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Farmwork in Germany

Farmwork in Germany

Farmwork in Germany - free accommodation and meals in return for your work

Set out on an adventure with a placement on a farm in Germany! In exchange for your work, you will get free lodging and board. Whether on an organic farm, at a horse stable, in cattle breeding, or vegetable, fruit or viticulture farming: Our agriculture placements in Germany are diverse and available throughout Germany and throughout the year.
EU citizens do not even need a visa to join. Anyone who doesn't need a Schengen visa to enter Europe can also take part in this inexpensive program.
The one-time cost of participating in the "Farm Work in Germany" program is only 190 EUR including the support of our on-site team in Germany. Promotion for bookings until December 31, 2020: If you book our Working Holiday program in Berlin, you can join the farmwork program at no additional cost!

Examples of farm placements in Germany

Organic farm based on the principle of community-supported, solidarity-based agriculture
This small organic farm is run by a couple of farmers following the principle of "solidarity-based agriculture": Members help out on the farm and receive a portion of the harvest for a membership fee. The farm is a mixed one, keeping sheep, horses, chickens and bees, and growing vegetables such as beetroot, Swiss chard, kohlrabi (German turnip), carrots and beans. The owners strive to treat the soil, plants and animals with care. The vegetables are grown exclusively by hand and horse work in order to protect the environment and the soil. Machines like tractors are only used for heavy jobs. Vegetables, eggs, sheep meat, honey, grain and raw wool are produced. The farm is Demeter certified, which is one of the most comprehensive certificates for organic farming.
Dairy farm, bakery, farm shop & farm café
This farm is keeping about 40-50 dairy cows in spacious, modern stables. The guiding principle of the farm is: Modern agriculture, which not only aims for monetary profit, but also serves the well-being of all people, animals, plants and the earth. The farm also has a significant numbers of sheep, goats, as well as some donkeys, horses, pigs and poultry. It is run by an association of several families who, including their children, live and work on the farm. Volunteers can join all year round. The agricultural products such as dairy or meat products are sold in the farm shop. The farm café offers visitors the chance to taste the farm's products. There is also a garden and park for visitors, as well as an on-site bakery.
Viticulture, craft brewing and beekeeping
This farm is active in organic viticulture, completely banning any insecticides and pesticides. Its in-house distillery makes brandies from pome fruit, stone fruit and berries. There is also a craft beer brewery, producing five permanent basic types of beer and time-restricted specialties. The farm's beekeeping produces natural honey. The beehives are located in the middle of mixed flower and tree meadows, far from monocultures, which is the reason for the honey's special aroma.
Small farm on the Seewalde peninsula
This farm is located on the Seewalde peninsula in Mecklenburg's Kleinseenplatte. Surrounded by meadows rich in herbs, nature reserves and forests, arable farming, horticulture and animal breeding (anglers, red cattle, Husum saddle pigs, highland cattle, sheep, poultry) is done. Milk and dairy products, eggs and meat are sold. The farm is run by an international and well-traveled couple.

How can you get involved?

The activities on a farm in Germany are very diverse. In most cases, the principles of mixed farming is followed, i.e. animals are kept and plants are grown. You should be flexible for different tasks. However, if you have certain preferences, you can let us know.
Tasks can include, for example, looking after and feeding the animals, clearing out the stables, helping with the harvest, gardening, light construction and repair work (e.g. repairing fences, creating plant beds). On some farms, heavy machinery is largely avoided in order to work as gently as possible. Here you can learn firsthand how resource-efficient agriculture works. Every day is a little different, so you definitely won't get bored!
The jobs on the farms are not remunerated, but you get free board and lodging in exchange for your work.

What are your working times?

Placements are available all year round. You work 5-6 days a week for about 40-45 hours and have 1-2 days off per week. Since there is always a lot to do on the farms, your free days don't necessarily fall on the weekends. If you work on the weekends, you will have days off during the week to compensate. The exact working hours depend on the farm and can vary - depending on the tasks and when the animals need to be looked after. So you should be flexible about the exact times.

What prior knowledge do you need?

No knowledge or previous work experience is required.
The farmers will teach you what is important when working on the farm. You shouldn't be afraid of physical labor and you shouldn't have a problem getting your hands dirty. Of course, if you already have experience, this doesn't hurt either.

Internships are possible!

If you are looking for an agriculture internship for your studies or your vocational training, we can also arrange it! Please tell us the requirements of your school/university and we will find a suitable agriculture internship in Germany for you. During the internship, you will have a professional supervisor making sure there is a maximum learning outcome for you!
Info Box
infoboxheader01 3 en
Location: Various locations in Germany
Availability: all year round; flexible start dates
Minimum Duration: 2 weeks
Maximum Duration: 1 year
Minimum age: 16 years
Required Language Skills: All placements are possible in English
Accommodation: Free accommodation and meals. Details in the tab "Accommodation" below
infoboxheader02 3 en
Supervision possible: Yes
Qualification supervisor: Farmers
Minimum qualification of intern: None
Remuneration: No, but accommodation and meals are provided
Volunteering possible: Yes
Required qualification of interns: none
It is expected:
The "right" attitude
In exchange for your work, you will receive free accommodation and meals. In most cases, you live directly on the farm. If there is no accommodation available on the farm, accommodation will be provided at a host family nearby.
Our local staff know all farms and host families personally!
One-time fee 190 EUR independent from the duration

Promotion for bookings until December 31, 2020: If you book our Working Holiday program in Berlin, you can join this farmwork program at no additional cost!

This includes:

  • Individual Consultation and Preparation prior to your arrival
  • Access to the World Unite! Online Resource Centre which has Preparation Materials
  • Preparation Session via Skype; together with further participants
  • Pick-up and Transfers from the train or bus station closest to your placement location (please see information how to get there in the slider "Getting There")
  • 24 Hours emergency support by our English-speaking support team in Germany
  • Accommodation and meals are provided by your farm
  • Issuance of Confirmations/Certificates for your university, scholarship, insurance, etc. and filling out/signing Internship Contracts for your university

The Rates do NOT include:

  • Travel to/from Germany and the train/bus station nearest to your placement location (you book it on your own; we assist you)
  • Insurance (Travel Health Insurance, Liability Insurance, Travel Cancellation insurance; you book it on your own, we can assist you)
  • Personal Expenses
  • Vaccinations

Depending on your country or city of origin, different travel options are best suited. We are happy to help you. Germany has a dense network of international airports, long-distance trains, long-distance buses and local public transport. You will be picked up by your farm co-workers from the nearest train or bus station.

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