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Die Kinderkrippe von Tanger
Windeln wechseln
Sitzecke, auf der 24 h Betreuer schlafen können
Schlafsaal für größere Kinder
Schwimmbad im Sommer
Wohnheim der barmherzigen Schwestern
Baby nursery and kindergarten in Morocco 

There are two organisations in Tangier/Morocco where we can offer volunteering options with small children.

At the Baby Nursery ("La Crèche de Tanger") there are 40 children between 0 and 11 years who are waiting to be adopted. 4 of them are autistic children, 2 are suffering from hydrocephalus and a few more have certain handicaps. Most of the children have been living at the Nursery since their birth. In most cases the reason is that they are children of unmarried mothers which is not acceptable in Moroccan society. Just a few of the children have joined La Crèche at a later moment because of social reasons.

There are sufficient families who want to adopt a child, however there are often long delays to deal with all the legal issues. Boys generally stay for a longer time at the centre as girls are more popular for adoptions. Handicapped children usually don't find anyone to adopt them. Most families who adopt the children are from Morocco or Spain. According to Moroccan law all adoptive parents have to be of Muslim religion.

The task for volunteers will be to give love and affection to the children; to bottle-feed and diaper the babies, to teach simple topics and to play and paint with the children. 

The daily routine is usually as follows: The kids get up at 5 in the morning, they will then take a shower and get dressed. After breakfast, they will leave the centre to go to school at 7:30. The autistic children will be picked up by a special bus. The smaller children will stay at the centre and the volunteers will play with them. In the summertime (starting 15th of May) there will be daily swimming at the centre's swimming pool.

After swimming they will take another shower and will then have lunch. At around 2:40 p.m. they will do siesta until around 5 p.m. At around 3 p.m. the older kids return from school. They will then do their homework and the younger children will play again. For the 24 hours supervision of the autistic children, volunteers can sleep on a bench in the centre.

It is possible to stay for short durations of time (minimum 1 week), as the kids have to get accustomed that one day they will have to leave the centre and their caregivers.

There are 20 single mothers with babies and toddlers of 0 to 2 years staying at the Kindergarten and residential home for single mothers of the Gracious Sisters of Calcutta in the old city centre of Tangier. 

In several rooms, the kids can play with their mothers and the nuns. Every day around 10 further single mothers who don't live at the centre are bringing their children. Additionally, every Wednesday, the centre is open to street children who will be washed and play some games.

Volunteers will spend time with the children, mothers and street children.


At La Creche, qualified psychology student internships are possible. Our team member Fenna who is a psychologist will supervise you, giving you an introduction and tasks. She will at least once per week tutor you. She is providing psychotherapy treatments herself twice per week in the afternoon to children.

Your tasks will include:

* Tests with the children. You can bring copies of test from your university (along with instructions and evaluation templates) and do them with the young children. This can include image interpretation tests such as the one with the tree or house. You can find out whether there are differences between the children of La Creche and children of the general population. You can also look into cultural influences. Fenna will support you with this.
* Workshops/activities with the children to stimulate their creativity and improving their processing of emotions. Fenna can introduce you to basic concepts of art therapy. You can also review literature about the topic and then perform related activities with the children.
* There are children with behavioral peculiarities, and with developmental delays that you can observe, and interact with affected children
* Further, you can observe the interaction between the children and the general population and analyse your observations from a psychological point of view (e.g. contingency analysis).
* These tasks are also possible if you don't have very good command of French language, as you can communicate with Fenna in English
* La Creche offers a lot of freedom to do with the children what you want to, which is an opportunity that exists at few institutions. You should first learn the theory from academic literature, that you can then apply with the children of La Creche through observation and activities, and Fenna will be available for you, providing feedback and explanations.


Info box:

Location: Tangier, Morocco

Duration: Minimum 4 weeks*

Special qualifications needed: no

Costs: none, the trouble-free package is optional; for psychology internship with Fenna's supervision, the trouble-free package is mandatory.

Accommodation: Not included

Meals: Not included

Included: Placement in the project; if you opt for the trouble-free package the whole range of services which is part of the trouble-free package is included

Not included: Travel to Morocco, health insurance

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*You can also book this activity as a 1-3 weeks  "Voluntourism Hopper"