Lucia Lacava

Lucia LacavaName: Lucia Lacava
Location: Tokyo,worldwide
Role with World Unite!: Project Management
Nationality: Argentinian
Language: Spanish, English, Italian, French, Swahili
Lucia holds an MBA with specialization in Corporate Socia Responsibility, a Master in Project Management and a BA in International Relations. She has worked as a consultant and project manager for NGOs and companies in Argentina, Spain, Chile, Colombia and Mexico since 2010, and has been Incoming Exchange Director for another cultural exchange organization in Buenos Aires.
In 2018 she was a World Unite! volunteer in Zanzibar and afterwards applied for a job with us.
Lucia is currently managing part of our Working Holiday Program in Tokyo for one year, and afterwards is likely to become Program Manager in South Africa. She is also in charge of our new ecotourism platform
What did you do before starting your work at World Unite!?
I used to work in different NGOs related to Intercultural exchanges, social services, humanitarian assistance, among others. I also worked managing IT projects for different countries in Latin America.
What do you enjoy most about working at World Unite!?
The diversity and multicultural work environment. Also, the possibility of creating a positive impact in society by giving people the chance to get to know other countries and cultures. I believe travelling makes people more flexible and open minded and teaches about respect for what is different. I feel satisfied to contribute with that.
What place in Japan do you find most enjoyable to spend your leisure time at?
Parks and every place related to animals and nature! For example, in late March and early April in Japan is Sakura time, so it's really beautiful to go to the parks to watch this unique scene.
What is your favorite local food, and where can it be found?
Definitely chapati, you can get it in local shops in the streets of Stone Town, Zanzibar, or in local restaurants such as Lukmaan or Ma Shaa Allah.
What should participants coming to Japan make sure not to miss?
If you come to Japan don't miss cat cafes, cat temples or any other place where you can see how they admire animals in this country.
Do you have any hobbies or special interest, and where can you do your hobbies in Japan?
I like adventures and new experiences, so it's always good to go walking, do some sightseeing during the weekends specially in a place which is totally different for me, as it is Japan!
What is the most memorable episode that you have experienced with a World Unite! participant?
Last New Year’s Eve we went with a participant from Poland to a shrine before midnight. It was full of local people and it was really nice to be immersed in a local tradition as it is drinking the sake of the gods, making the countdown before midnight, listening to the ringing bells and even witnessing the burning of traditional Japanese objects.
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