Igor Lazik

Adriana Romero
Name: Igor Lazikj
Local: Beijing (China)
Role with World Unite!: Coordinator in China
Nationality: Macedonian
Languages: English, Macedonian
Igor is coordinator and providing support services in China. He is from Macedonia and went to Beijing for an internship after finishing his MBA degree in England where he met Alex, who by that time worked for another organization that was arranging internships. The two decided to join forces and to arrange internships and Working Holidays for World Unite!, and to provide support services for foreign participants in Beijing and other cities in China.

What did you do before starting your work at World Unite!?
After I post-graduated in the UK, I had first-hand experience of what it is like to be an intern in China. I started as an intern in a Chinese company, before landing a full time job with the same company. Basically, I was arranging internships in China, so my job tasks haven’t changed much since working with World-Unite!.
What is your role at World Unite!?
I work as a program manager in China. My job is to ensure that everything from visa application to arrival, the professional and social life of the interns in China go smoothly.
What do you enjoy the most about working at World Unite!?
I really enjoy working for a multi-national company that operates in different continents. It is always a new experience and learning opportunity to see how people from different cultures handle the same problem and their way of thinking.
Which place do you find most enjoyable to spend your leisure time at?

I work from Beijing, one of the most fascinating cities in the world in my opinion. I spend my leisure time exploring the city, from modern architecture to magical small hutong streets. I also enjoy spending time in the gym. It’s a very unique gym, equipped with oxygen tanks and air purifiers to ensure a healthy environment.
What is your favourite local food, and where can it be found?

As I am a foodie, I believe China is one of the most interesting places to experiment with food. There are so many varieties of food in China, so you never get tired of it. Beijing Duck, hotpot, Chinese BBQ and cauliflower with bacon are one of my favourite foods. You can pretty much find them on every corner in China.
What should participants coming to China make sure not to miss?
They should try to interact, befriend and hang out with the local people as much as possible, not being scared to try as many Chinese dishes as possible, and visit the Great Wall of China.
Do you have any hobbies or special interest, and where can you do it in China?

I like going to the gym, explore the city, and try different restaurants in China. Sometimes, I eat three meals a day outside and make sure I try some new places each time. There is so much to do in Beijing and as a friend said, if you are tired of Beijing, you are tired of life. :)
What is the most memorable episode that you have experienced with a  World Unite! participant?
I can’t choose one particular episode, but for me it’s very rewarding when you become friends with the participants and stay in touch even after they complete their programs and go back to their home countries.
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