Hasmik Ghalechyan

Name: Hasmik Ghalechyan
Location: Jaipur (Rajasthan), India
Role with World Unite!: Coordinator in Jaipur
Nationality: Armenian
Languages: English, Hindi, Armenian, Russian
Since 2010, Hasmik, who is a coach for intercultural communication by profession, has been working in India in the field of non-profit and community development.
What do you enjoy most about your work with World Unite!?
I have always had a drive to work on a bigger scale and make an impact on global level. My main profession is into intercultural communication which enabled me to understand people from diverse background and serve their needs through various programs. Being the only Armenian in Jaipur, I have already learnt Hindi and merged into the culture: that’s what helps me serve foreign visitors better as I am well aware of the cultural peculiarities of both India and Western countries.
What is your favorite local food, and where can it be found?
I'm a spicy food lover and I enjoy Pyaz ki kachori, Dosa, Daal and Shahee Paneer most which can be found at different local restaurants all over Jaipur.
What should participants coming to Jaipur make sure not to miss?
They should not miss seeing the royal palaces and temples, visit Elephant village and see an Indian wedding if they have a chance.
Do you have any hobbies or special interests, and where can you do your hobbies in Jaipur?
I love traveling in India and I use all the chances to do so. Jaipur is near many wonderful places so it's possible to travel to Jodhpur, Agra, Pushkar, Ranthambore even for 2 days on weekend.
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