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  • Arabic in Morocco

    In Tangier in the north of Morocco, you can learn both Standard Modern Arabic, as well as the Moroccan Darija dialect. Your classes will always be one-on-one lessons with the teacher. If 2-3 individuals with similar knowledge book together,
  • Architecture internship in Tangier

    We offer in Tangier, Morocco an internship at a prestigious architecture firm in which 5 architects and 2 architectural draftsman work. You work in the team for at least 3
  • Community Center in Tamra

    In the Community Centre in Tamra, volunteers can offer workshops for children and young people in the fields of sport, art, dance, culture, etc. You can suggest topics and the center can find
  • Learning French in Morocco - also ONLINE!

    You can learn French in Morocco, which is usually cheaper than in France, even for one-on-one lessons, while teachers have the same qualifications as in France. You also find yourself in an exciting travel destination! Come and learn French in Tangier under the sun of
  • Women's Organization in Morocco

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    In the center of the UAF ("Union de l'action féminine") in Tangier, Morocco, volunteers and interns can participate in educational activities for women and their
  • Charitable Medical Centre and Nursing Centre in Tangier

    Run by Spanish Franciscan friars, the medical facility "Escuela Capilla del Niño Jesús" inside a former church provides free treatment to the needy. Qualified volunteers from the fields of
  • Primary and Secondary Schools in Tamra

    Internship, Volunteering, Remote Internship possible
    In the northern of Israel town of Tamra, we organise volunteering and internships in various educational institutions. This includes primary schools, secondary schools
  • Youth Club and Manga Art in Tangier

    Dragon Tangier is a youth center in Tangier, which originated from a group that was interested in Japanese manga art, but now also takes up activities from various areas of creative
  • Kindergarten in Tamra

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    Internships and volunteering are possible in Al-Razi Kindergarten, Tamra.The kindergarten is located behind the primary school of the same name, where the children who attend Al-Razi
  • Kindergarten in Tangier

    Internships and Volunteering Possible
    Le Manege is a private French-language kindergarten of high standards in Tangier. The opprotunity here is intended primarily for interns in the field of education, for children aged 3 months
  • Coalition against Racism

    Internship, Volunteering, Remote Internship
    An internship or volunteering with the Coalition against Racism in Israel provides the opportunity to gain insight into the complexity of the political
  • Hospitals in Tangier

    We can arrange elective placements and nursing internships at private hospitals of good standards in Tangier, Morocco. At Clinique Assalam, this is even possible without knowledge
  • Country Life and Nature of the Rif Mountains

    Rif Mountains HikingThe Rif Mountains in northern Morocco is a scenic and culturally rich area, easy and inexpensive to reach from Europe. We offer an 8-day program where
  • Music Academy Bejt al Musica

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    Volunteers and music teacher-trainees can teach at the School of Music, where they have all musical instruments and guidance, and can also participate in musical groups; they can also teach
  • Eco School in Morocco

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    At the primary school of the village Hajrat Nhal, which is about 25 km outside of Tangier in the nature reserve Lac Tahaddart, volunteers and interns can participate in a variety of
  • Remote Internships: Education, Teaching

    onlineinternship education

    Remote internships that are also available as on-site internships:

  • School for Environmental Awareness and Agriculture

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    The school for environmental awareness and agriculture is a voluntary service held in the afternoons. Children and young people can participate in activities there and attend courses on nature
  • Tamra Senior Center

    Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
    In the Senior Center of Tamra, there are 35-50 senior citizens who eat together daily, perform sports and exercise, as well as make handicrafts. There are regular events that are conducted
  • Municipal Children's Home in Tangier

    Internship and Volunteering Possible
    We arrange internships and volunteering with young children in two facilities in Tangier, Morocco: With the municipal crib "La Creche" and with the kindergarten
  • Environmental conservation, ecology, sustainable rural development in Morocco

    Internships and Volunteering possible
    Ah the Centre for Environmental Education in Tangier, internships and volunteer placements are possible in environmental education, environmental

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