngorongoro. The centre has a football team which is playing in the regional Coca-Cola league for under 17-years-olds agains other student teams. Besides football, they also play volleyball and basketball. 

Please see below the report of Art Stavenko who was coaching football in Zanzibar.

You can also see pictures of the "First Zanzibarian Urafiki Cup" tournament that he arranged on our Facebook page.

A similar sports event has been arranged by our volunteer Olaf Butterbrod in Moshi/Kilimanjaro. See pictures about it here.

Info box:

Location: Zanzibar or Karatu/Ngorongoro, Tanzania

Duration: Minimum 2 weeks

Special qualification required: Yes 

Costs: free of charge (trouble-free package for € 500 is optional)

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel, health insurance, visa, work permit

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Coaching football in Zanzibar (by Art Stavenko)

I had two teams to coach - in Zanzibar City and in Uzi island. I had had some coaching experience before, but this time was absolutely unique and breathtaking.

The first team consisted of 15-18 years old kids. We learned a lot of exercises and combinations, trying to pick up how to think on football pitch, as physically they are all very gifted. I brought with me many souvenirs from the famous English clubs which the kids adore, and awarded one prize for the best player of the day. It was a real solemn ceremony when all the players and people from the nearby areas gathered in the centre of the football field to find out who was a hero today. I am also very grateful that the members of ZAFSA organization escorted me back home after every single training. After two weeks all the players passed through various tests, and I provided the results of it with my recommendations to the head of ZAFSA.

I had just six trainings in Uzi with a local team. Despite the age of the players varied from 18 to 35, it was a real pleasure to coach them as they tried to absorb every feint or advice. The team participated in some Zanzibar championship, and after the games we were analyzing their mistakes on the improvised pitch-hardware on the ground with baobab seeds instead of players.

The culmination of our trainings was an inter-island tournament (named Zanzibarian Urafiki Cup) organized with the kind help of World Unite! and ZAFSA members. We expected about 80 young players coming from Stone Town and Uzi island to the stadium to play for the big Cup. I ordered the cup from the US, but, ironically, it was not delivered in time leaving me in the awkward situation. Finally, after hectic searches and with priceless help of Mr. Aliy and Mr.Freddy of World Unite!, I managed to find a large decent cup in one of the Zanzibar shops. I felt like I have bought the last cup left in this world.

The tournament seemed to be a success. There were prizes for the two best players and some free coconut juice for the the rest. In the end, I used Coca-Cola crates to construct a podium, and the captain of the winning team lifted up the cup to the battle-cries accompaniment of the players.

The tournament was planned as an annual challenge cup, and I hope the Second Urafiki Cup will be held again in March 2012. Once again I enjoyed my every minute in Zanzibar. I want to thank so much everybody in Zanzibar who were so friendly, helpful and absolutely brilliant.

I will be glad to come back one day, but cannot guarantee I will have enough spare time. But what I can guarantee is that I will allocate some advertisements in the UK for volunteers to go to Zanzibar as football coaches. I will answer all their questions and meet them with pleasure in London for further instructions.