Witness Joram

WitnessName: Witness Joram
Location: Mwanza, Tanzania
Role with World Unite!: Coordinator in Mwanza
Nationality: Tanzanian
Language: English, Swahili, Sukuma
Witness is providing support to our participants in Mwanza, Tanzania. She holds a university degree in Pharmacology.
What did you do before starting your work with World Unite!?
Before I started working with World Unite! I finished my bachelor’s degree of pharmacy and I was also an entrepreneur.
What do you enjoy most about working at World Unite!?
I really enjoy getting to know about different cultures. I also hope that I will be able to speak German soon.
What place in Mwanza do you find most enjoyable to spend your leisure time at?
I enjoy spending time at Tunza Beach. It is beautiful to see the sunset from there.
What is your favorite local food, and where can it be found?
My favorite local dish is Ugali dagaa. Ugali is a kind of cornmeal porridge and dagaa is a small fish. I also like pilau, which is a spiced rice dish. The food can be found in any local Tanzanian restaurant.
What should participants coming to Mwanza make sure not to miss?
Participants should not miss out on visiting Rock Beach (Mwanza Pride). Also, they should take their time to do boat riding, and surely, they have to taste Vitumbua and Chapati, which can be found in any local restaurant.
Do you have any hobbies or special interests, and where can you do your hobbies in Mwanza?
I like swimming, though I am not a good swimmer, but I hope that participants coming to Tanzania can help me to improve. I also enjoy dancing, which I mostly do at home, and sometimes at the Gold Crest Hotel.
What is the most memorable episode that you have experienced with a World Unite! participant?
For New Year I went out with a participant. She was called to the stage, and she danced so well to African songs. There was also another time where I got the possibility of tasting the best and most sweet fruit from Germany. I have never seen it in Tanzania.
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