Claudia Knüpfer

claudia knüpferName: Claudia Knüpfer
Location: Leipzig
Role with World Unite!: Communications
Nationality: German
Languages: German, English, French, Spanish
Claudia is answering to inquiries and is doing communications with participants with a focus on Tanzania, Zanzibar and South Africa.
She holds a Bachelor degree in Sociology and Culture Studies and a Master degree in Applied Media and Culture Studies.
What did you do before starting your work at World Unite!?
I graduated just a few months before being lucky enough to start at World Unite!
What do you enjoy most about working at World Unite!?
I love the freedom and independence that my job brings as I can work from wherever I want. At the same time World Unite! is a team of wonderful people around the world that I feel strongly connected to. In my first three months, I was able to visit and meet our team members and projects in three African countries – which allowed me a special insight into the operations of World Unite! and the cultures of those countries alike. I am insanely grateful for being trusted, believed in and pushed into cold waters right from the beginning. I love that working for World Unite! is more than a job – it is an opportunity for personal growth.  
What place in your location do you find most enjoyable to spend your leisure time at?
As I am a member of our international team I have the privilege to not be bound to one place. Every country I visited so far has its wonderful sights – may it be the endless long white beaches of Zanzibar, the bustling dusty roads of Moshi or the seaside of South Africa.
What is your favorite local food, and where can it be found?
My absolute favorite whilst being in Zanzibar and Tanzania where without doubt the fresh juices!
What should participants coming to your location make sure not to miss?
Wherever you are going to – do not miss the chance of interacting with and getting to know the locals! Opening up to the culture and different ways of life will broaden your horizon immensely and making your stay unforgettable.
Do you have any hobbies or special interest, and where can you do your hobbies in your location?
I’m a foody and super interested in arts and culture – so I love getting to know the local cuisine as well as visiting galleries, museums and music events. I also love being in the outsides – going for long walks in the forest with my dog or going for hikes.
What is the most memorable episode that you have experienced with a World Unite! participant?
While being new in Zanzibar and new on the job I was accompanying a participant on her first day. She was super excited (me too), nervous and didn’t know what to expect. I met her a few days later on a social meeting with other volunteers and she was telling me excited and happy about how much she was already involved and doing things independently. Noticing the development in participants, seeing them stepping out of their comfort zones and embracing the experience and local culture is so wonderful. Unfortunately, in my position, I don’t get to witness it that often – so I am grateful for every participant writing me after they have gone back home!
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