Anne-Marie Nielsen

Anne MarieName: Anne-Marie Nielsen
Location: worldwide
Role with World Unite!: Development of Mental Health Programs, Psychology Internship Supervisor
Nationality: Danish
Languages: English, Danish, French, Swahili
Anne-Marie holds a MSc degree in Mental Health Studies from King's College London and a BSc in Psychology with Neuroscience from the University of Sussex. 
She is from Denmark, but grew up in Luxembourg.
Before joining the World Unite! team Anne-Marie worked as a psychologist in the UK, and before that  was a World Unite! volunteer for one year at organizations for substance addicts (Sober Houses) in Zanzibar. It is a personal concern to her to raise the standards of how Mental Health is provided at the so-called developing countries.
Since 2018, Anne-Marie has been developing our mental health programs around the world and is an external supervisor for psychology internships arranged by World Unite!.

What did you do before starting your work at World Unite!?
I volunteered for 1 year in the Psychiatric Hospital and Sober Houses (Substance misuse rehabilitation centres) in
Zanzibar, Tanzania, before starting my MSc. After completing the MSc., I worked in London with people with complex mental health needs, such as Schizophrenia and co-occurring personality disorders and substance misuse.
What is your role at World Unite!?
At World Unite! I supervise interns and volunteers in Psychiatric Hospitals and Sober Houses in Zanzibar and mainland Tanzania, as well as worldwide. I also develop the organisation’s psychology programmes.
What do you enjoy the most about working at World Unite!?
I enjoy seeing participants become inspired by the work they do through our placements and growing through their experiences. I especially value seeing local patients and staff benefiting from the work we/you do.
What place in Zanzibar do you find most enjoyable to spend your leisure time at?
I like spending time with friends at the night market in Forodhani in Stone Town, and going to different cafés around or outside of town. I also enjoy discovering new places around the island.

What is your favourite local food, and where can it be found?
One of my favourite local foods is probably spinach cooked in a coconut sauce with rice, served at Lukmaan restaurant in Stone Town.
What should participants coming to Zanzibar make sure not to miss?
There are a lot of places in Zanzibar that participants should visit. I would recommend going to the North of the island, as well as different locations on the East Coast, the South and of course Stone Town. The night market and Darajani market both have very special atmospheres and shouldn’t be missed. Watching the sun set over Stone Town is always magical and can be enjoyed from the beach or a roof top bar. The North and East coasts have incredibly beautiful beaches to explore as well.
Do you have any hobbies or special interests, and where can you do these in Zanzibar?

I practice kickboxing at a local gym just outside of Stone Town and sometimes join yoga classes at the music academy.
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