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Mahima kindergarten
Mahima kindergarten
Mahima kindergarten
Mahima kindergarten
Mahima kindergarten
Palms Care Boy's Home
Palms Care Boy's Home
Palms Care Boy's Home
Slum Thurbe
Prince and Princess trust kindergarten
Slum in Indra Naghar
Helen Keller Institute Navi Mumbai
Helen Keller Institute Navi Mumbai
Helen Keller Institute Navi Mumbai
Helen Keller Institute Navi Mumbai
Vashi Times
Voluntourism & Internship Hopper in Navi Mumbai/India
This is our option for short-term (1-4 weeks) volunteering and internships. Choose from the following options:
* Mahima Kindergarten
* Palms Care boy's orphanage
* Aarambh (Social Work and education in slum area)
* Helen Keller centre for deaf-blind children
* Vashi Times (newspaper internship)
* MGM Kalamboli Hospital for general medicine and nursing (elective, volunteering)
* MGM Kamothe Hospital for psychotherapy (elective, volunteering) 
* ACE (psychology)
* Environmental Greenliness (internship environmental technologies)

Rates per person in Euro (€):

All projects:

Option 1 (incl. host family accommodation, shared apartment or student's hostel - you can choose!)

2 weeks: 390 € p.p.
3 weeks: 410 € p.p.
4 weeks: 430 € p.p.

Option 2 (incl. accommodation at Blue Diamond Hotel)

1 week: 1 person 350 €; 2 persons 260 €
2 weeks: 1 person 450 €; 2 persons 320 €
3 weeks: 1 person 560 €; 2 persons 400 €
4 weeks: 1 person 670 €; 2 persons 480 €   

For MGM Hospital, 200 USD have to be paid additionally directly to the hospital for electives/internship and volunteering of up to one month; at ACE 5000 Rupees per month. 

Use the Yahoo! Currency converter to convert rates to USD, AUD, GBP etc.

Rate includes:

• Return transfers between Mumbai airport and accommodation 

• Accommodation depending on your choice, either with host family, or at shared apartment together with other participants, at an Indian students' hostel, or at Blue Diamond Hotel.

In case of host family not including meals. Many families however can provide meals at a small extra (approx. 30 €/ 40 USD per month), please ask the family directly if you are interested. In case of the option of the apartment, you will share the apartment with 2-4 other participants. For both options, you will be accommodated in a double room, shared with another participant; however, you can have a single room if we have enough rooms at that moment. You can cook at the apartment. In case of the students' hostel, you will share a room with other participants and/or Indian students. It is also possible to order meals at the hostel at a small extra.

In case of hotel accommodation: Single room accommodation (in case of 2 persons sharing double-room) at "Blue Diamond" Hotel in Vashi/Navi Mumbai. Blue Diamond is a hotel of middle category at a very convenient location in the centre of Vashi, Navi Mumbai's most developed area. The language school and all other parts of the city are easily reachable by public transport (train, bus, autorickshaw), just as shops, restaurants, shopping malls etc. It is a safe neighbourhood, even at night. Breakfast can be booked additionally at the hotel; the hotel also runs a restaurant, however there are plenty of restaurants are nearby, from Indian to International cuisine, from cheap to upper standard.

• Introduction at the project

• Info PDF

Note: It is also possible to volunteer or do an internship with these organizations of longer duration. Just have a look at the respective pages which on our website are categorized under "Volunteering" and "Internships" (or see the direct links at the very bottom of this page).

Mahima Kindergarten

Mahima Kindergarten is an English-speaking Christian organization. The children are 3-5 years old and they are from poor families from slum areas. Many of them are the children of sex workers.

You can support the 4 staff members by teaching the children reading, writing and simple mathematics, you can draw and do handcrafts with them, make banner and posters, make music (there are instruments including a piano, a guitar and drums), sports (the children are learning Taekwondo), teach them computer basics and general knowledge, tell stories (the stories don't necessarily need to be religious stories) and play with them.

The kindergarten is open every day from 9am-12:30pm. It is part of a school which has primary and secondary level, where you can also assist.

Palms Care Orphanage for boys

The orphanage provides children who have been found on the streets and whose background is not clear (many of them don't even know their own name) shelter, food, clothes and a family-like atmosphere. Mr. Nelson and his wife Zenith, the founders and directors of the NGO are currently staying with the children.

There are currently 6 boys aged under 7 years, but in 2014 further children will be added if finances permit. The house provides space forr 14 kids.

Volunteers support the children in all regards and spend time with them. The NGO is also regularly doing activities in the slum such as workshops and distribution of food supplies that you can help with.


Aarambh is an NGO that supports people living in poverty-stricken areas of Navi Mumbai. Since the NGO's start in 1996, more than 1200 children could be given the opportunity to graduate from public school thanks to the intervention of the NGO's 10 community centres. To guarantee long-term sustainable effect for the child, the NGO's concept is to develop the child's entire family - for instance the mothers are being organised in women's groups where they are being trained to carry out leadership roles in the community.

Internships and volunteering with Aarambh is possible for participants from the subject areas of social work, education, special education etc.  

Helen Keller Centre

The Helen Keller Centre in New Mumbai is a special education day centre and home for deaf and deafblind children and youth. 70 deaf and 45 deafblind children and youth are attending the centre every day. From the 45 deafblind children and youth, 25 live in the centre as only there an adequate care can be guaranteed. Their parents don’t have the financial means nor education/understanding to look after the children in an acceptable way.

Volunteers can assist in the following areas: Working out educational materials, doing leisure activities such as swimming, yoga, sports, arts and handcrafts, nutritional consulting to assist the nurses, computer training, physiotherapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nursing and special education.

Vashi Times Newpaper internship

Vashi Times is an English-language weekly regional newspaper for Navi Mumbai. Short-time internships are possible at the editorial office where interns either edit news of news agents, or research and write their own articles. Participants should be able to write articles in English.

MGM Kalamboli Hospital for general medicine and nursing (elective/internship, volunteering) 

Short time internships, electives and volunteering are possible at MGM Hospital in Kalamboli, an area of Navi Mumbai only for students or professionals from the healthcare area. Please refer to below link for details.

MGM Kamothe Hospital for psychotherapy (elective/internship, volunteering) 

Short time internships, electives and volunteering are possible at MGM Hospital in Kamothei, an area of Navi Mumbai only for students or professionals from the subject areas of psychology, psychotherapy and psychiatry. Please refer to below link for details.

ACE (Academy for Counseling & Education)

Psychology internships are possible at the centres of ACE (Academy for Counseling & Education). ACE is a counseling method which has been developed during 17 years by clinical psychologist Ms. Salma Prabhu. The focus of ACE is on career counseling, remedial education, individual and corporate counseling services, and HR training/intervention programs. 

Environmental Greenliness

Environmental Greenliness offers tutorized/supervised internships to students of subject areas related to environmental technology, environmental management, biology etc. The company offers consultancy and implementation services for environmental tasks including solid waste management, rain water harvesting, sewage treatment, tree planting and environmental upgradation of industrial sites. They also install biogas plants, rain water harvesting equipment and composting sites (Wet waste composting, vermicomposting, organic converters). Please refer to below link for details.

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If you are looking for a volunteering or internship position of longer duration at one of the organizations which are presented on this page, please check the respective pages which on our website are categorized under "Volunteering" and "Internships". These are the direct links:

* Vashi Times