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Street Children and Orphans - Rural Tanzania

Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
The facilities for street children in rural areas of Tanzania are often under-equipped compared to the facilities in the cities, due to a lack of funding. Unfortunately, we also find fewer volunteers and interns in projects in rural areas, because life there is imaginably more difficult than in the cities. The two villages Sanya Juu in West Kilimanjaro and Karatu in Ngorongoro, however, have developed significantly in recent years, so the standards are comparable to towns like Moshi. Besides, rural Africa provides an experience very different from city dwelling.

Project Details


Hope Evangelist Mission (H.E.M.), Sanya Juu (Siha District)

The HEM center for street children and orphans houses 15 children of the preschool and primary school age. Three children go to a state school while the others spend all day in the center and learn there. The newly constructed building (completed in 2012) is spacious with teaching and lounge space.
There are also two bedrooms - one for boys and one for girls - a small office for the director of the center and a living room.
This facility is very poor, with a single woman taking the responsibility for the entire center, and desperately needs volunteers to provide adequate education to the children. Volunteering is very well appreciated here, but volunteers are expected to take initiative and work independently.
Volunteers/interns teach the school children and spend leisure time with them everyday. A knowledge of Swahili is an advantage; however, the teacher does understand basic English.

Mwema Street Children Centre, Karatu

Mwema Street Children Centre is a community-based organization started in 2006 and led by Pastor Elisante. Mwema means "Second Chance". 22 former street children (21 boys and a girl) live in three rooms and get accommodation, food, clothing, education, medical care and personal and community support.
Since 2012, the Center has classrooms where in addition to the children who live there, 26 others from the neighbourhood attend classes to prepare for the entrance examinations to join the public school system.
We are looking for volunteers and interns who can teach mathematics, ethics and general knowledge, as well as those who can prepare the children for reintegration into the public school system.
There is a social worker at Mwema who can supervise internships. He also actively works with street children. Once a week, at this center in Karatu, Mwema organizes "Mwema Day" for children who live on the street. The children and entertained, counselled and taught various matters. Volunteers/Interns can participate in organising this event.
Volunteers/Interns are also required to coach the children in football, basketball, acrobatics, etc. The Mwema football team plays in the Regional Students League, sponsored by Coca-Cola.
We also welcome volunteers who can teach technical skills such as electric, woodwork, etc. The young people here have learnt, for instance, to repair mobile phones, which brings them a small income.
Since 2012, Mwema operates the Amani kindergarten for 42 children (21 boys and girls each) from poor families who cannot afford state preschool. Again, volunteers and interns are required to hold various activities for the kindergarten.
Info Box
Location: Sanya Juu ,West Kilimanjaro or Karatu, Ngorongoro
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 1 Week
Maximum Duration: 12 Months
Language Requirements: English
Further Languages Of Advantage: Swahili
In Sanya Juu: Host Family; In Karatu: Host Family or Guest House
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: Educator, Teacher
Minimum Qualification Of Intern:
Further Contribution To Project: None
Volunteering Possible: Yes
Required Qualification For Volunteer: None
Further Contribution To Project: None
Professional Conduct, Do you have the "right" attitude?

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