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Learn Swahili in Tanzania and Zanzibar

Whether lessons in the morning or afternoon, in preparation for your volunteer work or your internship, as part of your project or purely as a language learning abroad, we organise Swahili language lessons that can be customized to suit your type of stay in Moshi/Kilimanjaro, Tanzania or Stone Town, Zanzibar. These are individual lessons with experienced language teachers. Even small groups can book together and jointly take language lessons.

Language Training

Swahili (also called Kiswahili) is the most widespread language in East Africa. About 90 million people in Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda, Congo and Mozambique speak Swahili.
In terms of structure, Swahili clearly belongs to the family of Bantu languages. However, the vocabulary includes words of Arabic, Persian, Indian, English and, to a small extent, Portuguese origin. This blend reflects the evolution of Swahili at the East African coast, where foreign seafaring traders blended with local populations to create the unique Swahili culture and language.
We offer language courses for Swahili in Moshi/Tanzania and in Zanzibar. The lessons focus on the ability to communicate and oral expression.
You will have your own private lessons given by a trained and experienced language teacher and native speaker.
In Zanzibar, you also have the possibility to join Swahili lessons provided by young adults from a charitable school. They have been trained by the school to become Swahili language teachers and have also received a scholarship for a stay abroad in the United States by the Rotary Club of Zanzibar, which is why they are fluent in English. A part of their salary for teaching Swahili to foreign Swahili language students goes back to the school and is used for the vocational training of further students from Zanzibar. Through this form of Swahili language lessons, you don't only learn the language, but you will also have fun with young Zanzibari and at the same time you support the education and empowerment of young people from a poorer background.
With all language teachers, is also possible to take classes together as a small group.
All levels are possible from beginner to advanced.
You can determine the intensity of teaching. Part-time would be approximately 10 hours per week; intensive 20 hours per week. Since you also get homework, we recommend no higher intensity than 20 hours per week. Class times are flexible and can be adjusted with the teachers.
At both locations, we work with several teachers. In Moshi, lessons are taught at the attractive garden of the "Coffee Shop" or at the premises of the YMCA. In Zanzibar, the classes are held in a house in Stone Town or at the building of the charitable foundation.
Anyone can book Swahili lessons (you do not need to volunteer or do an internship).
"My teacher MAMA AMINA war not only a language teacher, but also a teacher of culture and history and I have learned to appreciate her very much. She is an open spirit with a lot of heart and education” , Barbara, Germany
“The swahili lessons at Zanzibar was great. Mama Amina is an amazing woman and teacher!“, Eline, Norway
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Location: Moshi/Kilimanjaro, Tanzania or Stone Town, Zanzibar
Availability: All year
Minimum Hours: 20 Hours
Minimum Duration: 1 Week
Maximum Duration: 12 Months
Language Requirements: English
Shared Accommodation, Host Family, Hotel
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