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Training and Advising Farmers in Ghana

Praktikum und Volunteering möglich
The programs of C.L.C.D. in Ghana, intend to train farmers in sustainable agricultural practices and economic viability, in order to optimise their operations. As an intern or volunteer you can take part in imparting knowledge through training and research projects.

Project Details

The farmers in the Central Region of Ghana thrive on cassava, cocoa, corn, legumes, fruit, vegetable and palm cultivation. The majority of these people earn just enough to feed their own families, although their land holds much more potential. An overly reckless use of chemical pesticides often leads to, besides other hazards, the cassava plant carrying high pollutant content, unfit for consumption. C.L.C.D. has developed a program in studying and measuring soil quality, encouraging farmers to use natural insecticides, training them in the detoxification of their land and their crops, performance measurements for optimum crop production and individual investment and profit calculations so that they can expand their operations.
Interns and volunteers work together with the staff of C.L.C.D. and farmers in the Central Region, and advise them on issues such as pesticide and natural insecticide use, soil quality and optimum land use, cultivation and harvest, detoxification capabilities of soil and plants, processing and refining of the harvest, basic knowledge of agriculture, increasing earnings, profits, and other related topics. It is used both in the field and in the Farmer Business Schools in and around Cape Coast.
You can either join lectures or go on field with the farmers, using your knowledge practically rather than merely transferring it to local coaches. The projects have both practical and theoretical units, so can you go out into the surrounding communities and take part in teaching and researching of local projects with farmers, and also transfer theoretical knowledge by means of different media (animations, movies, photos, etc.).
The trained farmers are empowered to become trainers themselves, and further impart the obtained knowledge and skills acquired not only in Ghana, but also in Benin, Nigeria, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Togo, Niger, Congo, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Uganda, Senegal, Ethiopia and even to South America and Asia.
C.L.C.D. has collaborations with SAWBO from Illinois, GIZ, the Ghana Cocoa Board, the World Cocoa Foundation, the Ministry of Agriculture, the University of Missouri, Leyden Consultancy, Florida State University, AYAD Australia, ATVET-GIC MOFA, SonghaiCentre Benin, The Laureate Inc., and other partners.

Through the programs, there have been farms that have got their products on the export market and have successfully grown.
C.L.C.D. was founded in 2010 by Reverend Samuel Amoa-Mensah. In 2003, Sam applied for a theology distance learning program in the UK and was invited in 2005 to attend the University for six months. In 2009, he returned to study psychology in Britain. During his stay in Europe, he noticed that many Africans who wanted to live in Europe, could not enter any profession because of under-qualification and thus, had no right to residence. He traveled back to his homeland in 2010 to tackle the problem at the roots. He sat down with various universities, companies, NGOs and experts in communication and founded C.L.C.D. to allow everyone in Ghana free access to an education that was considered as standard in the West. His students are sent abroad, if possible, in order to train them further on their acquired skills. Besides agriculture, Leadership Training, IT skills, Community Development Counselling, Public Health Advocacy, Rural Water and Sanitation and Rural Housing Projects are offered, thanks to various collaborations. In addition, partner schools and exchange programs are offered.
Besides Sam, his wife Monica is also in the Directorate. The staff includes a secretary, a program coordinator, two trainee coordinators and 28 internationally active volunteers. So far, C.L.C.D. has more than 2,000 trained coaches.
The duration of the internship is a minimum of one week and a maximum of six months. Participants should pay for travel and material costs themselves.
Info Box
Location: Cape Coast and other regions in Ghana upon request
Availability: All year, Start date flexible
Minimum Duration: 1 Week
Maximum Duration: 6 Months
Language Requirements: Fluent English
Further Languages Of Advantage: French - for those who will travel with the team to neighbouring French speaking countries
House, Host family, Hotel
Supervision Possible: Yes
Qualification Of Supervisor: Versatile, qualified supervisors with partnerships with universities and ministries
Minimum Qualification Of Intern: None
Further Contribution To Project: None
Volunteering Possible: Yes
Required Qualification For Volunteer: None
Further Contribution To Project: None
Professional Conduct, Do you have the "right" attitude?

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