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Los Ositos
Die jüngsten
Die jüngsten
Hogar La Recolección
La recolección
Voluntourism & Internship Hopper in León/Nicaragua
This is our option for short-term (1-4 weeks) volunteering and internships. Choose from the following options:
* Kindergarten Los Ositos
* Public school José Madriz
* Girl's home La Recolección
* House of Culture León
* San Vicente de Paul (Medical centre; home for old aged)
* School for mentally and/or physically disabled children
* Hospitals in León

Rates per Person in Euro (€):

All project:

1 week: 1 Persons 350 €; 2 Persons 280 €
2 weeks: 1 Person 430 €; 2 Persons 320 €
3 weeks: 1 Person 470 €; 2 Persons 360 €
4 weeks: 1 Person 510 €; 2 Persons 420 €  

Use the Yahoo! Currency converter to convert rates to USD, AUD, GBP etc.

Rate includes:

• Transfer from Managua Airport to León and back

• Accommodation at single room (in case of 2 persons double room) with a host family at the historic city centre of León without meals.

• Introduction at the project

• Info PDF

Note: It is also possible to volunteer or do an internship with these organizations of longer duration. Just have a look at the respective pages which on our website are categorized under "Volunteering" and "Internships" (or see the direct links at the very bottom of this page).

NEW: Voluntourism-Hopper 1-8 weeks Marine Turtle Conservation Project in Estero Padre Ramos (Chinandega). Read more here.

Kindergarten Los Ositos

Los Ositos is a community kindergarten in the neighbourhood Fundecí in León, located around 20 minutes by foot from León city centre. The kindergarten is run by the people of the neighbourhood.

Possible activities are to assist the teachers, to arrange and carry out specific exercises and activities, and to take care of the youngest children.

Public school José Madriz

José Madriz is a public school, attended by about 800 students, of whom around 500 are at primary school level (primaria) and 300 at secondary level (secundaria).  

Volunteers/interns support the local teachers teaching all subject areas if their Spanish skills are sufficent. Otherwise they can focus on teaching English, which is obligatory for all students aged 12-16 years. The level of English being taught is basic. Further, volunteers and interns can assist with OPV (Orientación práctica vocacional).

Girls' Home La Recolección

Run by Catholic nuns, "La Recolección" is a home to girls aged 5‐18 years. 16 girls stay at the centre ("Internas") and around 30 girls only attend the centre in the afternoon ("semi-internas").

Volunteers participate in home work support from around 1:30 pm to 5 pm (especially English and Maths) and they arrange late afternoon activities. In the morning, volunteers can also help out at the La Recolección school.

House of Culture León

The House of Culture of León is a private institution offering a variety of cultural lessons and activities. Volunteers with relevant skills can provide lessons of Salsa, drawing, painting, ballet and taekwando, but they can also train the local instructors/teachers to improve their skills.

San Vicente de Paul (Medical centre and old people's home)

Medical Centre: Sociedad San Vicente de Paul rund a nursing home next to Leóns public hospital HEODRA accommodating patients who don't have anyone looking after them. As in many other countries, HEODRA hospital doesn't provide any meals, laundry service etc., but it is expected that the patient's family members deal with these issues. San Vicente de Paul is offering these services (accommodation, breakfast, dinner, laundry service) for free for those who cannot count of the help of anyone, along with provision of medicines. Further, the home provides medical treatments and consultations, dental treatments, laboratory services and support for malnourished children.

Home for old aged: At another location, the organization is running an old people's home. It is very open to people offering help. Possible activities include washing patients, distributing medicines, taking care of wounds, assisting people in their mobility (getting to mass, strolling in the gardens), organising activities (e.g. bingo), offering mental support. 

Schools for special needs children

Special needs school Sutiaba: Around 110 children aged 3 to 18 years who have motoric, visual, auditory and/or intelectual impairments attend the special needs school of Sutiaba, which is the only public special education school of León. Volunteers and interns are being assigned to a local professional to support him or her. Further, they can assist with the preparation of the classes and working out educational materials.

Los Pipitos:
In León, Los Pipitos has about 20 children, most of them deaf and some with other physical of mental impairments. They receive class in 3 class rooms and there is also a room where they can play and train their locomotion and speech skills. At this organization the volunteer should have a broad interest and a lot of initiative: you will have to find out for yourself what your role could precisely be or become.

Hospitals in León (min. 3 weeks)

Electives, internships and final year rotations for medical and nursing students, and volunteer positions for healthcare professionals are possible at the public hospital "HEODRA" in León and at the private hospitals "AMOCSA". The minimum duration is 3 weeks.

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If you are looking for a volunteering or internship position of longer duration at one of the organizations which are presented on this page, please check the respective pages which on our website are categorized under "Volunteering" and "Internships". These are the direct links:

* Kindergarten Los Ositos
* Public school
* Girls' Home La Recolección
* House of Culture León
* San Vicente de Paul (Medical centre; Home for old aged)
* Special needs school
* Hospitals in León