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Internships / Student placements
You can find our options for internships/ student placements of a duration of 1 month or longer choosing "Volunteering & internships" from the menu on the top of this website.
If you are looking for an internship of a duration of 1-4 weeks only, the options are more limited, but there are still many possibilities. Please choose "Voluntourism" and then "Voluntourism & Internship Hopper" from the menu on the top of this website.

Target group for internships are students who want to or have to do a practical job training as part of their studies or apprenticeship, or anyone aged 18 or older who wants to improve his or her professional experience or  find a professional (re-)orientation abroad.
Such internships are an investment into your future and will improve any CV (resumé). From home, it is different to arrange such internship abroad by yourself. If you do it through us it will save you a lot of time and hassle.
For internships that require supervision/tutoring from a professional staff member and written confirmation for university credit, it is mandatory to book our trouble-free package. Through the revenues we generate from offering internships, we finance our commitment to charitable causes. 
How it works:
You let us know which internship you are interested in and tell us approximately when you want to do it, also please email us your CV/ resumé - for Tanzania, Zanzibar, Israel, India and China in English, for Morocco in French, and for Nicaragua and Bolivia in Spanish. Typically we can confirm your internship after a couple of days. If the internship of your choice is not available we will look for alternative options. We will not charge you anything so far. Only if you accept the internship, you will then book our trouble-free package.
If you are looking for an internship which is not (yet) listed on our website, please email us. Possibly we can offer you what you are looking for anyway. You don't have to pay anything before you accept any suggestion we will make you. 
Note: Please also have a look at "World Learner" to find out if there is anything that might be interesting you for you as an internship.
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